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Worldwide Technology Product Shortages

You will no doubt have seen that all technology products are currently in short supply worldwide.

Everyone has seen or heard in the news that car stocks are low because there is a shortage of semiconductor chips but is the global chip shortage going to affect deliveries of copiers and computers?

The answer to that question is a resounding…YES!

Millions of businesses and manufacturers are being affected, and the problem is only being compounded as manufacturers fall behind delivery of ordered products. Semiconductors are needed for all types of technology including but not limited to computers, cars, televisions, toothbrushes, refrigerators, copiers, printers and washer/dryers. These chips are in a surprising number of products.

Not only is the lack of chips causing problems, but manufacturers are having problems finding shipping containers. If the product can be shipped, then staff shortages in ports due to Covid are hindering the unloading of the products, followed closely by transportation problems.

In addition to the semiconductor shortage, there is also a worldwide shortage of plastics, again due to Covid and a significant increase in demand and subsequently price for raw plastics materials.

Whilst this has all impacted supply, some products are being delivered, but we strongly advise you to review your current contracts and order new equipment as soon as possible.

This will not only secure your order but also fix your cost and protect against any inevitable price increases.

We are here to help – get in touch soon – your next technology solution is InReach.


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