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What is Hosted Telephony and the Benefits

As businesses prepare for the BT ISDN Switch Off, hosted telephony solutions are becoming increasingly popular to help them overcome the disruption.

Hosted telephony is a cloud-based communication system that provides businesses with an easy setup and many extra features. Compared to traditional VOIP-hosted telephony systems, our hosted telephony offers greater flexibility and scalability for businesses of all sizes.

Check out our latest article that explains what is hosted telephony, the hosted telephony solutions available to you, and how to prepare before the 2025 IDSN Switch Off.

What is Hosted Telephony?

In contrast to traditional telephony, which relies on physical copper telephone lines, hosted telephony utilises the internet to transmit voice data through the local exchange. This gives you a telephone system hosted in the cloud, meaning you can use IP handsets, mobiles, or even a desktop application to make and receive calls.

What is Cloud-Based Hosted Telephony?

A cloud-based Hosted Telephony solution enables businesses to be extremely agile in a fast-moving marketplace. There is no need for additional equipment or software to be purchased or hosted by a third party. Instead, cloud-based hosted telephony solutions rely on the hosted provider’s data centres to handle all necessary hardware and infrastructure requirements.

In addition to being hosted in the cloud, these hosted telephony systems also have certain advantages that can benefit businesses. For instance, cloud-based hosted telephony systems are generally easier to set up and require less maintenance than traditional PBX phone systems because they are hosted in the cloud and managed remotely by the service provider. As such, hosted telephony provides businesses with more flexibility as they can quickly scale up or down depending on their needs.

Furthermore, cloud-based hosted telephony solutions usually offer features not available with traditional PBX systems, such as unified communications (UC) integration, advanced call management options, mobility features and more. These features help to enhance efficiency within an organisation by allowing for better collaboration between employees and improved customer service capabilities.

Is your business ready for BT’s 2025 IDSN Switch Off?

With BT ISDN 2025 Switch Off approaching, businesses need to start thinking about their future communication infrastructure and how best it will be able to serve them moving forward. Hosted Telephony solutions provide companies with a great solution that can quickly grow with them over time and helps ensure they remain competitive while scaling up their operations or exploring new markets.

Are there cons to moving from traditional telephony to hosted telephony?

Because it runs over the internet, you’ll need a robust connection to support a hosted system. Without this, your call quality will likely be impacted. Fortunately, modern businesses can access a range of reliable, dedicated services, so there’s no reason to put up with a poor-quality internet connection. At InReach, our hosted telephone solutions perform with 99.999% uptime, with tried and tested reliability, enabling users access to phone calls, email, voicemail and video conferencing without disruption.

InReach provides hosted telephony solutions that allow businesses to benefit from this technology’s advantages without purchasing additional hardware or software as it already exists in the cloud, which we host in our tier 4 data centre. The scalable nature of InReach’s hosted IP telephony can also accommodate a unified communications strategy that will enable you to combine data, voice and video through one application within any business looking to stay ahead of the competition in communication and customer services fields. If you want more information about InReach’s hosted telephony solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us today!


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