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How to Reduce Printing Costs in the Office

This year everyone is trying to save money where possible.

With the increased cost of living, businesses, like everyone, are feeling the pinch.

So why not make it your goal this year to try and reduce your printing costs in the office?

Benefits of Reducing Printing Costs in the Office

Reducing your printing costs not only has a positive impact on your bottom line but also has a positive impact on the environment. It will come as no surprise that many sheets of paper printed in offices end up in landfills. Even if they are recycled, it’s far more environmentally friendly not to print the document at all.

So, as well as saving you money, reducing your overall printing means you can reduce your waste, your paper consumption, and your organisation’s carbon footprint. And you only need to make a few minor changes…

How to Reduce Printing Costs in the Office 

To effectively reduce your printing costs in the office, you’ll have to have the whole team on board. That being said, there are several ways you can do this. The most impactful ways are:

Upgrade your machines – whatever device you use for printing, printers, photocopiers, fax machines etc., as with all technology, the newer the version, the higher the efficiency. If you are finding you’re spending more on printing supplies, then it could be time for a new machine. At InReach, we work with all our clients to ensure they purchase the best machines for their requirements. Contact a member of the team today if your printing device could be in need of an upgrade.

Use a managed print service package – when you opt for a managed print service package with InReach, we manage your devices remotely so we can fix any printer breakdowns quickly and efficiently to get you back on track. We also offer toner, ink and paper subscription services so you never run out. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to manage your printing solutions in the office.

Only print necessary documents – another great way to reduce your printing costs in the office is to only print documents which need printing. This can be difficult if printing is part of the culture in your office. But cutting down on printing documents – particularly emails, which aren’t necessary can make a huge difference to your printing costs.

Print double-sided – you can cut your printing costs down significantly by selecting “print both sides” when printing documents. Most modern printers will have this option. This may not always be achievable depending on what document is being printed, but printing double-sided where appropriate can help to reduce your printing costs in the office.

Go digital – going 100% paperless may not be possible or feasible for your business; however, going digital where possible could have a significant impact on your printing costs. Emails have replaced many types of physical mail, and more companies are now opting for a digital filing system rather than a physical one. Are there any ways your organisation could go digital to help reduce your printing costs?

Printing from InReach 

At InReach, we offer a range of print services for organisations of any size. From photocopiers to printers and fax machines with different service packages depending on your business requirements.

We start every process with an honest assessment of your current circumstances and future needs to help build a package with the correct level of support for you.

If you’re looking for an external partner to help you with all your printing solutions, contact InReach today.


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