Professional IT Services

To be successful, your business needs an IT infrastructure, network architecture, and software application suite working in full alignment with your own particular mode of operation. You don’t want to have to shoe-horn your processes into something off-the-shelf; all that does is limit your ability to respond to your market and grow.

To achieve this, you need to work with an IT architect who takes the time to understand your business; where it is now and where you want it to be in two years’ time; how your processes work and how IT can support and improve efficiency; and what you need to thrive.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or replacing ‘the old with the new’… InReach have the expertise you need.

InReach Professional IT Services for Companies

Our team of qualified IT architects have a wealth of experience in designing and building IT solutions for growing companies. Their initial focus is to work closely with a client to ensure they have a full understanding of how a company works and interacts with its markets, so they can then assess the best mix of technology to meet the needs of the business as it grows. Off-the-shelf is a dirty word; tailored solutions are what make the difference.

Our professional IT services include:

  • Road-map study of the business’s next two years’ growth
  • Digital transformation analysis
  • Balanced assessment of public cloud, on premise, and private cloud solutions
  • Infrastructure and network architecture design
  • Technical build, configuration, and testing
  • User acceptance testing for managed, successful system roll-out
  • Security and patch management, including anti-virus and system monitoring
  • Handover documentation and onsite training to ensure the new system is used to its full potential
  • Structured data and network cabling
  • Ad-hoc project work
  • IT consultancy

Your organisation needs carefully designed systems that can expand as your business grows. Your staff need IT networks and software that support their processes and improve efficiency. Your bottom line needs robust, reliable IT solutions that won’t drain the business ongoing.

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