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How managed business communications can boost productivity

Does your business struggle to focus on what it does best because teams are constantly being pulled away from their day-to-day from connectivity failures to inflexible infrastructure

This is where managed business comms can help. Managed business communication services are ideal for boosting productivity, reducing costs, and streamlining communication within and outside a business.

Below we look at how hosted telephony, adopting mobile business solutions, mobile internet and telephone and data cabling solutions give employees constant access to the tools they need to allow businesses to operate interrupted.

The four types of managed business comms services:

Hosted Telephony Services

Hosted telephony is a business communication service that allows businesses to make and receive calls through the cloud. It eliminates the need for costly hardware, such as traditional phone systems, while still providing reliable and high-quality voice services. Benefits of hosted telephony include cost savings, scalability, flexibility, increased productivity and improved customer experience. Hosted telephony also provides business owners access to features such as call forwarding, video-conferencing, voicemail transcription, and conference calling. Additionally, it offers enhanced security by encrypting all data transmitted over the network. With InReach, we can onboard a hosted cloud telephony solution that can grow with your business with 99.999% uptime and is entirely configurable to your business needs. We also have a dedicated support desk if you ever run into problems!

Business Mobile Solutions

Business mobile phones are an efficient way to communicate internally and externally and open up the possibilities for everyone in the business to stay connected on the go, boosting productivity. But with so many providers out there and thousands of product offerings, knowing what is right for your business can take time to decipher. Using a business comms service provider can demystify buying and setting up your business mobiles. At InReach, we can help manage business mobile phone services by curating the best business mobile phone packages tailored to your needs (required data, call and text allowances, handset amount etc.) and purchasing and setting up your chosen devices. We also offer a device management service, which delivers valuable reporting and provides centralised control of all your mobile phones.

Mobile Internet for Business

Mobile internet for business solutions helps businesses by allowing employees to stay connected from anywhere and access business services from any location. This ensures business continuity and increases productivity, as teams can work together seamlessly even when out of the office. Mobile internet solutions also offer enhanced security features, such as encrypting all data transmitted over the network. With InReach, we can provide tailored business mobile phone packages and device management services explicitly designed to meet your needs with simple upgrade options as your business grows.

Structured Data Cabling Solutions

Structured cabling services drive modern communications systems by making businesses safe, secure and efficient by providing business owners with a reliable and secure connection between business networks and systems. Structured cabling solutions also allow businesses to scale as business operations grow, from adding additional devices or users easily to future-proofing business networks for years to come. At InReach, we analyse your business requirements and build a network cabling infrastructure that meets all business needs and is flexible to grow with your business. We are also on hand for support and maintenance to minimise business downtime!

Business communication is the cornerstone of success for any business. With hosted telephony services, mobile business solutions and structured data cabling services, you can ensure your business communications are secure, efficient and reliable.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive business communication solution making it easier for employees to communicate from any location with the necessary tools and support available at their fingertips, contact the business comms experts at InReach.


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