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How to be a Green Business: Add Printing into your Business Sustainability Strategies

There is plenty of information about plastics and packaging’s environmental impact but little about the considerable effect of laser printers and copiers.

Many organisations are surprised that printing is one of the most significant contributors to office CO2 emissions. Today, companies are being held accountable for their lack of environmental stewardship due to the arrival of newer generations who value environmentally-friendly practices. For this reason, businesses’ sustainability strategies must be at the forefront of their development plan.

In the digital age, printing and photocopying are still very much part of day-to-day operations. You can minimise the impact your business’s printing infrastructure has on the environment by working with a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider that takes its role in preserving the environment seriously, such as InReach. In managed print, a specialist company manages part or all of your printer fleet and works with you to identify cost savings, efficiencies, and improvements.

How to be more sustainable when printing:

  1. Change your laser printer to an ink-jet alternative: reducing energy by up to 94%, reducing packaging consumption by up to 98% and CO2 emissions by up to 94%.
  2. Paperless workflows: Electronic document workflows reduce the amount of hard copy output. Consider using recycled paper if you must print.
  3. Analyse and optimise your printers: Relocate or remove unused printers and introduce more energy-efficient multifunctional printers that scan, print, fax, and copy.
  4. Encourage sustainable habits: Train your employees on procedures for improving environmentally friendly printing processes and reducing waste.
  5. Minimise power consumption: Modern printers and MFDs have energy-saving modes and ‘Quick Startup’ technology, which puts them to sleep when not in use.
  6. Monitor and Optimise: After addressing your energy consumption, hard copy output and CO2 footprint, you can continue optimising your business processes using monitoring tools.

How InReach’s Managed Print Solutions can help Businesses Print Sustainably

Managed Print Solutions (MPS) can be a sustainable solution for your printing and document management. While it might not be paper-free, systems implemented by your MPS will help you track levels of print usage, which means you can control and reduce the environmental footprint of your printing operations.

At InReach, we can carry out a free, no-obligation audit of your current hardware and software solutions and deliver a complete cost comparison of the areas where you can be more efficient. Furthermore, we work with many of the UK’s top workflow and document management providers, including; Nuance, DocuWare, Papercut and umango. This enables us to install a tailored solution for you to keep your business running as it should. We will work with you to fully monitor, control and support how your documents are produced, routed, printed, and archived and make the entire process as cost-efficient and sustainable as possible.

Introducing environmentally friendly printing processes is good for both business and society. To learn more about how our Managed Print Support Solutions can optimise your business processes, contact the InReach team.


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