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If your business mobile contract is coming to an end and you’re considering your next move, then our business mobile plan checklist may interest you.

Using a checklist to select a business mobile plan is a smart move to ensure you cover all the essential aspects. 

At iNREACH we offer various levels of support when it comes to business comms, one of which is helping you get the best deals on your business mobile package. If you would like to discuss business mobiles with us, then give us a call


Here is our business mobile plan checklist. It may be useful if you are organising a business mobile package yourself or if you are working with a partner. 

1. Coverage

This is especially important if you have employees who are travelling for work and you need to get hold of them. Check if the selected provider offers good coverage in your location and where your business operates.

2. Cost and Pricing Structure

Check if there are any hidden costs, such as;

  • Monthly fees
  • Data charges
  • Call and text rates
  • Roaming charges
  • Additional fees (activation, termination, etc.)

When you work with iNREACH for your business mobile plans, we check all the fine print to find the best deal at the best cost.

3. Data Allowance

Make sure your plan offers adequate data allowance for your employees. If they are planning to be on the road frequently they will need a good data package to be able to have access to their emails or even hot spot from their phone if they need to. 

4. Flexibility

If you are planning on growing your team within the terms of the contract, does the plan offer flexibility to adjust devices? 

5. Compatibility

Ensure your provider is compatible with your other devices. Is there going to be a problem connecting your business mobiles with your company laptop? This could be a reason to go with a particular provider. 

6. International Roaming

If your business requires international travel, check the roaming rates and coverage in other countries.

7. Contract Terms

When signing any contract in business, it’s important to read its terms so you know what you’re agreeing to. Things to take into consideration are;

  • Length of contract
  • Early termination fees
  • Any auto-renewal clauses

It’s easy to get sucked into a contract which is difficult to get out of. 

8. Security Features

Look for plans that offer security features like VPN services, mobile device management (MDM), and encryption. At iNREACH, we are firm believers in security for all types of digital devices. In today’s world, there are multiple avenues for hacking, so security should be treated as a priority.

9. Billing and Payment Options

Check the billing cycle and available payment methods. These will differ depending on the provider and could be a reason for you to choose one over another. 

10. Reviews and Reputation

Online reviews are available for you to look at, so make sure you take advantage of these. Research the carrier’s reputation and reviews from other business customers. This could be the deciding factor for your business to invest. 


You can use our business mobile plan checklist to ensure that you choose a plan that aligns with your company’s needs and provides reliable service and necessary features.

If you choose to work with iNREACH, we work with you as your comms partner to ensure the quality of your mobile package, telecom system, and broadband. If you are looking for a new partner and would like to have a chat with us, give us a call


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