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With Printer Service Contacts Increase the Lives of Your Office Printers

Having reliable managed print services is essential for any business.

A printer service contract helps ensure that your office printers and MFPs are running smoothly and reliably, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

Below we explain what a printer service contract is, how managed print services can extend the lives of your office printing equipment, and how outsourcing this helps with your business’s productivity!

What is a printer service contract?

Much like car insurance, a printer service contract is an agreement between a company and a managed print services provider, like InReach, to ensure that any printer-related needs are handled professionally so businesses can conduct business without disruption. But there are some bonuses on top of this, and printer service contracts often include maintenance, repair, replacement parts and supplies for printers, office MFPs (multifunctional printers), copiers, scanners and other related devices.

The managed print services provider would detect early signs of malfunctions or wear-and-tear on the equipment and provide the necessary repairs or replacements to keep the business running smoothly. These managed services go beyond just fixing the printer – they also consider preventative measures such as regularly scheduled maintenance checks and top-ups of toner cartridges.

Why is having outsourced printer support better for your business?

Outsourcing printer support is beneficial for businesses as it can reduce downtime due to printer malfunctions, reduce labour costs associated with in-house technicians, and increase efficiency by automating toner replenishment and scheduling preventive maintenance visits. Moreover, companies can save time by having managed services monitor their printers’ usage rates to avoid overstocking or stocking too few resources. Outsourcing managed print services is also cost-effective since it allows companies to leverage economies of scale – managed service providers typically have access to discounted prices for parts and supplies when dealing with bulk orders.

How can printer maintenance services increase the life of your office printers and MFPs?

Printer maintenance services are essential to increase the life expectancy of office printers and multifunctional Printers (MFP). Visiting onsite technicians will be able to perform regular checkups on all machines to spot potential issues before they happen, ensuring that everything is running optimally at all times. In addition, these technicians can advise on best practices regarding hardware or software updates so businesses can always stay ahead of any emerging cybersecurity threats or outdated technologies. By maintaining their equipment properly through managed printing solutions, companies can enjoy long-term cost savings due to fewer replacements being required over time.

InReach’s Copier, MFPs and Printer Service Contracts can help!

InReach’s Managed Print Services (MPS) offer complete visibility into each device’s status: its page count usage rate, its monthly preventative maintenance schedule, its estimated remaining lifespan, recommendations for upgrading hardware or software, daily monitoring of critical metrics such as power supply levels, alerts if an issue arises, automated ordering systems for replacing ink cartridges and toner, 24/7 support, remote assistance with troubleshooting technical problems, online billing portal access for tracking payments, regular reports outlining energy savings progress, etc. All these features together allow companies to optimise their workflow and maximise uptime performance while minimising overall expenses related to printing operations in the long run. We understand what proactive servicing and responsive support can bring to a business – no downtime and disruption to workflows! 

Onboard the perfect solution for businesses looking to decrease their printing costs and increase the life of their office and multifunction printer (MFP) systems. Contact our MPS experts today to discover how our printer service contracts offer an economical way of ensuring that your printers are always in top working condition while reducing costly downtime due to faulty or outdated equipment.


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