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uniFLOW from Canon: Features and Benefits 

uniFLOW is an advanced secure print and scanning solution which allows businesses to manage the entirety of their print functionality and requirements through the cloud.

It’s a simple cloud-based solution, meaning there is no need for additional print servers.

Uniflow is scalable and modular, making it easy to quickly adapt your plan. 

There are many benefits to investing in a system, such as uniFLOW, for your business. 

Features and Benefits of uniFLOW

Flexibility – Using uniFLOW, you can easily print and scan from any device. Once you send your job to print, it will be lined up in a secure print queue and released to any chosen printer on the system.  

Increase productivity – uniFLOW is easy to use and integrates into your existing printing equipment, enabling you to work faster and smarter. There is also full support for printing and scanning for the whole workforce. 

Restrict Device Access – you can give or restrict device access based on users or location. This gives you better control over what is being printed and ensures it is absolutely required. 

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – we all try and do our bit for the environment. With uniFLOW, you can optimise your printing to reduce printing and paper waste.  

Printers can also be controlled through uniFLOW, meaning they don’t need to be kept “on,” minimising the amount of electricity used within your work environment. 

Reduce Printing Costs – With uniFLOW, you can easily track your printing costs either by device or by user. You can then use this data to create specific rules for devices or users to help keep costs down. 

Integrate Multiple Devices – uniFLOW can be integrated into many different devices, makes and models – even non-Canon equipment, maximising your investment. Contact InReach about incorporating it into your existing fleet. 

Scalable – uniFLOW is designed for all business types and sizes. It can be used to manage various devices to streamline printing, scanning and photocopying. 

Investing in uniFLOW for your business 

All organisations face challenges when it comes to printing, whether it’s security, document workflow, budget control or user restrictions. With uniFLOW, many of those challenges can be solved. 

For more information about uniFLOW and why we would recommend it for your organisation, contact InReach today.  


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