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There was a time when internet and phone providers were considered separately when appraising connectivity solutions, but many SMEs are now enjoying the significant benefits of fully hosted telephony solutions from one provider. And if you’re seeking a solution that’s flexible, cost-effective, and reliable, then hosted telephony could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Being cloud-based, it will enable your business to be extremely agile in a fast-moving marketplace. Your landline numbers can follow you wherever you go, and new numbers can be added quickly and easily. The scalable nature of hosted IP telephony can also accommodate a unified communications strategy that will enable you to combine data, voice and video through one application. The flexibility it gives you is phenomenal, and yet the resilience you enjoy will give you peace of mind in the event of a disaster. With calls made as usual over IP handsets and an uptime of ‘five nines’ (99.999%) it’s incredibly reliable and effectively never needs to be serviced.


Within our team we have experienced specialists who can advise and recommend the best solution and configuration for your business needs. Our telephony platform is securely hosted in the cloud, so you don’t need to allocate space or maintenance budget for on-site hardware. Put simply, it’s a fast plug-and-play solution that can ride off the back of your existing connectivity infrastructure and network – which means no need for on-site equipment.


Hosted telephony pricing depends on the size of your business (number of extensions you require). Extra costs may also entail additional functionality that you choose for your specific business. Typically, you pay a monthly subscription fee for each user (extension) on your work network.

A huge advantage of hosted cloud telephony is the almost complete absence of initial investments, most solutions cost only a monthly fee. You also need to consider the following factors as they affect the overall cost of your system:

  1. The number of users or extensions
  2. Internet connectivity 
  3. Hardware and its setup

Case Study:
Steel Fabrication Company


If you’re looking for a flexible hosted cloud telephony solution that can grow with your business, speak to us. Our experienced team will be able to guide you on the best solution to boost communications within and outside your operation. And whatever solution you choose, it will be quick to implement, easy to manage, and very cost-effective to use.

Performs with 99.999% uptime; tried and tested reliability
Enables you to make and receive calls on a range of devices including IP handsets and mobiles
Eliminates the need for expensive and cumbersome PBX hardware
Is totally configurable to meet your business needs
Can be scaled up or scaled down quickly and easily
Facilitates easy home working
Enables users to access phone calls, email, voicemail, and video conferencing
Call diverts, transfers, pick-ups, and hunt groups are simple to set up
Dedicated support desk based in Milton Keynes


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