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You may have been following our updates on our Green initiatives and know that we are working with Treeapp

Our work with Treeapp means that for every deal we complete, we will plant a minimum of 25 trees. With larger clients we plant more trees to help offset paper usage and/or carbon footprints and be more environmentally aware.

So far, our total number of trees planted is 3,608. Over their lifetime, these trees will absorb 393.27 tonnes of CO2. This total of trees has also created 36 workdays for the communities where they are planted and have reforested 5772.80m² of land.

We also received a 2023 Impact report where more detail is given on the species of trees that have been planted as a result of our work.


To make our clients feel more involved in our Treeapp journey, we have started to provide a Tree Planting Certificate displaying how many trees they have helped plant by working with us.

The certificate also states how much paper each tree provides and how much carbon it absorbs over its lifetime. This highlights how we work towards global change and offsetting our carbon footprint.

For more information about Treeapp, take a look at their website. You can also track our progress on our Treeapp page on our website.


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