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Of course, with global warming on everyone’s mind and countless businesses describing what they are doing to reduce their carbon footprint, printing is something everyone is trying to reduce.

If you’re looking for the best printing practices for businesses in 2024, you’ve come to the right place. At iNREACH, we specialise in print solutions for businesses. These include managed print solutions, print device maintenance, photocopier supplies, and document management solutions. 


Here are some of our nest print practices of 2024 that your business could invest in today. 

1. Print When Necessary Only – the first best practice is something we have all been striving towards, which is simply to print only when necessary. There was a time when every email would have been printed and added to a customer file, and each section of paperwork would have been printed. These days, not printing is far more on trend, so only printing when necessary is one of the first print practices your business could incorporate.  

2. Energy-Efficient Printers—How old is your printer? Is it using more energy than it should be? To help lower your carbon footprint, you could streamline your machines and paper usage by upgrading them to new, more energy-efficient designs. A more energy-efficient printer makes for a lower carbon footprint. 

3. Recycled Paper—Using recycled paper is another great print practice that your business could support. Even if you need high-quality paper for official documents, you could still investigate using recycled paper for internal documents or non-customer-facing pages that require printing. 

4. Printer Maintenance—Maintaining your printer is a great print practice to incorporate into your business. At iNREACH, we can service your printer regularly to ensure it is working at its most efficient and give it a longer life. 

5. Employee Education and Guidelines—Teach your employees about the importance of best printer practices for your business. Have a specific set of rules to determine which documents will be printed and why. There is little point in investing in lowering your print output if everyone on the team is not 100% educated or on board. 

6. Work with a Print Partner—Working with a print partner is a great way to reduce your printing and streamline and optimise your whole system. If you’re looking for the best ways to refine your printing systems, contact iNREACH today. 


At iNREACH, we are dedicated to helping our clients reduce their carbon footprint and streamline their print processes so the environment wins every time. One of the other things we are doing is working with the charity Treeapp. When you choose to work with iNREACH, more trees are planted all over the world through Treeapp. We are helping businesses become carbon neutral, one order at a time!

For more information on best print practices for businesses or to discuss working together, contact us today.


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