Outsourcing Your Document Management

For your business to have a chance of success, you need to work efficiently, be agile, and keep control of your costs. To keep your eye on the ball, therefore, you need to focus on running and developing your business, and not be dragged into dealing with minutiae every day. By outsourcing certain key operational aspects such as document management, not only will you free up your time but you’ll also save yourself money too.

Electronic document management: Document lifecycle

Each document is scanned, archived, retrieved when required, and finally destroyed when no longer needed. Good document management software makes the process easier, but it still needs managing because each stage has to be done correctly or you’re in trouble. Outsourcing your document management to specialists will ensure your day-to-day operations enjoy hassle free document workflow without distracting anyone in-house from their job.

InReach Document Management Services

At InReach, we have extensive experience of working with businesses of all sizes to introduce and manage effective document workflow solutions. We deal with many of the UK’s top workflow and document management providers, including Nuance, DocuWare, Papercut and umango, and our experienced team can thus design, implement, and manage your document workflow to save you aggravation and money.

We will take the time to understand how your current system works and what you’re going to need ongoing, and we’ll also seek to introduce significant efficiencies too. Our goal is to improve productivity for administrators and decision-makers alike, so your business can operate flexibly and unhindered as it grows.

Our document management services:

  • Full assessment of your current document workflow
  • Review of your existing printing, copying, and scanning equipment
  • Recommendation of a new document management solution to support your business needs, including software for:
    • Document copying, printing and scanning
    • Indexing and archiving
    • Document retrieval
    • Document tracking
    • Secure document destruction
  • Ongoing document management to:
    • Improve efficiency
    • Reduce paper wastage
    • Reduce running costs
  • Regular reporting and feedback

We will work with you to fully monitor, control and support how your documents are produced, routed, printed, archived, and destroyed, and we will make the entire process as cost efficient as possible.


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