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A successful SME pivots on efficiency. Efficient working ensures it can be agile in a fast moving market, whilst remaining cost conscious. Well-managed document workflow is a key aspect of such efficiency. It’s like introducing the highest grade oil to your business engine; it keeps things running smoothly, effectively, and reliably.

If you consider the lifecycle of a document you’ll see what we mean: It’s scanned, archived, retrieved when required, and eventually destroyed. Each stage has to be done correctly or your document system falls down, which will have a knock-on effect across all your processes. The document management software you choose can make or break this process. Our approach is to ensure it ‘makes it’…

InReach Document Management Solutions

At InReach, we have extensive experience of working with businesses of all sizes to introduce effective document workflow solutions to their operations. We work with many of the UK’s top workflow and document management providers, including Nuance, DocuWare, Papercut and umango. This enables us to install a tailored solution that will keep your business running exactly as it should.

So we can recommend the best approach, we start with gathering detailed knowledge of the current system and your ongoing and future requirements, and we consider where efficiencies can be introduced. With the right elements in place we’ll then get them working effectively together. From administrator to decision-maker, the flow of documentation within your business will improve productivity for each tier whilst remaining flexible as your business grows.

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Our document management services:

  • Full assessment of your current document workflow
  • Review of your existing printing, copying, and scanning equipment
  • Recommendation of a new document management solution to support your business needs, including software for:
    • Document copying, printing and scanning
    • Indexing and archiving
    • Document retrieval
    • Document tracking
    • Secure document destruction
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce paper wastage
  • Reduce the need for physical file storage

If you’re keen to get your documentation lifecycle fully under control and enjoy high performance, reliable printing, copying and scanning, speak to us. Our solutions are is easy to use, but will still achieve the efficiency improvements your business craves in order to expand.


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