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This is a fast-moving environment and your data and telephone needs are likely to change as your market adapts and your business grows.

Understanding your current requirements, however, is simply the first step; envisioning your future needs is what will make the difference to your business ongoing. Your challenge, though, is that the choices available to you are many and varied. So for something as critical as the connectivity on which your business communications rely… knowledgeable expertise is a must.

iNREACH experts can analyse your business requirements and apply all their knowledge and experience to network cable structuring and to build a network cabling infrastructure that will meet your needs.


At iNREACH, we understand the critical role that data and network cabling plays in a business. You’re likely to need it for a variety of types of traffic, including voice, data, and video. But not every technology out there will be of benefit to you. So we take the time to properly understand how your business operates and what your objectives are before we work out the best solution to recommend.


Data cabling installation cost depends on several factors. Once fully informed about your business and needs, iNREACH’s experienced team can provide a complete list of works and prices so you can make an informed decision.

Factors affecting data cabling installation cost:

  • The total length of cabling required to create the network cabling infrastructure
  • The number of connection points that are planned to be installed
  • Type of building and complexity of the installation

Case Study:
Leading Electrical Supplies Wholesaler


At iNREACH, we have extensive experience of designing, installing, and supporting structured network cabling, and our goal is always to design the right solution that offers outstanding performance so you can have peace of mind. Our network cabling services can include:

Network health checks
Audit of existing network cabling infrastructure against future requirements
Network structured cabling surveys
Network assessment and consultancy
CAD network design
Installation of required cabling, including Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and fibre optic
WiFi Survey & Installation
Full project management
Comprehensive installation documentation
Support and maintenance services from our base in Milton Keynes


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