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PaperCut Grows promotes Forest Positive Printing for Businesses

We need trees for paper, but the current rate of deforestation for paper production contributes up to 20% of total greenhouse gasses.

The world’s forests are crucial to our planet’s future, so we must develop solutions that preserve our forests. Also, businesses need to do more than strive to be carbon neutral; they need to aim to become Forest Positive.

Below we explain what Forest Positive means for businesses, what Papercut Grows is, and how InReach can incorporate it into your business’s print management.

What does Forest Positive Printing mean?

Choosing to become Forest Positive means moving beyond managing deforestation risks in your supply chain and proactively making a positive impact on our broader sourcing landscapes.

What is PaperCut Grows?

Papercut is a print management solution that has created an eco-conscious solution to protect forests; Papercut Grows. Grows is their sustainability program that transforms your essential documents into Forest Positive printing by planting more trees than print use consumes. At InReach, we offer multiple print management solutions, including PaperCut MF and PaperCut Hive. If you have either of those options as part of your print management, your business can upgrade to include PaperCut grows.

How does PaperCut Grows Work to Contribute to your Forest Positive Status?

Once you have PaperCut Grows added to your license, you commit to a tree-planting investment up front per printer. Grows then calculates how many trees you should purchase as per how much your business prints, making sure your printer becomes Forest Positive. You can then monitor your status, including essential printing information and tree-planted total, through the PaperCut Grows dashboard. Grows has a direct, positive impact on the environment without costing or requiring much effort. Also, you can share your sustainability efforts with your customers, employees and business stakeholders!

Who plants the trees to help my business become Forest Positive?

Not-for-profit reforestation experts One Tree Planted works alongside Grows to plant the trees that help reverse the ecological effect of your printing needs. Businesses then get options as to where they want their trees planted. You could decide this through your leadership team, your workforce can vote, or One Tree Planted can do this for you.

Reducing waste and paper usage isn’t enough anymore. Turn your essential printing into Forest Positive printing with PaperCut Grows. At InReach, we help businesses significantly reduce paper consumption, electricity and toner usage and turn essential printing into something more meaningful with our sustainable print management solutions. Get in touch with the team today to learn more about PaperCut Grows or how we can help your business do more for the planet.


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