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Mobile phones in business: What are the advantages?

The world is becoming increasingly mobile, requiring businesses to adapt their communications to suit the new, flexible business environment.

Mobile phones are an excellent tool for doing this.

Mobile phones in business can help your team be more productive and accessible at all times, even when they’re away from the office. Below we look at the main benefits of providing your employees with business mobile phones and how you can manage the rollout and ensure you find the best possible deal.

What are the benefits:

  1. Provides the freedom to work anytime, anywhere:
    Today, more and more businesses are remote working with widely dispersed teams operating across the country – or even internationally. For the most part, modern digital tools and messaging services help ensure that such businesses can coordinate effectively. Mobile phones can add extra depth and immediacy to location-independent working, which can help put the team more in sync.
  2. Rapid responses to urgent situations:
    In specific professional contexts, it will be vitally important for team members to take action rapidly to avoid potential crises and adverse outcomes or to capitalise on a possible opportunity. Business mobile phones allow rapid response to developing situations, make it possible for key team members from across the organisation to be reached quickly, and redirect their attention when necessary.
  3. Potential benefits to customer service:
    Business mobile phones can help to improve the customer service experience. Customers are never likely to enjoy contacting a business’s customer service department only to be met with an answering phone or to have their call ignored. With business mobile phones, you can help keep your business contactable by customers within operating hours.
  4. Business mobile phones can cost-save:
    Cost is an important factor in any business decision. You can find cost-effective commercial mobile contracts by using Business Phone providers. Furthermore, consolidating all your business mobile phones under one roof can lower your operating costs and combine multiple mobile contracts into one simple monthly bill.
  5. Your business is future-proof with business mobile phones:
    With the 2025 ISDN switch-off looming and more companies choosing to work from home, ensuring your business telecoms are future-proof is essential. Supplying business mobile phones are a great way to ensure you’re going to be okay when the UK switches off its ISDN network.

InReach business mobile plans

With InReach, you’ll have a mobile solutions provider who can access off-market business mobile plans, tailor a better package for all your employees, and manage the purchase and setup process. We can also offer you Mobile Device Management (MDM), a solution packed with valuable reporting and security features that gives you centralised control of all your mobiles once they’re up and running.

Make sure you take your time when deciding whether to purchase business mobile phones and that a business strategy is in place. Assess how your employees already communicate, whether they are always on the move or remote work is an option for them.

If you want to learn more about our mobile internet for business or are ready to talk to a team member to get you started, get in touch today.


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