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Photocopying, printing, and scanning are all still part of day-to-day operations in many businesses. But such useful pieces of business machinery can be time-consuming to manage and fix when they stop working. Most businesses aren’t staffed up for a full-time photocopier engineer, however, so often someone ends up being distracted from what they’re meant to be doing instead. If you’re keen to solve that conundrum, speak to us… we can help.


At iNREACH, we understand that a photocopier is a piece of kit that just needs to work… whenever you need to use it. You don’t want jams or a toner shortage to interrupt your job. Of course, copiers aren’t just for printing and copying, they’re also useful for scanning and archiving, and all that therefore adds up to a business needing a copier fleet management solution that works from the very beginning right through to the end of its use.

Many organisations within Milton Keynes and across the UK use print and reprographic solutions that are, either unsuitable and not as cost-effective as they could be, or are in contract and paying more than they should be for their current lease and service contracts. iNREACH are premium partners with the leading photocopier machine suppliers in the UK, including Ricoh, Canon, Epson, Develop, and Lexmark. We don’t just provide the photocopier hardware, we also provide their software technology, along with utilities from other providers. And we know how to make the most of their offering to ensure things remain simple, easy, and reliable for you.

We start by providing you with a free no-obligation audit of your current hardware and software solutions and deliver a full cost comparison of the areas where you can be more efficient.

Case Study:
UK Wide Housing Company


To stay up to date in the fast-moving world of printer technology, you need to choose a company with experience, strong market presence, and an outstanding track record. At iNREACH, we will work with you to choose the best copier management solution for your operations, and we’ll then manage the purchasing, installation, and ongoing support of each machine.

Tailored service package to match your products and operational requirements
Tailored support to meet your business needs
Dedicated technical account manager
Effective migration planning
Asset buyback/disposal service
Document workflow analysis
Short term rentals if required


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