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Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Update

The InReach Group encompassing InReach Print Limited, InReach IT and InReach Communications Limited have been monitoring the statements made by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the UK Government with regards to the COVID-19 Coronavirus disease.

Yesterday the government announced that we are moving out of the containment phase and into delay in response to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

As such we will implement steps now to heighten the awareness of our staff, Clients and Suppliers and reduce the possible spread of this virus.

Health Conditions 

  • Anyone having been on vacation or company business returning from any country with outbreaks of the virus will be expected to self-isolate for 14 days as advised. If possible, taking their temperature twice daily.
  • Individual with the known symptoms IE Coughs, Fever (temperature of 37.3c or more) should phone their local public health department giving details.
  • Individuals will be responsible for their own actions whilst in isolation but we would advise they follow the guidelines as laid out by WHO
  • Clean hands regularly and observe good respiratory hygiene

Internal measures. 

  • With Immediate effect we will cancel all meetings with colleagues and suppliers that could be re-arranged and completed via either conference call or video conferencing. To this end we can utilise both Microsoft Teams and Gamma’s Collaborate solutions.
  • All non-essential service calls will be postponed until further notice reducing the need for travel and contact. Especially where public transport may be required.
  • Client face to face meetings will be agreed with the relevant customer and in-line with their own policies. Shaking of hands should be avoided. All the names of the people attending the meeting should be recorded. We thank everyone for their cooperation with this. It is understood some meetings will need to be completed.
  • E-Signature documents will be promoted as best practise at this time.
  • Utilise the facilities made available to enable colleagues to work from home. This is not possible for everyone, hence taking the additional measures now to reduce the possibility of contamination.
  • We have provided additional hand cleaning products and introduced the use of paper towels to dry hands, turn off taps and open and close WC doors.
  • Additional Sanitising units will be deployed.
  • The sanitising of telephone handsets and work surfaces will be increased as part of the cleaning program.

InReach thanks everyone for your support and understanding in this matter.


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