The ISDN SWITCH-OFF is happening… ACT NOW!


ISDN phone lines are being switched off FROM APRIL 2025

Watch and listen to our new ISDN switch off video.


These are being switched off FROM APRIL 2025 with NO SUPPORT FROM THAT POINT.

This will affect around 16 million lines and channels ACROSS THE UK. Your OLD ISDN Phone Systems HAS to be upgraded to alternative products before April 2025. It’s time to act NOW.

Your two options are…

InReach Comms


SIP –  COULD be integrated into your existing equipment. You keep all the features of traditional telephony, and call quality, while gaining a monthly cost saving OF UP TO 50%.

  • Full integration
  • Scalability
  • Affordable resilience
  • Complete control
  • Business continuity


Hosted –  is a cloud-based solution which requires MINIMAL new equipment and provides YOU with extensive fixed and mobile telephony capabilities AS WELL AS SIGNIFICANT COST SAVINGS

  • Cloud based
  • Minimal equipment
  • Call pick up and transfers
  • Sites, groups and departments
  • Call forwarding and recording

Are you unsure what’s right for you?

These are some things to consider

  • Is your current phone system at least 3 years old?
  • What’s the current size of your company and do you anticipate this changing?
  • What level of flexible working are you looking for?
  • What level of quality and security do you require?

The SWITCH-OFF is happening – don’t wait – ACT NOW!

Join us for our webinar on Thursday 16th September at 14:00


So, what do you do next? Get in touch and talk to one of our experts because the longer you leave this the more expensive it WILL be.

Remote Working Solutions

Watch the video below to see the solutions on offer from Gamma, with InReach.
More information about our Gamma Technical Alliance Partner Status can be seen here.


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