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Supporting the Environment 1 Tree at a Time; Our Partnership with Treeapp

This year, InReach have begun an exciting new partnership with Treeapp. Our partnership officially began on 1st April 2023.

We are feeling positive about working with an organisation to help towards offsetting our carbon emissions.

Working with an environmental organisation was a priority for us this year. We spoke to various other charities and companies before selecting Treeapp as our official partner.

We’ll be posting regular updates so you can follow our journey – 1 tree at a time.

What is Treeapp?

The primary objective of Treeapp is to enhance our planet by planting millions of trees daily, as deforestation remains a significant threat to our environment. To support this crucial mission, we have joined forces with Treeapp. Planting more trees not only results in the growth of more life but also increases job opportunities for locals within various communities.

The trees planted through Treeapp will absorb approximately 233 tons of carbon in their lifetime. Already, since they began partnering with brands, Treeapp have contributed towards vast amounts of forest land being restored. They have also facilitated the return of various species of animals and birds into their habitats.

The newest site for planting trees is in Northamptonshire which is very local to our own offices. The site itself was previously degraded agricultural land with lime-rich loamy and clayey soils, impeded drainage, and high fertility. Currently, most of the site is covered in grass. TreeApps aim is to extend the adjacent native forest and restore the area to attract more wildlife. They’re also actively working to increase the Woodland Bird Index, a vital indicator of biodiversity in the region.

How InReach and TreeApp will work together

For every deal we complete for InReach, we will plant up to 25 trees through Treeapp. This could be within the UK or anywhere in the world.

We will post an update every quarter so you can keep up-to-date on our progress and how many trees we have planted. Make sure you’re following our social media channels so you don’t miss an update.

Find out more about Treeapp here.


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