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At iNREACH, we are specialists in print services for business.

Our services include managed print services, printer and photocopier supply and maintenance, document management services, digital print supply and printer support.


When you invest in print services with iNREACH, you are working with a team of specialists within the industry. We partner with the leading printer brands in the country and have harnessed innovation to offer our clients exclusive solutions to elevate their business.

Many businesses in the UK now work with print supply partners for various printing services.


When choosing a print partner to work with, there are several considerations you may want to take into account.

Your Printing Needs – Assess your business’s printing requirements, including the volume, types of documents, and frequency of printing. We can do this for you as part of our initial audit when you choose to work with iNREACH. This will help determine which device needs replacing and where you can combine machines where possible.

Quality and Capabilities of Your Potential Partner – before you select your provider, evaluate the quality of printing services offered. At iNREACH, we can offer many print services, from managed print service support to device maintenance. Contact us today to discuss our bespoke packages.

Safety and Security – You need to consider what happens to data stored on your print devices whist using them, and after you change or upgrade. iNREACH will ensure that you data is totally safe and that your equipment meets the latest security legislation which is changing in April 2024.

Device Cost and Service Pricing Structure – What is your print service budget? Consider not only the cost of the print devices themselves but also the support package you would require. Ensure that the pricing aligns with your budget and offers good value for the services provided. At iNREACH, we can build a package for you and your business so you aren’t paying for the services you don’t need.

Customer Service and Support – What level of customer support do you require? At iNREACH, we can help you decide what level your organisation will need and build this into your print service plan. As a print service provider, we pride ourselves on being responsive, reliable, and able to promptly address any concerns or issues.

Latest Technology and Innovation – Consider whether the print service provider utilises cutting-edge technology and stays updated with industry trends and innovations. Providers that invest in the latest printing technologies and techniques will be able to offer better service, products and advice.

Importance of Environmental Impact- Environmental impact and being more aware of your carbon footprint are things many businesses are looking to combat. Working in our industry, we take environmental impact very seriously, which is why we have partnered with Treeapp. A charity that helps with planting trees worldwide – find out more about them here.


If your organisation is considering investing in print services or looking for a new print service partner, contact the iNREACH team today. We can discuss our basic package elements and find out what your business requires.


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