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Supporting the environment
1 Tree at a Time

In order to help offset your paper use over the life of your contract, we plant trees across the UK and the rest of the world, reforesting trees in the places where paper production occurs.

We are committed to plant trees for every solution supplied.

1 regular 40ft tall tree = 8,350 A4 pages (or approximately 37.2kg of paper)

What is Treeapp?

The primary objective of Treeapp is to enhance our planet by planting millions of trees daily, as deforestation remains a significant threat to our environment. To support this crucial mission, we have joined forces with Treeapp. Planting more trees not only results in the growth of more life but also increases job opportunities for locals within various communities.

The trees planted through Treeapp will absorb approximately 233 tons of carbon in their lifetime. Already, since they began partnering with brands, Treeapp have contributed towards vast amounts of forest land being restored. They have also facilitated the return of various species of animals and birds into their habitats.


109kg of Carbon is absorbed per tree per year. Find out how Treeapp calculate its statistics below.

Treeapp Impact
Report 2023

To commemorate Treeapp’s second Birthday, they have created an Impact Report to highlight the outcome of the continuous efforts of the Treeapp planters, community and brand partners.

Our full impact report, which you can find below, has lots of highlights from the last year and so much more for you to explore.

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