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Why cloud-based document management is crucial to remote working

Cloud computing is increasing the possibilities for businesses, enabling employees to work remotely with ease without feeling disconnected from the company due to a lack of application and document access.

Below we explore how cloud-based document management is a suitable solution to solving those remote working challenges and how it can also improve business performance, scalability and operating efficiencies in the long run.

Easy Access

Cloud computing enables remote working to be a far easier task. With multiple technology applications hosted on the cloud, your team’s accessibility to files and documents has never been easier. Cloud services allow your employees 24/7 access to information they need to carry out their job. With cloud computing, you can control what files and data can and cannot be accessed, increasing your cloud’s security. You can also access this information from any location and device; all you need is a login and an internet connection. This opens the door to many possibilities, enabling your team to work productively from anywhere in the world.


With cloud-based document management, remote working is no longer a challenge, with instantaneous access to everything your team needs to carry out their day efficiently. With applications such as OneDrive and SharePoint, you can edit documents in real-time and work on projects simultaneously.


Not being physically together in an office doesn’t mean you cannot collaborate as a team. Video chat services such as Microsoft Teams make it easy for colleagues to come together, share files stored on the cloud, and conduct as much as they would in as if all together.


Cloud computing is designed with cybersecurity in mind, which is one of its main advantages. Cloud services provide users with various security measures to safeguard their data as part of a shared responsibility model. Businesses can set up user permissions, encrypt data and avoid unauthorised access to cloud-based documents. Cloud-based document management offers password protection and link expiry to ensure that data and sensitive company information are kept safe at all times, both internally and externally.

Cost Savings

Cloud-based document management systems help businesses reduce their reliance on paper, enabling a much smoother transition to agile working. By reducing the need for hard copies and storing files digitally, organisations can start to think differently about the very essence of how they operate and where there are opportunities for innovation and improvement. Plus, as less time is spent moving paper around an organisation, significant money can be saved on storage and print consumables.

Successful remote working requires simple, effective and streamlined technologies to help with everyday tasks such as document access, sharing and printing important documents. At InReach, our public and private cloud solutions and management can help streamline your services to keep remote working employees connected 24/7, no matter their location. Get in touch with us today to find out more.


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