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Questions to Ask when buying Managed Print Solutions

The role of print management has evolved beyond fixing machines and managing supplies.

This is an essential aspect of any business that helps you to operate more efficiently, cut costs, simplify workflows, and provide better customer service to your customers and employees.

Offerings are constantly evolving with what print management companies provide to meet the needs of a fast-changing marketplace. Make sure you are partnering with the right managed print solutions provider. Here are four questions you should ask to ensure they meet your organisation’s needs:

1. Is your Print Management Solution Secure?
A printing breach could involve confidential information in printer trays waiting to be retrieved to unauthorised access to documents stored on the network or in the cloud. Also, security challenges arise from those bringing in their own devices. Having a solid security plan in place is non-negotiable regarding your print management solution. At InReach, our print management solution monitors your infrastructure, taking care of all your system and administrative needs to resolve any issues before they arise.

2. How easy is it for users, and will it fit into our existing infrastructure?
Users want easy, friction-free printing on any device, anywhere, at any time. Whether on-site, on the move, or working from home, they should be able to access, scan, and share documents quickly and efficiently. However, your IT department shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of that freedom and flexibility. Businesses need to find a print management solution that is easy to deploy and maintain as they add printers and users.InReach tailors our managed print solution to work and evolve with your existing infrastructure to take your document workflow to the next level.

3. Will my Print Management Solution identify cost savings?
Consider asking your potential print management company whether their offering provides detailed insight into printer usage and associated costs, identifying areas for cost savings. The report should provide a detailed breakdown of a user, device, department, and print server usage patterns. At InReach, we work with you to fully monitor how your documents are produced and make the entire process as cost-efficient as possible; find out more here.

4. Is managed print reporting useful?
Your print environment constantly evolves, so pulling insight from data is crucial to continuous improvement. Look for dynamic reporting capabilities: analysing and monitoring usage to help you improve security and efficiency. Ideally, you should be able to drill down to get to the detail behind the headline numbers and customise reports so they’re directly relevant to your KPIs. We work with many of the UK’s top document management providers, including Documware and Nuance, enabling us to monitor and report on how your documents are produced, routed, printed and archived.

When there are so many print management companies to choose from, it is vital to ask the right questions. Getting answers to these four questions from potential providers will help you make the right choice for your users, customers and business. 

At InReach, we know the importance of getting a document workflow solution correct from the start. We work with you to decide the right print solution for your business. From there, we will manage purchasing, installation and ongoing support of your new machines. Partnering with us as your print management company will not only provide you peace of mind but provide your business with an excellent level of efficiency.

Talk to an expert at InReach today for tailored managed print solutions fully aligned with your business needs.


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