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Cloud Security: Difference between Public and Private Clouds

Due to cost-effectiveness and scalability, businesses are turning to cloud-based solutions to access business applications, data and documents.

But what is cloud computing, and what are the different types? Below we define cloud computing, explore the difference between public and private cloud services, and how to ensure your business remains secure.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is storing or accessing programs, applications, databases etc, via the internet, “the cloud”, instead of being stored on a computer hard drive. You probably are already using cloud-based services without evening knowing it. Do you access an online service to edit documents, send emails, and listen to music? If yes, cloud computing is behind that!

What’s the Difference Between Public and Private Cloud Solutions

Public Cloud

Public cloud solutions store your information off-site on a shared server managed and maintained by the service provider. A third party provides support and updates, and solutions are usually paid on a subscription basis, reducing capital investment and freeing up in-house IT resources. This gives your business flexibility and quick access to applications and data. However, it means you have limited control over when and what updates are being performed on the system.

By reducing your cloud management time, we aim to improve your efficiency. InReach can implement public cloud management solutions to bring all your services and applications together in one place whilst ensuring you are using the best applications for your business.

Private Cloud

Some businesses, however, require greater control over their environment due to specific goals and requirements. Although they wish to benefit from all the cloud offers, they need a more dedicated approach. A private cloud hosting solution stores your data on a dedicated server, allowing only your business to access and manage it. As a result of its single usage, the network is protected by a firewall and offers high performance and security. A private cloud solution allows you to customise your infrastructure to suit your business needs and to meet your security and infrastructure requirements.

At InReach, we can offer private cloud solutions delivered through our own specific range of products via our tier 4 data centre in Milton Keynes (tier 4 is the highest level of cloud security built to be completely fault tolerant) or through partner datacentres.

How can InReach help manage your Cloud Services?

Simply put, a private cloud is a service controlled by a single organisation and not shared with others, offering greater control over their environment. While a public cloud solution is a service that is also provided to any customers who want similar services off-site.

Focus on helping your business thrive whilst we manage your cloud applications and data. Our Microsoft Partner accreditation enables us to implement cost-effective, all-encompassing cloud management software while maintaining a high level of security for your organisation. To find out more and how InReach can help your manage your cloud services, contact the team at InReach today.


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