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This weekend, Will Macintyre is heading off to Zandvoort racetrack in the Netherlands for the iconic Dutch celebration – the Zandvoort Summer Trophy! This is a three-day event from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th. Racing teams and leagues from all over Europe are invited to take part – this year there are eight different racing classes gearing up to take part! As well as racing, there are several activities for car enthusiasts and visitors. Find out more on their website


Friday – Kicks off with the first qualifications and races. Cars will be pushed to their limits.

Saturday – All racing classes will be in action. The classes range from spectacular vintage cars to Formula cars. The day will feature qualifications and primarily races.

Sunday – July 14 – RACEDAY! The final day of racing. The perfect conclusion to the Zandvoort Summer Trophy.


Will is currently second place in the driver standings with 231 points – just two points below first place. This weekend it is all to race for – can he make it to position one?

Find out more about GB3 and Will’s progress here

Make sure you’re following iNREACH for updates and results of this weekends race!

Cyber security is very important, especially as the business world becomes more digital and organisations strive to become paperless.


If you’re working on a cyber security plan for your business, then you may be interested in reading our 10 top tips! We also have more information on our news item about creating a cyber security plan for your business –

Here are our top ten cyber security tips for businesses

1. Educate your Employees:

To ensure your cyber security is always up-to-date, it’s important to conduct regular training sessions to educate employees about common cyber threats.

You can also work on encouraging a security awareness culture where employees feel responsible for safeguarding information.

2. Consider a Strong Password Policy:

By ensuring all your systems require strong, unique passwords can help to increase your cyber security. You can also look into using multi-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security – this will depend on the size of your business and the type of information you are trying to protect.

3. Keep on top of Software Updates:

It’s not a surprise to know that the most up-to-date system softwares are the harder to hack into. If you are trying to avoid a security breech then regularly updating software can really help.

4. Invest in Firewalls and Antivirus Protection:

This one may seem obvious, but it’s surprising how many businesses don’t invest in a firewall or antivirus software. For data protection and reducing the risk of a cyber attack then a firwall is a must.

5. Secure Your Network:

To make your network more secure, you can use encryption protocols for all data transmissions. You can also segment your network to limit the spread of malware and isolate sensitive information. Contact iNREACH today to help set this up for your organisation.

6. Backup Your Data Regularly:

Part of your cyber security plan should involve a backup schedule for your data. You should regularly back up critical data and store the backups securely, offsite or in the cloud. To take this security tip one step further, you should also test your recovery plan periodically to ensure data can be restored quickly.

7. Control Access to Information:

Again, this is a tip for larger companies, but controlling access to various information types can help reduce the risk of a security breech should a cyber-attack occur. By giving employees access only to the information necessary for their roles, means that less data is available from each employee. This can protect certain types of data during a breech.

8. Keep a Record of Network Activity:

By continuously monitoring network traffic, you can detect unusual activities and highlight potential threats. This can help save valuable time when a breach does happen.

9. Establish Incident Response Procedures:

Develop a comprehensive incident response plan outlining steps to take in the event of a cyber attack. This helps to minimise downtime should an attack take place

10. Conduct Regular Security Audits:

You can also conduct periodic security audits to identify vulnerable areas in your systems and processes. You might be surprised where the vulnerabilities are – you can higher a third party to carry out these checks for you.


We always explain the risks to our clients and what can happen if your organisation doesn’t invest in cyber security. Here are some of the key risks that you could be facing:

  • Data Breaches – the most obvious risk is unauthorised access to sensitive information which can lead to significant data breaches. This can then result in loss of data, and often black mail for data recovery.
  • Financial Loss – Cyber attacks can cause your business financial losses due to theft of funds or fraudulent transactions. Other costs are included, such as legal fees, regulatory fines, and compensation to affected customers.
  • Operational Disruption or Down Time – Down time is something which can have a huge effect on your business. If your business cannot function due to a cyber attack your customers can become agitated and may take their business elsewhere.
  • Reputational Damage – Cyber incidents can damage your company’s reputation which can lead to lack of trust from customers.
  • Legal Consequences – If your business fails to protect sensitive data, legal action could be taken against any of the affected parties.


At iNREACH, we offer Cyber Security services to all of our clients. Depending on the size of your organisation and the industry you operate in, you could require different cyber security plans. Contact our team to discuss your business.

As print, comms and IT specialists, it is our job to educate businesses to understand that printers can be a potential entry point for cyberattacks. All office printers should include printer security features to keep your business safe.  

At iNREACH, we work with our clients to help them understand the risks that office printers can bring and to implement processes to avoid cyber-attacks through their printers.


As well as internal processes to minimise security risks, you should look at your print device and ensure it has printer security features.

Here are some key printer security features that your device should have and why:

  • Access Control Features

Access control features can prevent unauthorised users from accessing the printer. These features can give different levels of access to different employees and prevent users outside the organisation from hacking into the printer. When you source a printer from iNREACH, we can implement the following access control features.

User Authentication: Requires users to authenticate using methods such as PIN codes or passwords before accessing the printer.

Role-Based Access Control: Limits access to certain functions based on the user’s role within an organisation.

  • Data Protection

Protect data stored in the printing history to minimise data breaches in the case of a cyber-attack. We can offer the following;

Encrypted Printing: Print jobs are encrypted both in transit and at rest to prevent unauthorised access.

Secure Erase: Ensures that data stored on the printer’s hard drive is completely wiped after the job is completed so there is no stored data to access or leak.

  • Network Security

Network security is important for any device that is connected to the internet. It encrypts data and is difficult to hack into. All of our printers come with the following features as standard:

Secure Network Connection: Supports secure protocols like SSL/TLS for encrypting data transmitted over the network.

Firewall Protection and Port Control: Allows configuration of firewall settings and control over which ports are open to mitigate unauthorised access.

Malware Detection: Includes mechanisms to detect and prevent malware from compromising the printer.

Intrusion Detection: Monitors for unusual activity that may indicate a security breach.

  • Document Security

Document security features are important for in-house security procedures. They can stop documents from falling into the wrong hands and prevent documents from being copied and plagiarised. Document security features include:

Secure Print Release: Holds print jobs in a secure queue until the specified user physically arrives at the printer and provides authentication. This prevents sensitive documents from being left unattended.

Watermarking: Adds company watermarks to printed documents to discourage unauthorised copying and distribution.

  • Monitoring and Management

Monitoring and measurement features can help you as a company check on printer usage and access attempts. This enables you to understand who is using the printer and advise if unknown users are attempting to access it.

Audit Logs: The printer keeps detailed logs of all print jobs, access attempts, and administrative actions for accountability and forensic analysis.

Remote Monitoring and Management: This may be a requirement if you have employees who work remotely. It provides the ability to monitor and manage printer security settings remotely through a centralised interface.

  • Physical Security

As well as digital and online security features, our printers also have physical security features. This minimises risk of tampering and physical access.

Lockable Trays and Panels: Prevents unauthorised access to paper trays and internal components.

Secure Placement: Ensures printers are located in secure areas to minimise physical tampering risks.

  • In-House Training and Policies

As well as printer security features on the devices themselves, it is also a good idea to educate your team on printer security and create some internal documentation and policies. By making the whole team aware of the security risks involved with modern printing devices, you can minimise the risk of an attack.

Security Training: Educates users about secure printing practices.

Security Policies: Implements and enforces policies for secure printer usage.


By actively implementing printer security features, you can help protect your office print devices from being exploited as attack vectors. You can ensure that sensitive information remains secure throughout the printing process within your organisation.

If your organisation is investing in a new print system and you want to discuss printer security features, then contact our team today.

After an exciting weekend of racing at Hungagoring, Will Macintyre still holds 2nd place in the overall championship standings.

Race one was a strong start for Will as he finished in 5thplace.

During race two, although Will originally finished third, one of the drivers was disqualified due to not having a fire extinguisher. It was determined that this had been activated during the formation lap. This meant the results had to be altered following the race, and Will took second place in the amended race results.  

In the third and final race of the weekend, Will finished in 8th position.

An overall great effort from Will during this racing weekend. We are incredibly proud of him and his achievements.

The next race weekend will take place in Zandvoort in the Netherlands on 13th/14th July.

Using a checklist to select a business mobile plan is a smart move to ensure you cover all the essential aspects. 

At iNREACH we offer various levels of support when it comes to business comms, one of which is helping you get the best deals on your business mobile package. If you would like to discuss business mobiles with us, then give us a call


Here is our business mobile plan checklist. It may be useful if you are organising a business mobile package yourself or if you are working with a partner. 

1. Coverage

This is especially important if you have employees who are travelling for work and you need to get hold of them. Check if the selected provider offers good coverage in your location and where your business operates.

2. Cost and Pricing Structure

Check if there are any hidden costs, such as;

  • Monthly fees
  • Data charges
  • Call and text rates
  • Roaming charges
  • Additional fees (activation, termination, etc.)

When you work with iNREACH for your business mobile plans, we check all the fine print to find the best deal at the best cost.

3. Data Allowance

Make sure your plan offers adequate data allowance for your employees. If they are planning to be on the road frequently they will need a good data package to be able to have access to their emails or even hot spot from their phone if they need to. 

4. Flexibility

If you are planning on growing your team within the terms of the contract, does the plan offer flexibility to adjust devices? 

5. Compatibility

Ensure your provider is compatible with your other devices. Is there going to be a problem connecting your business mobiles with your company laptop? This could be a reason to go with a particular provider. 

6. International Roaming

If your business requires international travel, check the roaming rates and coverage in other countries.

7. Contract Terms

When signing any contract in business, it’s important to read its terms so you know what you’re agreeing to. Things to take into consideration are;

  • Length of contract
  • Early termination fees
  • Any auto-renewal clauses

It’s easy to get sucked into a contract which is difficult to get out of. 

8. Security Features

Look for plans that offer security features like VPN services, mobile device management (MDM), and encryption. At iNREACH, we are firm believers in security for all types of digital devices. In today’s world, there are multiple avenues for hacking, so security should be treated as a priority.

9. Billing and Payment Options

Check the billing cycle and available payment methods. These will differ depending on the provider and could be a reason for you to choose one over another. 

10. Reviews and Reputation

Online reviews are available for you to look at, so make sure you take advantage of these. Research the carrier’s reputation and reviews from other business customers. This could be the deciding factor for your business to invest. 


You can use our business mobile plan checklist to ensure that you choose a plan that aligns with your company’s needs and provides reliable service and necessary features.

If you choose to work with iNREACH, we work with you as your comms partner to ensure the quality of your mobile package, telecom system, and broadband. If you are looking for a new partner and would like to have a chat with us, give us a call

At iNREACH we are always looking for ways to give back to our local area and decreasing our carbon footprint.


You may have heard of the Midnight Moo walk in Milton Keynes. This is an annual event – a walk that starts at 10pm. You can choose to walk either 5 miles or 10 miles to help raise money for Willen Hospice.

We have sponsored mile 10 in previous years – it’s great to be able to be involved raising money for such a great local charity.

If you’re interested and thinking of singing up take a look at their website


At iNREACH, we believe in supporting charities and doing what we can to help the environment. Willen Hospice is one of the many charities we work with on a regular basis. Find out more about our charity work here.

If you’re following us on social media or keeping up to date with our news feed, then you will know that we are sponsoring Will Macintyre on his GB3 championship journey.


Will is currently 2nd on the leaderboard after a fantastic weekend at Circuit De Spa – Francorchamps on the 1st – 2nd of June. Not only did he secure his third victory of the season in race three at Spa-Francorchamps, but he also earned the Sunoco Fastest Driver of the Weekend Award along the way.

The weather wasn’t the best at the start of the weekend, but as conditions improved, the fastest laps were set during the final race, with Macintyre clocking a 2m17.160s—three-tenths of a second faster than any other driver. This made him the latest recipient of the award, following Rodin Motorsport’s Louis Sharp, who set the fastest lap at the Oulton Park season opener, and Macintyre’s teammate Tymek Kucharczyk, who won the award at Silverstone.


Will’s next race weekend will take place on 22nd – 23rd June at Hungaroring, Hungary. This track is 4.381km with some iconic corners, and has been criticised over the years for being too tight and twisty. It has undergone several modifications to remove the chicane and improve overtaking areas.  

What a fantastic season for Will so far – we look forward to keeping you updated on his next race weekend!

As a business IT provider, we always recommend a high level of security to protect your business’s data as well as that of your clients and partners. 

Of course, even with the best security available, there is always a risk of a breach, which is why part of your cyber security needs to be a good Disaster Recovery and/or Business Continuity plan. People often ask us what the difference is between a Disaster Recovery and a Business Continuity plan.


Although many businesses may use the terms disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan interchangeably, they are, in fact, different elements and need to be treated differently. 


A disaster recovery plan is a detailed set of instructions explaining how a business will respond should a disruption occur that causes it to be unable to function as normal. This disruption is usually an IT disaster, and so the plan focuses largely on IT functions and elements. 

Each business should have a unique plan that focuses on its most important aspects. The plan will involve steps such as risk assessment, business impact analysis, response procedures, data backup and recovery procedures, continuity planning, training, and documentation maintenance.  

Full details of each IT Disaster Recovery plan element can be seen here.


A business continuity plan outlines how the business can remain functional during a disaster. It can be an element of a disaster recovery plan or a stand-alone plan to incorporate any type of business disruption. 

A good business continuity plan will result in little downtime for your business should a cyber-attack hit you or a different disaster occur. This could include functioning using backup data, installing alternative power sources, or moving to a new location.

So, whereas a disaster recovery plan encompasses how a business will protect itself from an IT disaster, a continuity plan is what the business will do to continue should any disaster occur.  


The key differences to note when it comes to disaster recovery vs business continuity are; 

The Scope

Business Continuity plans encompass a broader range of considerations beyond IT systems and data. They aim to ensure the continuity of essential business functions, processes, and services across the entire organisation during and after a disruption or disaster.

Disaster Recovery plans primarily focus on restoring IT systems, data, and infrastructure following a disaster or disruptive event. They deal with the technical aspects of recovering IT operations to minimise downtime and data loss.

The Objectives

Business Continuity plan objectives are to maintain critical business operations and minimise the impact of disruptions on customers, employees, suppliers, and partners.

Disaster Recovery plans aim to restore IT services and data as quickly as possible after a disaster, meeting predefined recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives outlined in the plan to minimise business downtime and data loss.

The Plan Focus

Business Continuity focuses on identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities, conducting business impact analyses, developing response strategies, and implementing measures to ensure the continuity of operations across the organisation.

Disaster Recovery focuses specifically on IT systems and data, including backup and recovery processes, redundant systems, failover mechanisms, and other technical measures to restore IT operations during a disaster.

Overall Timeframe

Business Continuity plans typically address short-term disruptions, such as power outages or equipment failures, and long-term crises, such as natural disasters or pandemics, focusing on maintaining operations over an extended period.

Disaster Recovery plans are more narrowly focused on the immediate aftermath of a disaster. They aim to restore IT services and data within predefined timeframes to minimise downtime and data loss.


If you are looking into cyber security, disaster recovery and business continuity and would like some help and support, contact iNREACH today. Our experts are here for you, will talk you through various options and provide advice where needed. 

If you’re looking for the best printing practices for businesses in 2024, you’ve come to the right place. At iNREACH, we specialise in print solutions for businesses. These include managed print solutions, print device maintenance, photocopier supplies, and document management solutions. 


Here are some of our nest print practices of 2024 that your business could invest in today. 

1. Print When Necessary Only – the first best practice is something we have all been striving towards, which is simply to print only when necessary. There was a time when every email would have been printed and added to a customer file, and each section of paperwork would have been printed. These days, not printing is far more on trend, so only printing when necessary is one of the first print practices your business could incorporate.  

2. Energy-Efficient Printers—How old is your printer? Is it using more energy than it should be? To help lower your carbon footprint, you could streamline your machines and paper usage by upgrading them to new, more energy-efficient designs. A more energy-efficient printer makes for a lower carbon footprint. 

3. Recycled Paper—Using recycled paper is another great print practice that your business could support. Even if you need high-quality paper for official documents, you could still investigate using recycled paper for internal documents or non-customer-facing pages that require printing. 

4. Printer Maintenance—Maintaining your printer is a great print practice to incorporate into your business. At iNREACH, we can service your printer regularly to ensure it is working at its most efficient and give it a longer life. 

5. Employee Education and Guidelines—Teach your employees about the importance of best printer practices for your business. Have a specific set of rules to determine which documents will be printed and why. There is little point in investing in lowering your print output if everyone on the team is not 100% educated or on board. 

6. Work with a Print Partner—Working with a print partner is a great way to reduce your printing and streamline and optimise your whole system. If you’re looking for the best ways to refine your printing systems, contact iNREACH today. 


At iNREACH, we are dedicated to helping our clients reduce their carbon footprint and streamline their print processes so the environment wins every time. One of the other things we are doing is working with the charity Treeapp. When you choose to work with iNREACH, more trees are planted all over the world through Treeapp. We are helping businesses become carbon neutral, one order at a time!

For more information on best print practices for businesses or to discuss working together, contact us today.

We know everything there is to know, including the benefits of cloud telephony for businesses. If you are considering making the switch, now is the perfect time.

At iNREACH, we offer our own brand of cloud telephony, iNTALK. Learn more about iNTALK here.


Cloud telephony is a type of telecommunications technology in which voice communication services are delivered over the Internet instead of traditional telephone lines or on-premises equipment.

It is becoming increasingly popular among businesses and residential properties. This is mainly due to the ISDN switch-off, which is creeping up on us. iNTALK from iNREACH is a suitable cloud-based telephony service for your business to switch to in preparation for the ISDN switch-off.


There are several benefits of cloud-based telephony for business. These are some of the most important ones.

Scalable for a range of organisations: Our cloud telephony packages suit businesses of various sizes and types. Our scalable options also mean you can alter your package as your organisation grows and changes. You can add or remove phone lines or features without investing in additional infrastructure.

Great Value: Cloud based telephony systems eliminate the need for on-premises hardware and maintenance costs. This significantly reduces telecommunications expenses for businesses.

Flexible Packages and Usage: With cloud telephony, employees can make and receive calls from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility is so important as more people take advantage of working remotely or in multiple locations.

Highly Reliable: Cloud telephony providers typically have redundant systems and data centres, which ensures high availability and reliability. This means businesses are less likely to experience downtime due to technical issues or disasters.

Integration for your Businesses Systems: Cloud telephony solutions, such as our iNTALK system, can integrate with your other business systems, such as CRM software, ERP systems, helpdesk systems, and marketing automation platforms. This makes many work processes smoother.

Global Reach: Cloud telephony enables businesses to establish a local presence in different geographic locations without the need for physical offices. By using virtual phone numbers and international call forwarding, businesses can easily communicate with customers and partners around the world.


At iNREACH, our iNTALK cloud-based telephony system is a suitable option for most businesses regardless of size and industry. For more information, contact our team today.

Join us at Your Business Expo on Wednesday, June 5th, 2024, at The Ridgeway Centres, Featherstone Road, Wolverton Mill.

The Expo is open for the exhibition from 10am to 3pm, with a networking breakfast starting at 8.30am. Find iNREACH at Stand 160; we will be waiting for you to discuss all things Print, Comms and IT – why not pop by and say hello to our team? 

This year, visitors’ admission is free, but you need to register in advance. You can secure your tickets online through the Your Business Expo website.

Your Business Expo is a premier local networking event that aims to bring together local organisations and grow connections among businesses across various industries. We are looking forward to the opportunity to grow, learn, and succeed together. Don’t miss out!


Discover iNREACH, your go-to partner for comprehensive IT, Print, and Communications business solutions. Reach out to us today for all your technology needs.

We’re excited to participate in this year’s Your Business Expo in Milton Keynes, where we can engage with fellow businesses, showcase our offerings, and forge valuable connections. See you there!

One of the areas we specialise in is IT and part of that is Business IT strategy.

In this insight, we will discuss the benefits of a Business IT Strategy, why your organisation should have one, and what iNREACH can do to help.


A business IT strategy is a comprehensive plan that outlines how an organisation will use IT to achieve goals and objectives for your organisation. It will align various IT initiatives with the broader strategic goals of the business. This could be to drive growth, innovation, efficiency, or to focus on competitive advantage.

A business IT strategy considers various aspects of IT, including technology infrastructure, systems, processes, people, and governance. A good IT strategy will address both short-term and long-term objectives.


A good business IT strategy is crucial for several reasons:

Alignment with Business Goals: An effective business IT strategy ensures that technology initiatives align with the business’s overall goals and objectives. By understanding the business’s strategic direction, projects and investments that contribute directly to organisational success can be prioritised.

Efficient and Productive: A well-defined IT strategy can optimise business processes and workflows, making the overall function of the business more efficient and productive. By leveraging technology, organisations can automate some tasks, streamline operations, and encourage employees to identify and focus on value-added activities.

Innovation and Competitive Advantage: A successful business IT strategy enables an organisation to make use of emerging technologies and innovation to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Incorporate Risk Management: Risk management is an important part of any business, no matter what size. A good business IT strategy includes measures to mitigate cybersecurity risks, protect sensitive data, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Cost Optimisation: An effective business IT strategy can optimise technology investments to ensure that resources are allocated efficiently and will deliver maximum value.

Customer Satisfaction: An IT strategy plays a critical role in enhancing the customer experience and gaining customer satisfaction. By leveraging technology correctly to deliver personalised services, excellent communication, and seamless interactions, organisations can build strong customer relationships and loyalty.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: A good IT strategy will incorporate data management, analytics, and business intelligence. This means organisations can go on to make informed decisions, identify growth opportunities, and optimise business performance.


If you are considering starting a business IT strategy, you should look for a trusted IT partner like iNREACH. We can help ensure its success.

When getting started with a new client and their business IT strategy, we have a step-by-step process;

  1. Understand Business Objectives: We begin by gaining a clear understanding of your organisation’s overall business objectives, goals, and priorities.
  • Assess Current IT Landscape: We conduct a comprehensive assessment of the current IT infrastructure, systems, processes, and capabilities. During this analysis, we identify strengths and weaknesses to understand the existing IT landscape and its alignment with business needs.
  • Define IT Vision and Goals: Based on the insights gathered from the business assessment, we define a clear vision for the role of IT in supporting and enabling your business objectives.
  • Identify Key Initiatives: We prioritise key IT initiatives and projects that align with the defined vision and goals.
  • Develop a Roadmap for success: We create a roadmap outlining the sequence and timeline for implementing IT initiatives.
  • Focus on Resources: We work with you to determine the resources to execute the IT strategy effectively.
  • Risk Management: We implement risk management practices to identify, assess, and mitigate potential IT-related risks and security threats.
  • Monitor and Adapt: an IT strategy is never “finished” when you work with iNREACH, we continuously monitor the progress and performance of IT initiatives against established goals and metrics. We then adjust the IT strategy as needed to address changing requirements.


If you’re embarking on a Business IT Strategy journey and are looking for further support, why not contact the team at iNREACH? Our experienced IT providers can help you every step of the way.

At iNREACH, we offer Print Management as a service to businesses up and down the country.

If your printing devices are becoming difficult to maintain and you’re considering investing in Managed Print Services for your business, our print management checklist might help.


Print management involves overseeing and managing printers, devices, and print processes. Many organisations outsource their print management to an external provider of managed print services, like iNREACH.

When we provide our managed print service to our clients, we analyse their printing processes, provide toner/ink where required, maintain devices and offer advice for streamlining printing.


Effective print management can result in a number of benefits to your organisation, including;

  • Saves time
  • Saves cost of printing supplies
  • Consolidates machines for a tidier office
  • Increased printer security
  • Streamline printing and therefore reduce carbon footprint


As a Managed Print Service provider, we follow a step-by-step procedure when working with our clients. Our print management checklist allows us to work efficiently and offer our clients the perfect level of support for their bespoke requirements.

Here’s what we do;

  1. Analyse Current Printing Usage and Trends – To make a plan, you first need to know your starting point. We analyse where your organisation is currently working, considering the number of devices you are using and determine where time and cost savings can be made.
  2. Review Print Policies – Every organisation should have its own printing policy for its employees (this is something we can help create if required). We review your printing policies and ensure they are up-to-date, taking into account what has changed recently – are more people working remotely, are print permissions set up correctly, and is everything being printed absolutely necessary?
  3. Look for Cost and Resource Saving Opportunities – based on our findings during our analysis and print policy reviews, we look for places where printing can be reduced to save you time and money.
  4. Evaluate Printers and Devices—Next, we evaluate your current devices. With the development in technology, it could be that your current devices are not efficient enough to sustain your printing requirements. We determine which devices would benefit from being replaced or where two devices can be replaced with one multifunctional printing device.  
  5. Install New Devices—If we opt for new devices, this is where we install and set them up. We make sure they are connected and working properly. This saves you time setting them up yourself—we’ll have them up and running quickly and minimise your downtime.
  6. Security Checks and Measures—Whether we have installed new devices or are working with your current ones, we carry out various security checks to ensure their protection.
  7. Educate Employees—We ensure that all your employees are up-to-date with printer training and aware of any new print policies we have advised.
  8. Ink and Paper Supply Services—Once everything is set up and running, we can offer an ink/toner and paper supply service. Because we have helped you set up your printing plan, we can predict how much paper and ink you’ll use and when you’ll need to replenish. This means you’ll never run out and won’t need to use your precious office space to store print stock.
  9. Ongoing Support – Depending on which package you select, we offer various levels of continuing support. This often includes a maintenance plan for your devices to ensure they are always in good working order.


If your company is considering investing in a Managed Print Service, contact the iNREACH team today. Our engineers can create a plan that suits your needs and ensure that you have everything you need to get started.

What an amazing weekend had by Will Macintyre as he raced at the iconic Silverstone Circuit.

Unfortunately, the third race of the weekend was cancelled due to the bad weather – this race will be rescheduled.

We are so proud of Will as he gained a 3rd and 1st position in the first two races – an amazing double poll weekend.

This shows how hard he has been working and how passionate he is. Having gained these positions in the first two races has landed him 3rd on the leader board. See the current standings here

For full race reports – take a look at the articles on the GB3 website

Next Race Weekend – 1st – 2nd June SPA Euro Race

The next race weekend for the GB3 championship will take place at the Spa circuit in Francorchamps Belgium. This is part of the Euro Race weekend at the circuit.

Make sure you’re following us on social media for news and updates on how Will is getting on.

One of the elements we can source for you is your business broadband. There are several considerations when choosing your business broadband package.

So, whether your broadband contract is coming to an end or you are a new business exploring options for your first broadband package, the following considerations will be important for you to reflect on.


Service Quality 

The service quality of your broadband has to be the most important consideration. Ensure you get the correct package for the size of your organisation and the activities for which you will be using broadband.

When you work with iNREACH, we can assess the service quality you will require based on factors including;

  • Speed
  • How many employees will be using broadband regularly.
  • Number of devices connected.
  • What you will be using your broadband for – downloads, online programs, sending files, etc  

Technical Support 

When selecting your broadband package, another vital consideration is the technical support on offer. If you rely on your broadband connection for your business to function (like most businesses do these days), then the level of technical support you have access to is important.

When gathering information for your contract, it’s important to ask about the following.

  • Responsiveness of the provider when it comes to emergencies
  • Knowledge/experience—How many years has the provider or partner been in business, and how have they helped businesses with issues in the past? (Reading reviews is great for finding this information.)
  • Availability – this is especially important if your provider is abroad. What are their opening times? And will they be on hand if you have a problem?


Another consideration when choosing your broadband package is what will happen in your business over the contract term. Can the package be scaled up where necessary if you plan on expanding? What are the cost implications of this? And will you require any additional handwear?

In addition to what’s happening in your business, it’s also important to consider what’s happening in the world. At the rate internet usage is changing and technology is growing, will the package you’re looking at still be suitable in a year’s time?

So, when it comes to flexibility, make sure your provider is offering;

  • Easily scalable packages
  • Forward-thinking for the future


Of course, price is another consideration when choosing your business broadband package. It’s also important to be aware of the different pricing elements. You may see the monthly cost and forget about other elements. Cost items could include;

  • Subscriptions
  • Installation
  • Equipment
  • Early termination
  • Hidden costs

It’s important to remember that cost isn’t everything. Choosing the cheapest option isn’t always the best option. That’s why we work closely with our clients to ensure they get the package they need.


At iNREACH, we offer proactive support in all areas of our business. We pride ourselves on the customer service we provide, our fast response times, and the ability to ensure there is little downtime to your business operations in a disaster.

For business broadband packages and all your communications requirements, contact the team at iNREACH today.

We have a dedicated charities team, offering preferential prices to local and national charities allowing them to allocate more money to those in need.

As we are located in Milton Keynes, we have also chosen charities that are close to us as we like to give back to our local community.


Medical Detection Dogs – Medical Detection Dogs is a national charity that trains dogs to detect the odour of various human diseases. This allows for a less invasive diagnosis for patients than typical ways. This charity covers ground-breaking research to help patients and medical personnel in so many ways.  

Willen HospiceWillen Hospice is a local charity to us. They provide free, compassionate care to adults with various life-limiting illnesses and conditions in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area. They grow their funding in various different ways and are always running events to raise more money. 

Dementia UK – Dementia UK are a specialist dementia nursing charity who support the whole family when someone is diagnosed with dementia. The provide free, life changing support and advice to anyone who needs it.

YMCA – another national charity we support; the YMCA supports young people and the communities with youth work, health and wellbeing, housing, training and education opportunities, and support and advice in various areas.  

Retina UK – Retina UK is a charity that helps find treatments and cures for various inherited retinal diseases. Since the charity was established in 1971, they have become the world’s leading private funder of retinal disease research. 

British Polio Fellowship – the British Polio Fellowship supports and empowers those living with Polio and Post Polio Symptoms (PPS) across the UK. They have multiple branches and members nationwide to support people, no matter where they are located. 

MK Food Bank – Another local charity and one which helps so many people. The MK Food Bank supports more than 5,000 families each year who are referred to them for various reasons. Without MK Food Bank, these families would not have access to the practical support they need to get by. 

At iNREACH, we are honoured to be able to work with and support these charities. We are proud to be able to say that we are helping both local and national charities to make a difference and help those in need.  

Managed IT support is one of the services we offer at iNREACH.


When we provide managed IT support, we take full responsibility for maintaining, monitoring, and managing our client’s IT infrastructure and systems. Our services can include elements such as network monitoring, hardware and software installation and maintenance, cybersecurity measures, data backup and recovery, help desk support, and more.


There are several reasons why your business should invest in managed IT support. Here are some benefits of managed IT support for businesses:

  1. Fixed Fee: Managed IT support is available on a subscription or fixed-fee basis. This allows businesses to budget effectively without unexpected costs for IT maintenance or emergencies.
  2. Skilled Professionals Available: At iNREACH, we have a team of specialists with expertise in various areas of IT. Our clients can access a wide range of skills and knowledge without hiring and maintaining an in-house IT team.
  3. Proactive maintenance: Our managed IT packages include continuous monitoring of our client’s IT systems to identify and address issues before they become significant problems. This proactive approach can minimise any downtime and keeps IT systems running smoothly.
  4. Improved IT and Cybersecurity: As part of our managed IT services, we can also provide IT security and cybersecurity. This protects our clients from threats such as malware, viruses, hacking, and data breaches. We also help you create a disaster recovery plan should the worst happen.
  5. Alleviate Internal Resources: By outsourcing IT management, our clients can focus on their core operations and strategic goals without getting bogged down by IT issues or maintenance tasks.
  6. Accessible Support: When you invest in managed IT support with iNREACH, we are available to offer support when you need it.


At iNREACH, we work with clients from all over the UK to provide managed IT support in line with their business requirements. So whether your organisation needs;

  • Cost-effective IT solutions
  • IT expertise on-tap
  • An assigned virtual IT director
  • Dedicated support
  • Monitoring of critical IT functions
  • Proactive issue resolution
  • Regular IT reporting
  • Data network cabling

Then contact our team today to build an IT support package that suits you.

The first race weekend of British F3 Championship was held at Oulton Park on the 29th March – 1st April.

There were three different winners for the three races that took place, with our very own Will winning Race 3. This puts him at 4th in the table after the first weekend.

Don’t worry if you missed the races, they can be watched again at the link below:

The next race weekend will be at Silverstone on 25th – 28th April. Stay tuned for updates!

Here are several multifunction printer advantages for businesses of any size.


A multifunction printer, or an all-in-one printer, is a device that has several functionalities to save time, space and money. Multifunctional printers typically have the capacity for printing, scanning, and copying on a single device.

Multifunction printers are available in various configurations and offer different features and capabilities, so you can select a device to suit you.  


The main advantages of multifunction printers are;

Save Space: Having just one device that can complete several functions saves precious office space. You don’t need to find an allocated space for a printer, a photocopier, and a scanner if everything is contained in one machine.

Save Time: using a multifunction printer rather than multiple means that users only need to go to one location to retrieve documents. The device is also being used regularly, saving time waiting for various machines to power up.

Save Money: purchasing a multifunction printer is more cost-effective than purchasing multiple devices. You could save your business money by having the ability to scan, print, and copy everything from one machine.

Reduce Environmental Impact: Consolidated devices and opting for a multifunction printer will result in lower energy consumption and less waste for your business, thus lowering your overall carbon footprint.


At iNREACH, we work closely with our clients to make sure we are offering exactly what they need. One of our services is Managed Print Support, where we take control of keeping you on top of your printing requirements. We analyse your printing processes and recommend the right devices for you. If you are considering a multifunction printer and require support on which device to select, then contact us today.

Will we see you there? Our stand number is 160 – why not pop by and say hello?


Date: Wednesday 5th June 2024

Place: The Ridgeway Centres, Featherstone Road, Wolverton Mill, Wolverton, Milton Keynes, MK12 5TH

Time: 10 am – 3 pm Exhibition. Networking from 8.30 am

iNREACH Stand: 160

Tickets: As a visitor, the Expo is free to attend. You can register online for free tickets on the Your Business Expo website.

If you are planning on attending as a visitor or as an exhibitor, let us know. It would be great to see you there!


At iNREACH, we specialise in business solutions for IT, Print, and Communications. We are your one-stop business partner for all technology solutions. If you are looking for IT services and support, Communications solutions, or Print support and supply services, then contact us today.


Your Business Expo is a successful local networking event that brings together local businesses. By attending, you can connect with businesses in all industries that want to grow, learn, and achieve success.

We’re looking forward to this year’s Your Business Expo in Milton Keynes, where we can connect with like-minded businesses in our surrounding area and showcase our products.

One of the areas we support is business mobile packages; this includes the business mobile contracts as well as the handsets and devices required.

There are so many organisations out there offering business mobile packages it can be hard to know who to trust and which package to go for. If you’re pressed for time or don’t have an internal team to compare the various packages out there, choosing a business mobile package can be difficult.

Because we work with various businesses regularly and are specialists in business communications, we know not only what you need but also what you want from your business mobile packages. We’ve put together our top considerations when selecting a package.


When selecting your business mobile packages, there are several considerations you should take into account to make sure your provider is right for you.

1. Opt for a Flexible Plan: Make sure the plan you choose is flexible regarding the number of contracts, data usage, minutes and devices. Then, as your business grows, you can easily scale up your package.

2. Prioritise Security: Security is paramount for business mobile usage. We ensure our contracts offer robust security features such as encryption, mobile device management, remote wipe capabilities, and VPN access to protect sensitive company and personal data.

3. Consider a Shared Data Plan: You may have team members who work on the road and require more data, as well as members who work primarily in the office or at home and aren’t using their total data allowance. In these cases, sharing data among multiple devices or users means you always get the most out of your package.

4. Going Abroad?: If your business involves frequent travel or international operations, then roaming data is something you should consider. This prevents unexpected charges and ensures connectivity during business trips.

5. Device Management: Contracts that include device management tools allow you to manage and monitor mobile devices deployed within your organisation efficiently. This could include features such as inventory management, software updates, and remote troubleshooting.

6. Customer Support Agreement Level: When it comes to business mobile packages, reliable customer support is crucial for resolving any issues or queries that may arise. Make sure you choose a package with the right level of support for you.

7. Cost-Effective Bundles: This one goes without saying, but think about what your business requires and consider bundled packages that include additional services such as cloud storage, collaboration tools, or productivity apps. These bundles can offer cost savings compared to purchasing services separately.

8. Contract Terms and Conditions: Of course – one of the most important parts of any business agreement is to make sure you read and agree with the contract terms and conditions. Make sure you fully understand elements such as contract length, termination fees, and any hidden charges.


    Whether you’re looking into your first-ever business mobile package options or your fiftieth, the above considerations are important for you to be aware of.

    If you need help in selecting a package or want to discuss what iNREACH can offer, please get in touch with a member of our team today.

    This year he is racing in the GB3 championship – here is where you can expect to see him:

    28th March – 1st April: Oulton Park International

    27th – 28th April: Silverstone GP

    1st – 2nd June: Spa GP

    22nd – 23rd June: Hungaroring GP

    13th – 14th July: Zandvoort GP

    27th – 28th July: Silverstone GP

    7th – 8th September: Donington Park GP

    28th – 29th September: Brands Hatch GP

    To find out more about the courses, take a look at the GB3 website.

    If you would like to attend any of the events, you can purchase tickets here.

    Most businesses tend to work with an external IT provider, but how can you be sure we’re choosing the right IT provider for your business?

    At iNREACH, we provide IT support for organisations all over the UK – so we know exactly what you should be looking for in your IT provider.


    There are several reasons why it’s important for businesses to invest in the right IT partner.

    Reduce Costs – having an IT support package can reduce your overall costs when it comes to IT support.

    Manage Risk Factors – your IT provider will help you create an IT disaster recovery plan to reduce risk factors and ensure all your data remains safe should the worst happen.

    Enhance Overall Productivity – working with an IT provider means your machines and devices are kept up to date, which will enhance your overall productivity—keeping your organisation efficient and profitable.

    On-Call Support – working with an IT provider often gives you access to on-call support. So, you don’t have to try and fix problems yourself or find someone to help you at the last minute. A provider will know your business and situation to help you much faster.


    But which IT provider do you choose? With hundreds of providers up and down the country, what factors can you consider to ensure you choose the right IT provider for your business?

    Highly Reliable – Make sure your IT provider is highly reliable. When it comes to IT, time is money. If your IT goes down or you have an IT disaster, you need to know that your provider will respond to you quickly and be able to help you out quickly.  

    Continuous Support – we understand that support packages can seem expensive, but they are there for a reason. They enable you to have access to on-hand support when you need it most. Although it may seem like a significant cost, it works out far more cost-effective than call-out fees when a support package isn’t in place. So, when choosing an IT provider for your business, ensure they have the correct support package to suit you and your business needs.

    Offer Scalable Services – make sure the services that your IT provider offers can be scaled to suit your business. If you’re planning on growing at a certain rate over the coming months or years, you want to make sure that your IT provider can keep up with you.

    iNREACH IT SUPPORT                

    At iNREACH, we are a reliable IT provider for many businesses. We have scalable support packages that can suit any business of any size.

    Contact us today for more information on our IT offerings.

    Our services include managed print services, printer and photocopier supply and maintenance, document management services, digital print supply and printer support.


    When you invest in print services with iNREACH, you are working with a team of specialists within the industry. We partner with the leading printer brands in the country and have harnessed innovation to offer our clients exclusive solutions to elevate their business.

    Many businesses in the UK now work with print supply partners for various printing services.


    When choosing a print partner to work with, there are several considerations you may want to take into account.

    Your Printing Needs – Assess your business’s printing requirements, including the volume, types of documents, and frequency of printing. We can do this for you as part of our initial audit when you choose to work with iNREACH. This will help determine which device needs replacing and where you can combine machines where possible.

    Quality and Capabilities of Your Potential Partner – before you select your provider, evaluate the quality of printing services offered. At iNREACH, we can offer many print services, from managed print service support to device maintenance. Contact us today to discuss our bespoke packages.

    Safety and Security – You need to consider what happens to data stored on your print devices whist using them, and after you change or upgrade. iNREACH will ensure that you data is totally safe and that your equipment meets the latest security legislation which is changing in April 2024.

    Device Cost and Service Pricing Structure – What is your print service budget? Consider not only the cost of the print devices themselves but also the support package you would require. Ensure that the pricing aligns with your budget and offers good value for the services provided. At iNREACH, we can build a package for you and your business so you aren’t paying for the services you don’t need.

    Customer Service and Support – What level of customer support do you require? At iNREACH, we can help you decide what level your organisation will need and build this into your print service plan. As a print service provider, we pride ourselves on being responsive, reliable, and able to promptly address any concerns or issues.

    Latest Technology and Innovation – Consider whether the print service provider utilises cutting-edge technology and stays updated with industry trends and innovations. Providers that invest in the latest printing technologies and techniques will be able to offer better service, products and advice.

    Importance of Environmental Impact- Environmental impact and being more aware of your carbon footprint are things many businesses are looking to combat. Working in our industry, we take environmental impact very seriously, which is why we have partnered with Treeapp. A charity that helps with planting trees worldwide – find out more about them here.


    If your organisation is considering investing in print services or looking for a new print service partner, contact the iNREACH team today. We can discuss our basic package elements and find out what your business requires.

    If you don’t already have a plan in place for how your organisation will handle the ISDN/PSTN Switch-Off, then we recommend this be a priority for you over the next few months.


    The ISDN/PSTN (Integrated Services Digital Network/Public Switched Telephone Network) switch-off is the termination of traditional ISDN/PSTN services by all telecommunications providers throughout the UK.

    ISDN/PSTN has historically served as a prevalent network for telephone calls and data communication. The network used conventional copper-based wires to transmit information from device to device. As communication, technology, and data transfer have become more advanced, ISDN/PSTN has become inefficient and has been replaced, for the most part, by more modern alternatives.

    Although this transfer process began some time ago, there are still some businesses and personal communication systems using the ISDN/PSTN systems. Now that there is a date for the ISDN/PTSN to switch off, if your organisation still relies on ISDN/PSTN, it’s imperative to begin implementing necessary changes.

    The switch-off completion date is December 2025, but we’d advise acting now to avoid disruption.


    iNTALK, our hosted cloud-based communication system, is the perfect solution to the upcoming switch-off. Cloud-based VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions deliver communication channels online rather than traditional copper phone lines.

    Our iNTALK system is scalable for any organisation of any size, has a user-friendly interface, and is highly secure.

    If you would like more information on our iNTALK platform or want to know more about the ISDN/PSTN switch-off, then contact us today.

    Our work with Treeapp means that for every deal we complete, we will plant a minimum of 25 trees. With larger clients we plant more trees to help offset paper usage and/or carbon footprints and be more environmentally aware.

    So far, our total number of trees planted is 3,608. Over their lifetime, these trees will absorb 393.27 tonnes of CO2. This total of trees has also created 36 workdays for the communities where they are planted and have reforested 5772.80m² of land.

    We also received a 2023 Impact report where more detail is given on the species of trees that have been planted as a result of our work.


    To make our clients feel more involved in our Treeapp journey, we have started to provide a Tree Planting Certificate displaying how many trees they have helped plant by working with us.

    The certificate also states how much paper each tree provides and how much carbon it absorbs over its lifetime. This highlights how we work towards global change and offsetting our carbon footprint.

    For more information about Treeapp, take a look at their website. You can also track our progress on our Treeapp page on our website.

    iNREACH Group is pleased to announce the launch of our new corporate brochure.

    This brochure will serve as a tool to showcase our products, services and company’s benefits to both our existing and prospective customers.

    You can read the online version here:

    Gearing up for the 2024 racing season – this time is racing in the British F3 Championship with Hitech Pulse-Eight.

    Over the previous seasons Will has proven him self time and time again against drivers who are older and more experienced than him.

    His racing ability is instinctive, and he has been identified as “one to watch for the future” by the iconic Tiff Needell

    Check out the video below – make sure you’re following us on social media for updates on Will and his racing season as well a chance to win tickets to see him in action!

    An IT Disaster Recovery Plan is a comprehensive proposal outlining the procedures and processes an organisation will follow to recover and restore its IT systems and infrastructure in a cyber-attack.

    No matter the size of the organisation, every business should have an IT disaster recovery plan.


    The goal of an IT Disaster Recovery Plan is to minimise downtime and data loss and ensure the continuity of critical IT services after a disruptive event, allowing your organisation to work through an attack should one happen.

    An IT disaster recovery plan also safeguards your business data, thus protecting your employees, clients and other stakeholders. Depending on the nature of your business, a disaster recovery plan may also enhance customer confidence.


    At iNREACH, we can assist you when creating your IT disaster recovery plan. We specialise in all areas of IT and security, making disaster recovery part of our service offering.

    Contact us today if you require support with your IT disaster recovery plan.


    Key components of an IT Disaster Recovery Plan typically include:

    Risk Assessment

    During the risk assessment phase, we start by identifying potential risks and threats to IT systems, such as natural disasters, cyberattacks, hardware failures, or human errors. We also analyse the current security system and suggest alterations and upgrades accordingly.

    Business Impact Analysis

    Impact analysis involves evaluating the potential impact of disruptions associated with IT disasters on business operations. This could include financial losses, operational downtime, and damage to the organisation’s reputation.

    Recovery Objectives

    Here, we establish specific recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives for different IT systems. This includes the maximum acceptable downtime and the maximum acceptable data loss. This helps us to determine the level of security required.

    Backup and Recovery Procedures

    Provide information on backup strategies for critical data and systems, including the frequency of backups, storage locations, and data restoration methods.

    In the event of an IT disaster, you will be relying on backup and recovery data, so the data you have must be sufficient.

    Technical Recovery Procedures

    Your IT disaster recovery plan should provide step-by-step instructions for recovering IT systems, applications, and data. This includes information on hardware and software requirements, system configurations, and dependencies. The more detailed this section is, the quicker you can recover elements of your IT system and get back to business as usual.

    Testing and Maintenance Procedures

    To ensure effectiveness, you should regularly test your disaster recovery plan through simulations or drills.

    Training and Awareness

    To ensure your IT disaster recovery plan is effective, you should provide training for relevant personnel on their roles and responsibilities. Raising awareness about the importance of following the disaster recovery plan is also important.


    An effective IT Disaster Recovery Plan is critical to an organisation’s overall business continuity strategy. Contact us today for more information or to discuss your IT Disaster recovery plan.

    A managed print service is when an organisation uses a print support company, such as iNREACH, to manage its printing elements.  

    Managed print services include all printing appliances such as printers, photocopiers, scanners, fax machines and other devices. Depending on the package agreed, managed print services can also include management of paper and toner deliveries and print appliance maintenance. 

    Reasons to Invest in Managed Print Services 

    Many organisations are choosing to invest in Managed Print Services or MPS. There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to have an MPS plan for your business – here are our top 5 reasons you should invest. 

    Reduce overall printing costs – each printing device can be maintained by your service provider, keeping them running smoothly and efficiently to reduce overall printing costs for your organisation. 

    Reduce carbon footprint – MPS allows you to monitor your overall printing output to make a conscious decision to reduce your printing costs and lower your carbon footprint. 

    Increase printer security – managed print services also include cyber security plans for all your printing devices. 

    Improving printing efficiency – When you choose to work with iNREACH, we can set up all your printing devices to make the installation process efficient. 

    Reliable customer support – Investing in managed print services means investing in a high level of customer support. We’re just at the other end of the phone when you need help or support. 

    What is a Managed Print Service Package, and How Does It Work? 

    We work with organisations of various sizes to offer a high level of support for managed print services. We have an adaptable managed print service package, so you only invest in what you need for your organisation. 

    To determine the level of MPS your business requires, we carry out the following. 

    • Situation analysis – We look at your current printing trends. We analyse how often you’re printing so that we know the volume of printing we need to be able to cater for. 
    • Pinter Evaluation – Next, we take a look at the printing devices you are using and see if there is anywhere we can save you money. Often, older machines are less efficient, making them cost more in the long term. We may recommend new devices if this is the case. 

    Once the analysis and evaluation are complete, we will look into ways we can lower your printing costs and streamline your printing process;

    • Device Consolidation –  Multipurpose machines are becoming more popular than ever. You could save money by consolidating your old photocopier and printer into one device. We use our analysis to recommend the best device for your print volume. 
    • Installation and Set Up – We set up all your printing devices and make sure they are all connected to your devices, whether PCs, laptops, mobile phones, etc. We recommend using cloud printing where possible. 

    And, when all your devices are set up and ready to go – we’re still on hand for;

    • Ink and Paper Supply – As part of your MPS package, we can automate paper and ink/toner for all your devices – this ensures you’re never caught short. 
    • Aftercare and Support – All of our Managed Print Service packages have a level of support. You can contact us if you have any issues with your printing devices, and we also offer maintenance plans. 

    MPS and iNREACH

    At iNREACH, we know the importance of ensuring your document workflow remains efficient and uninterrupted. We have over 25 years of experience supporting organisations’ printing services, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands. For more information on MPS or to make an enquiry, contact us today. 

    We are thrilled to be sponsoring him again for the exciting season ahead.

    After a fantastic season in 2023, Will is raring to go. He has worked hard to attain a spot in the GB3 – a new championship level for him. In the 2023 season with Hitech, Will achieved two wins along with fourteen podium places, finishing in second place overall.

    The GB3 Race Season 2024

    GB3 runs alongside the British GT Championship for half of its events and also incorporates four of the most famous Formula 1 circuits:

    • Spa
    • Hungaroring
    • Zandvoort
    • Silverstone

    The GB3 race season will kick off on the weekend of 30th March to 1st April at Oulton Park, with testing on 28th to 29th March. Will raced at this track last season – it’s a challenging circuit with a hairpin turn.

    It will be an exciting season, with new tracks and a new car for Will to learn – we know he will do a fantastic job!

    See the full schedule on the GB3 website here

    Will Macintyre and InReach 

    We will be providing regular updates on Will and his progress within the championship, so make sure you’re following us to stay up-to-date.

    We provide all aspects of telecommunications for businesses all over the UK. In this piece we will be giving you more information on telecommunications with definitions and examples.

    What Are Telecommunications? 

    Corporate telecommunications refers to the systems, technologies and devices that enable organisations to communicate and exchange information both internally and externally.

    Telecommunication systems are crucial in facilitating business operations, collaboration, and information sharing. Examples include telephones, mobile phones, online communication such as Teams or Zoom, as well as cloud-based communication systems.

    Telecommunications Definitions and Examples 

    Here are some definitions and examples of some of the most widely used telecommunications terms.


    Definition: The transmission of information, including voice, data, and multimedia, over a distance using electronic devices and systems.

    Examples of telecommunication devices:

    • Traditional telephone systems
    • Mobile phones,
    • Internet-based communication platforms

    VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

    Definition: VoIP, also known as Hosted telephony, is the technology that enables voice communication over the Internet instead of traditional telephone networks. This is another area which has expanded over the recent years.

    Examples of VoIP service providers include:

    • Skype
    • Zoom
    • Whatsapp voice call
    • RingCentral
    • InTalk

    Unified Communications (UC)

    Definition: Platforms which support the integration of various communication tools and channels, such as voice, video, instant messaging, and email, into a unified platform for seamless collaboration. In recent years, UC platforms have become increasingly popular, and there are now several different options.

    Examples of Unified Communications providers include:

    • Platforms like Microsoft Teams
    • Cisco Webex
    • Zoom


    Definition: The use of telecommunication technologies to conduct meetings with participants in different locations, often involving audio and video conferencing.

    Examples of software used for teleconferencing:

    • Zoom
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Cisco Webex

    Business Mobile Solutions 

    Definition: Business mobile solutions refer to a set of technologies, services, and tailored contracts designed to meet an organisation’s communication and productivity needs through mobile devices. Business mobile solutions packages also include security features such as remote wipe and additional antivirus software.

    Examples of elements included in Business Mobile Solutions:

    • Handsets
    • Contacts
    • SIM cards
    • Additional security features
    • MDM benefits  

    Mobile Device Management (MDM)

    Definition: Solutions and protocols to manage and secure mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) used within an organisation.

    Examples of MDM platforms:

    • MobileIron
    • AirWatch


    Definition: ISDN/PSTN has been a widely used network for telephone calls and data communication over the years. It is currently being phased out, so if your organisation uses ISDN/PSTN, you will need to look into alternative options. Find out more in our Preparing for the ISDN/PSTN Switch-Off insight.

    Telecommunications from InReach

    The above definitions and examples showcase the diverse range of technologies and services involved in telecommunications.

    In any organisation, it is important to ensure that you are using the best telecommunications platforms and devices to ensure your communication is efficient, as this feeds into the rest of your business processes.

    Please contact us for more information on business telecommunications or to discuss your options.

    That’s 25 years of industry experience and knowledge that we pride ourselves on. 

    We like to look back on our company history and reflect on how far we have come. Take a look below at our timeline below to see what we have been up to over the years. We’ve also included essential milestones in the digital world that happened simultaneously. You may be surprised at some of the dates below! 

    Our Company History


    In the world of technology, 1998 marked the launch of Windows 98. It was also a big year for search engines as Google was established. 

    For us, in April 1998 JAP was formed by Adam Macintyre, who is still our MD today. This was the start of our journey to becoming the organisation we are today.  


    2001 was a big year for Apple, with the release of the first iPod alongside iTunes. Wikipedia arrived in 2001 and is one of the most used websites.  

    2001 was a big year for us also; JAP rebranded to easycopiers in May 2001. We achieved £1m turnover for the first time, and we expanded and relocated to Darin Court, Crownhill, MK, in October 2001.  


    In 2002, Friendster – the first social network, was released. Although Friendstar is no longer active, it played a huge role in social media development.  

    For us, January 2002 brought us our first global partner agreement with Canon, who we still partner with today. 


    In 2003, Intel incorporated WiFi into chipset. Email became much more significant, and as a result, 2003 marked the first year that more spam emails were sent than legitimate ones. 

    We expanded again and relocated to Tanners Drive, Blakelands, MK, in February 2003. We won our second global partnership with Ricoh in May 2003; we are also still partnered with them to this day. We achieved £7m turnover for the first time in 2003.  


    Facebook was launched in 2004 as a social media platform strictly for the use of Harvard students. 

    We signed an agreement with our third global partner, Konica Minolta, in March 2004 


    Apple released the first iPad – a real game changer for businesses and individuals alike. 

    We Expanded and relocated to Presley Way, Crownhill, MK, in September 2010 


    Quad-core smartphones and Windows 8 were launched – everyone had access to the internet in their pockets. 

    For us, 2012 marked the addition of our fourth global partner agreement with Lexmark. 


    In 2016, more people accessed the internet through the use of a mobile device than a wired device. There was also a massive increase in data analytics and the use of AI across the internet. 

    As the internet grew, so did we, and in 2016, we purchased our London office and made a fifth global partnership with Epson in April. InReach Comms was launched, and we signed an agreement with the UK’s leading brand, Gamma. 


    The Data Protection Act, or GDPR, became law in May 2018. This was implemented to stop unsolicited contact, which meant many companies had to update their mailing lists. 

    In 2018, we achieved our ISO 9001 accreditation. 


    As we all know, 2020 was a huge year for Video conferencing, with over 775 million meeting participants using it daily. 

    Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X were launched in the gaming world. And Windows 7 reached EOL (end-of-life). 

    For us, 2020 was a big year; we launched InReach IT in January 2020. We gained our Official Microsoft Partner accreditation in April and gained our Cyber Essential accreditation in October. 


    In 2022, Artemis 1 made its debut flight. 

    With the ISDN/PTSN switch off looming, we developed InTalk. 


    In 2023, the first Apple VR headset was launched 

    At InReach, we celebrate 25 years in business! 

    We know that sometimes, technical terms can feel like a completely different language if you’re not used to them.

    We’ve selected our top 30 terms to help with your understanding – we hope this helps. If you have encountered other jargon terms and want to know more, please contact us.

    IT Jargon Explained

    1. API (Application Programming Interface) – A set of rules that allows one software application to interact with another. It defines the methods and data formats that applications can use to communicate.

    2. Back-up – The process of copying and archiving data to ensure its availability in the event of data loss, system failure, or other unforeseen circumstances. This should be part of your disaster recovery plan.

    3. Big Data – Large and complex sets of data that traditional data processing methods are inadequate to handle. When working with big data, advanced technologies are required.

    4. Blockchain – A decentralised and distributed digital ledger that records transactions across multiple computers securely and tamper-resistantly.

    5. Cloud Computing – The delivery of computing services, including storage, processing power, and applications, over the Internet instead of on local servers.

    6. Cybersecurity – The practice of protecting computer systems, networks, and data from security breaches, attacks, and unauthorised access.

    7. DevOps – A set of practices that combine software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) to improve collaboration and productivity by automating infrastructure, workflows, and continuous delivery.

    8. DNS (Domain Name System) – A hierarchical system that translates human-readable domain names into IP addresses, facilitating the identification of resources on the Internet.

    9. Encryption – converting information into a code to prevent unauthorised access and hacking. It is commonly used to secure sensitive data.

    10. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) – A standard network protocol used to transfer files from one host to another over a TCP-based network, such as the Internet.

    11. Firewall – A network security system that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules.

    12. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) – The standard markup language used to create web pages. It structures content using a system of tags.

    13. IoT (Internet of Things) – The network of interconnected physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other objects embedded with sensors and software that enables them to remain connected to collect and exchange data.

    14. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) – A cloud computing model that provides virtualised computing resources over the Internet, including virtual machines, storage, and networking.

    15. Java – A widely used, object-oriented programming language known for its platform independence, making it suitable for various applications.

    16. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) – A lightweight data interchange format used to transmit data between a server and a web application as an alternative to XML.

    17. LAN (Local Area Network) – A network that connects computers and devices in a limited geographical area, such as within a single building or campus.

    18. Machine Learning – A subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables systems to learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.

    19. Malware – Short for malicious software, it refers to software specifically designed to harm or exploit computer systems and networks. Firewalls are designed to stop this.

    20. Microservices – An architectural style that structures an application as a collection of loosely coupled, independently deployable services.

    21. Network Protocol – A set of rules governing data exchange between devices on a network.

    22. Open Source – Software whose source code is freely available to the public, allowing anyone to view, modify, and distribute the code.

    23. Ransomware – Malicious software that encrypts a user’s files and demands payment in exchange for restoring access. A type of Malware.

    24. SaaS (Software as a Service) – A software distribution model where applications are hosted by a third-party provider and made available to customers over the Internet.

    25. Serverless Computing – A cloud computing model where the cloud provider automatically manages the infrastructure, allowing developers to focus solely on writing code.

    26. SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security) – Protocols that ensure secure communication over a computer network, commonly used for securing web traffic.

    27. SQL (Structured Query Language) – A domain-specific language for managing and manipulating relational databases.

    28. UX (User Experience) – A user’s overall experience with a product, system, or service, encompassing aspects such as usability, design, and accessibility.

    29. VPN (Virtual Private Network) – A secure and encrypted connection over the Internet, allowing users to access a private network remotely as if they were directly connected to it.

    30. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) – A technology that enables the transmission of voice and multimedia content over the Internet, converting analogue audio signals into digital data packets. VoIP is commonly used for making voice calls over the Internet, offering cost-effective and flexible communication solutions.

    We hope you have found our IT Jargon buster useful. If there are any further terms you are looking for explanations for, please get in touch with us.

    This makes us the best option for your organisation; in this insight, we explore the benefits of using a provider with in-house support.

    When you work with InReach, we are able to provide support and troubleshooting on all of the print devices we offer. This means we don’t need to involve a third party, which has many advantages.

    Benefits of Using a Print Provider with In-House Support 

    There are several benefits of using a print provider with in-house support. Our top three are;

    Faster Turn Around – because we don’t outsource our support, we don’t need to consult any third parties or call any external contractors out to you. We pride ourselves on offering support for all areas of printing. Whether it be a service, troubleshooting or repair, we have the skill set in-house to be able to support your organisation.

    We endeavour to respond to your request within 4 hours of contacting us during the working day, whereas a service provider using a third party for support could take up to 3 days. 

    Cost Effective – because we can support you ourselves, we are able to keep costs to a minimum. We don’t have any contractor fees, and because of this, you won’t have to pay as much as you would if you were using a provider who needed to outsource their print service support.

    We know our clients – client familiarity is another benefit of using a print provider with in-house support. We already know your printer history, workflow, print requirements, etc. This saves so much time and means we already have the knowledge we need to analyse your printing process.

    Print Support from InReach 

    When it comes to print support, there are many aspects which your organisation may require, from selection and purchase to servicing and support. These activities can be time-consuming, and it’s not feasible for many organisations to have a dedicated in-house team for this. This is where InReach steps in!

    With 15 years of expertise in providing print service support for our clients across Milton Keynes and throughout South East England, the InReach team excels in commercial print management and support.

    Contact our team today for more information or to discuss your print service solutions.  

    If you haven’t already begun to make the required changes within your organisation, then now is the time to act.

    What is the ISDN/PSTN Switch-Off?

    The ISDN/PSTN (Integrated Services Digital Network) switch-off refers to the discontinuation of traditional ISDN/PSTN services by telecommunication providers.

    ISDN/PSTN has been a widely used network for telephone calls and data communication, offering digital transmission of services through traditional copper-based telephone lines. However, with huge advancements in technology over the years and the widespread requirement of faster and more efficient communication protocols, ISDN/PSTN is being phased out. Essentially, if your organisation is still using ISDN/PSTN, then you need to start making changes now.

    Preparing for the ISDN/PSTN Switch-off 

    When preparing for the ISDN/PSTN switch-off, there are several steps that your business could take to ensure a smooth transition.

    When you work with InReach, we undertake many of these steps for you, so contact us today if you require assistance.

    Step 1: Assess Current Infrastructure:

    As with all business changes, the first thing that must be done is a situation analysis. Identify all ISDN/PSTN lines and services currently in use within your organisation and determine how much your business relies on ISDN/PSTN for voice and data communication. This will help you determine how much of your equipment and processes will need adapting.

    Step 2: Understand Replacement Technologies:

    Research and understand alternative technologies that can replace ISDN/PSTN, such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), and cloud-based telephony solutions and evaluate the compatibility of your existing systems with these technologies.  

    Step 3: Update Phone Systems:

    There is a good chance your phone system will require an update; the level of this update will depend on your current infrastructure. At InReach, we can recommend the best solution for you and your business.

    Step 4: Assess Network Infrastructure Readiness:

    Ensure that your network infrastructure can support the increased data traffic associated with new technologies.

    Check the quality of your internet connection, as it will play a crucial role in the performance of VoIP and other internet-based services.

    Step 5: Training and Transition Plan:

    When you work with InReach, we can offer a comprehensive training plan on all of the equipment that we provide. We can develop a detailed transition plan that outlines the steps to be taken before, during, and after the ISDN/PSTN switch-off and create a phased migration approach to migration to minimise disruptions and ensure a smooth transition.

    Preparing for the ISDN/PSTN Switch-Off with InReach 

    If you require further information on the ISDN/PSTN switch-off or are looking for support for your organisation, contact InReach today

    As our world becomes increasingly digital, businesses are looking for ways to modernise old systems and become less reliant on paper.

    Of course, going forward, many businesses will choose not to print as many documents, which will reduce paper consumption dramatically. However, what about the countless hard copies of older documents in filing cabinets or storage, which you legally cannot get rid of yet? This is where scanning can be a huge benefit for business.

    Document Digitisation 

    Document digitisation is the process of scanning old documents to store them digitally rather than as hard copies. This is something that many businesses are investing time and energy into.

    Once the documents have been scanned, they can be stored on the cloud and accessed electronically by a document management system.

    Benefits of Scanning Documents for Businesses

    What are the benefits of scanning documents for businesses? Why is it important that organisations take a step towards document digitisation?

    There are several benefits of scanning documents, and although it can be a time-consuming process, the benefits far outweigh the costs.

    Increase Security – using a digital document storage solution is far more secure than using hard copies. They are stored on a cloud, protecting them from any physical elements such as fire, flood, etc., and any criminal offences. You can rest assured that your documents will not fall into the wrong hands.

    Compliance and Regulations – when it comes to being GDPR compliant, there can be various issues with hard copies and physical filing systems. One of the benefits of scanning documents for businesses is that once they are on the cloud, there is a record of who has accessed the documents. It also means that they can be deleted/destroyed quickly and efficiently when the time is right.

    Improves Accessibility – No matter how strict your physical filing system is, finding a hard copy of any document can be time-consuming and difficult. Searching for a digital document is far easier and reduces your searching time down to a fraction.

    Enhance Collaboration – when you are working as part of a team, digital documents are so much easier to use. More than one person can access a file at a time, and you can easily make copies to work on if required.

    Space Saver – physical documents take up space, which can be precious. Whether you have one filing cabinet or twenty, digitising your documents can save valuable space in your office.

    Equipment for Scanning Documents from InReach

    At InReach, we can provide a range of devices suitable for scanning documents for businesses. As well as the scanning devices, we can also offer flexible cloud-based storage solutions for your documents.

    Contact the team at InReach today to discuss your document scanning solutions.

    Our opening times over Christmas are as follows:

    Monday 25th Closed

    Tuesday 26th Closed

    Wednesday 27th open 10am to 3pm

    Thursday 28th open 10am to 3pm

    Friday 29th open 10am to 3pm

    Monday 1st January Closed

    Tuesday 2nd January (onwards) open as normal

    If you require support during the days we are closed, feel free to email us and we will respond on our return to the office.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone from the team at InReach.

    In today’s digital age, data protection in telecoms is something that needs to be taken into consideration for both individuals as well as businesses.

    As with many aspects of business, the telecommunications sector is experiencing a period of remarkable transformation. The increasing need for faster connection speeds and reduced latency has compelled mobile, cloud and fixed-line service providers to undergo substantial network reconfiguration. This is in order to accommodate emerging technologies like 5G and IoT, as well as large-scale public initiatives like smart cities and communication networks for autonomous vehicles.

    Understanding Data Protection in Telecoms

    When it comes to data protection in telecoms, there are three aspects to be aware of:

    • Protecting systems from an attack
    • Detecting an attack should it happen
    • Protecting the data itself

    For many service providers, the first two points – protection and detection are the most obvious and are often focused on as a priority. The third point, however, protecting the data, is often overlooked – which is a problem in today’s society, with GDPR becoming more important than ever.

    Regulations like GDPR, along with the responsibility to safeguard subscriber identity, are growing progressively stringent regarding data protection standards, particularly within the telecom industry. Consequently, the industry organisations responsible for establishing communication protocols and standards are establishing more precise guidelines for compliance. In line with these mandates, the integration of hardware security modules (HSMs) is now an obligatory component of a secure cryptographic framework for data protection in telecommunications.

    Why Data Protection in Telecoms is So Important 

    Data protection in all aspects of business is important, and telecoms is no different. Within telecoms for any organisation, there is a vast amount of personal and sensitive information for employees and clients/customers. Ensuring this information is protected is essential for the well-being of everyone involved as well as the success of your business.

    Investing in Data Protection in Telecoms with InReach 

    When it comes to investing in data protection in telecoms, it is important to make sure you are working with a partner who has the understanding, knowledge and technology to protect your business and your data.

    For more information or to discuss our communication, contact the team at InReach today.

    One of the many services we offer our clients is a managed network service.

    If you are concerned that you don’t have an apparent oversight of your IT network activity, then a Managed Network Service would be an excellent solution for you. It allows you to identify connected devices and check the status of backups easily. If you don’t have a clear handle on your network’s activity and health, problems may arise.

    What is a managed network service?

    A managed network service refers to the outsourcing of various aspects of your company’s network and IT infrastructure. These services can encompass a wide range of tasks, including network monitoring, maintenance, security, troubleshooting, and performance optimisation.

    At InReach, we are a managed network service provider, which means we typically take on responsibilities such as configuring and managing routers, switches, firewalls, and other networking devices. We can also oversee tasks including monitoring network traffic, ensuring data security and compliance, setting up virtual private networks (VPNs), and providing technical support to end-users.

    Step-by-Step Process of Implementing a Managed Network Service

    When you choose to invest in our managed network service – here is what you can expect.

    1. Device Mapping: We start by creating a comprehensive map of all the devices connected to your IT network.
    • Infrastructure Audit: We conduct a thorough audit of your IT infrastructure, delving deep into the performance details of your network. This is all done remotely, ensuring no disruption to your operations.
    • Remote Monitoring: We continuously monitor firewalls, switches, and access points from a remote location. This allows your business to operate with confidence, knowing that we are actively safeguarding your network.
    • Proactive Fault Detection: Our proactive monitoring system quickly identifies any faults, allowing us to provide expert support for swift resolution.
    • Server Uptime Monitoring: In addition to security, we also keep an eye on the uptime of critical servers to ensure seamless operation.
    • Reporting and Audits: We offer various tools, including inventory reporting and policy violation audits, to help maintain the efficiency and security of your business.

    Benefits of a managed network service from InReach 

    By investing in managed network services, businesses can benefit from expert knowledge and experience in managing complex network environments. This can lead to improved network performance, increased security, reduced downtime, and potentially lower overall operational costs.

    Managed network services are especially valuable for businesses that do not have internal resources to effectively manage their own networks.

    Benefits of a managed network service for your business include:

    • Invest in Expertise and Specialisation: At InReach, we are experts in networking technologies. We can bring specialised knowledge and experience to effectively manage and optimise your network.
    • Cost-Efficiency: Outsourcing network management can be more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house IT team. It often reduces labour costs, eliminates the need for expensive hardware and software investments, and minimises the risk of unexpected expenses.
    • Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance: A managed network service ensures your network is continuously monitored for performance issues, security threats, and potential disruptions. This proactive approach helps identify and address problems before they impact operations.
    • Enhanced Security: We can implement robust security measures to protect your network from cyber threats. This includes firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and regular security updates. This can not only help with prevention but also minimise downtime should an attack occur.
    • Scalability and Flexibility: As your business grows, your network requirements may change. Our managed network services can easily scale to accommodate increased demands, ensuring that your network remains efficient and responsive.
    • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your network is in the hands of experts actively monitoring, maintaining, and securing it provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

    More information…

    At InReach, we work with organisations all over the UK to support them when it comes to Managed Network Services. We can help with all aspects of your IT network and build a package to suit your requirements.

    For more information, contact our team today.

    It’s a simple cloud-based solution, meaning there is no need for additional print servers.

    Uniflow is scalable and modular, making it easy to quickly adapt your plan. 

    There are many benefits to investing in a system, such as uniFLOW, for your business. 

    Features and Benefits of uniFLOW

    Flexibility – Using uniFLOW, you can easily print and scan from any device. Once you send your job to print, it will be lined up in a secure print queue and released to any chosen printer on the system.  

    Increase productivity – uniFLOW is easy to use and integrates into your existing printing equipment, enabling you to work faster and smarter. There is also full support for printing and scanning for the whole workforce. 

    Restrict Device Access – you can give or restrict device access based on users or location. This gives you better control over what is being printed and ensures it is absolutely required. 

    Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – we all try and do our bit for the environment. With uniFLOW, you can optimise your printing to reduce printing and paper waste.  

    Printers can also be controlled through uniFLOW, meaning they don’t need to be kept “on,” minimising the amount of electricity used within your work environment. 

    Reduce Printing Costs – With uniFLOW, you can easily track your printing costs either by device or by user. You can then use this data to create specific rules for devices or users to help keep costs down. 

    Integrate Multiple Devices – uniFLOW can be integrated into many different devices, makes and models – even non-Canon equipment, maximising your investment. Contact InReach about incorporating it into your existing fleet. 

    Scalable – uniFLOW is designed for all business types and sizes. It can be used to manage various devices to streamline printing, scanning and photocopying. 

    Investing in uniFLOW for your business 

    All organisations face challenges when it comes to printing, whether it’s security, document workflow, budget control or user restrictions. With uniFLOW, many of those challenges can be solved. 

    For more information about uniFLOW and why we would recommend it for your organisation, contact InReach today.  

    As technology becomes more profound in everyday life, the risk of a cyber-attack is growing.

    Businesses rely on their systems so heavily that, without cyber security, a cyber attack can leave them in disarray, with no way to continue working – at least in the short term, sometimes for even longer.

    Why invest in Cyber Security – Who is at Risk of a Cyber Attack 

    A cyber-attack can affect anyone from individuals, small businesses, large businesses, charity organisations and everyone in between.   

    Small to medium-sized businesses can be targeted as they tend to have lower cyber security, making them easier targets for hackers. This is why we offer tailor-made packages for different-sized businesses.

    Large businesses and enterprises tend to invest in cyber security, making them harder to attack, although this doesn’t make them immune. They are often targeted based on how high-profile they are or in specific industries where attacks are more prevalent. If they have invested in cyber security, then even if an attack does happen, they are able to recover data quicker, so the episode doesn’t have a large impact on business functionality.

    Top Reasons to Invest in Cybersecurity 

    There are many different reasons to invest in cyber security. These are our top 5 reasons to invest in cyber security and make a cyber recovery plan for your business.

    • Protection from cyber threats

    This is the most obvious reason to invest in cyber security. With the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks, businesses are at constant risk of data breaches, ransomware attacks, phishing scams, and other cyber threats. Investing in cybersecurity measures helps to safeguard sensitive information and intellectual property.

    • Business Continuity

    Investing in cyber security means that your system has a robust backup plan in the unfortunate event of a cyber attack. You can get back online quickly, minimising downtime and ensuring business continuity when needed.

    • Legal Protection and Regulatory Compliance

    Many industries have strict regulatory requirements for data protection and privacy. Failing to meet these standards can result in hefty fines and legal consequences. Additionally, in the event of a data breach, businesses may be held legally liable for any damages suffered by customers or clients. Having robust cybersecurity measures in place can help demonstrate due diligence, potentially reduce legal liability and ensure they remain compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

    • Protect Employee Information

    Businesses of all sizes hold a significant amount of personal information about their employees. This data must be protected to ensure the privacy and security of the workforce. Investing in cyber security protects employee personal information from attacks.

    • Future Proofing Your Business

    Cyber threats are constantly evolving, with attackers developing new techniques and exploits. Investing in cyber security for your business allows you to stay ahead of emerging threats and adapt their defences accordingly.

    Cyber Security Plan Features 

    Based on the level of cyber security you invest in for your business, your cyber security could involve;

    • Risk assessment
    • Firewalls and intrusion detection
    • Secure network configurations
    • Regular software updates
    • Data encryptions
    • Incident response plans
    • Planning for onsite and offsite recovery
    • Data back-ups
    • Security audits

    Cyber Security from InReach

    If you’re investing in cyber security with InReach, in the unfortunate event of a disaster, we will;

    • Respond quickly and efficiently to minimise downtime.
    • Restore business data, applications and operating systems
    • Oversee replacement of hardware where required

    For more information, contact our team today. We can discuss various options and find a package for you and your business.

    Earlier this year, we began a partnership with Treeapp.

    Treeapp is a charity that works with organisations to increase the number of trees planted. Our partnership with Treeapp means that for every deal we complete, we will plant at least 25 trees through Treeapp.

    Our Treeapp Totals 

    So far, we have planted a total of 2,050 trees since September 2023. This has contributed to 3.280m² of land being reforested and has helped towards offsetting our carbon footprint as each tree absorbs 109kg of carbon.

    These trees have been planted all over the world, in various regions, including Asia, North and South America and Africa. 

    Find out more about Treeapp and how you can get involved here:

    It is perfect for businesses looking to modernise their communication systems.

    Hosted telephony is one of the many communications services we offer at InReach. The BT ISDN 2025 switch is growing ever closer. A hosted telephony service is the best option for your business to ensure you’re organisation receives minimal disruption when this comes into play.

    What is Hosted Telephony?

    Hosted telephony, also known as cloud telephony or cloud-based phone system, is a business communication technology that allows organisations to make and receive calls over the Internet rather than using traditional telephone lines.

    When using a hosted telephony system, the hardware and software infrastructure needed to manage phone calls is hosted and maintained by a third-party service provider, typically in a remote data centre. This means that businesses do not need to invest in expensive on-premises telephone equipment.

    Key Benefits of Hosted Telephony

    Here are some of the most important benefits of using hosted telephony in your organisation.

    High Flexibility – Employees can make and receive calls from anywhere with an internet connection. This is especially valuable for remote or mobile workers.

    High-Quality Voice Calls – Hosted telephony uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, ensuring high-quality voice calls with a stable Internet connection.

    Scalable – Another benefit of hosted telephony is that it allows businesses to easily scale their communication systems up or down to accommodate changing needs without the hassle of purchasing and installing new hardware.

    Integration with Business Applications – When you work with InReach, our hosted telephony systems can integrate with your customer relationship management (CRM) systems and other business applications. This streamlines workflows and improves productivity.

    Hosted telephony can also integrate with other communication tools like email, instant messaging, video conferencing, and collaboration platforms, providing a seamless and unified communication experience.

    Improved Customer Service – If you receive a high volume of calls, investing in hosted telephony can be great for your business because it includes features like call queuing and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) for improved customer service. Call routing can also enhance customer service by directing calls to the right departments or individuals.

    Virtual Phone Numbers – Businesses can have virtual phone numbers with area codes from different locations, which can be particularly useful for companies with a national or international presence.

    Disaster Recovery Plan – Since the system is hosted off-site, it can offer robust disaster recovery options, ensuring that communication remains intact even during a local outage. This is highly important if your business relies on telephones or regularly experiences a high volume of calls.

    Maintenance and Regular Updates – When you choose to work with InReach for your Hosted Telephony, part of your package will include maintenance and updates to the system. Not only does this reduce the burden on in-house IT teams, but it gives you peace of mind that your system is in up-to-date working order.

    Key Features of Our Hosted Telephony

    Some of the key features of a hosted telephony package from InReach include;

    • Virtual Phone Numbers
    • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol
    • Integrations
    • Advanced Features including call forwarding, call recording, voicemail-to-email, auto-attendant, and more.
    • Analytics and Reporting
    • Dedicated support desk
    • Configurable to meet your business needs

    Hosted Telephony from InReach

    At InReach, we are proud to offer hosted telephony to businesses all over the UK of various sizes. Our packages are built to suit your business and are based on the number of users/extensions required, the internet connectivity and your choice of hardware systems.

    To discuss your requirements and options, please contact our friendly team today. We can guide you on the best solution for your business.

    The final championship standings were determined during the weekend’s second race at Brands Hatch. This was the 30th race of the season overall.

    Sharp commenced from the pole position, with Deagen Fairclough (JHR) starting alongside on the front row. Macintyre began from the third position on the grid, next to teammate Jimmy Piszcyk. Fairclough executed a remarkable surge, taking the lead right from the start, while Sharp settled into second and Macintyre into third.

    Will Macintyre 

    What a season it has been for our Will, with a total of 14 podium positions since the start of the spring. Overall, the 2023 season has been the most competitive for some time, with 12 different race winners and 21 different podium finishers. It has been a great one to be a part of.

    We are incredibly proud of Will and look forward to his continued success in his British Championship journey.

    Make sure you’re following InReach so you don’t miss an update!

    With the increased cost of living, businesses, like everyone, are feeling the pinch.

    So why not make it your goal this year to try and reduce your printing costs in the office?

    Benefits of Reducing Printing Costs in the Office

    Reducing your printing costs not only has a positive impact on your bottom line but also has a positive impact on the environment. It will come as no surprise that many sheets of paper printed in offices end up in landfills. Even if they are recycled, it’s far more environmentally friendly not to print the document at all.

    So, as well as saving you money, reducing your overall printing means you can reduce your waste, your paper consumption, and your organisation’s carbon footprint. And you only need to make a few minor changes…

    How to Reduce Printing Costs in the Office 

    To effectively reduce your printing costs in the office, you’ll have to have the whole team on board. That being said, there are several ways you can do this. The most impactful ways are:

    Upgrade your machines – whatever device you use for printing, printers, photocopiers, fax machines etc., as with all technology, the newer the version, the higher the efficiency. If you are finding you’re spending more on printing supplies, then it could be time for a new machine. At InReach, we work with all our clients to ensure they purchase the best machines for their requirements. Contact a member of the team today if your printing device could be in need of an upgrade.

    Use a managed print service package – when you opt for a managed print service package with InReach, we manage your devices remotely so we can fix any printer breakdowns quickly and efficiently to get you back on track. We also offer toner, ink and paper subscription services so you never run out. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to manage your printing solutions in the office.

    Only print necessary documents – another great way to reduce your printing costs in the office is to only print documents which need printing. This can be difficult if printing is part of the culture in your office. But cutting down on printing documents – particularly emails, which aren’t necessary can make a huge difference to your printing costs.

    Print double-sided – you can cut your printing costs down significantly by selecting “print both sides” when printing documents. Most modern printers will have this option. This may not always be achievable depending on what document is being printed, but printing double-sided where appropriate can help to reduce your printing costs in the office.

    Go digital – going 100% paperless may not be possible or feasible for your business; however, going digital where possible could have a significant impact on your printing costs. Emails have replaced many types of physical mail, and more companies are now opting for a digital filing system rather than a physical one. Are there any ways your organisation could go digital to help reduce your printing costs?

    Printing from InReach 

    At InReach, we offer a range of print services for organisations of any size. From photocopiers to printers and fax machines with different service packages depending on your business requirements.

    We start every process with an honest assessment of your current circumstances and future needs to help build a package with the correct level of support for you.

    If you’re looking for an external partner to help you with all your printing solutions, contact InReach today.

    Titles will be decided, and we are backing Will Macintyre all the way.

    Brands Hatch will serve as the decisive racing ground for the ninth consecutive season for the ROKiT British F4 Championship.

    Heading into the final round, Louis Sharp of Rodin Carlin clings to the title lead by a mere solitary point, with our William Macintyre of Hitech Pulse-Eight closely following in second place. There is only one point between them, making this weekend the most important in the championship! Both drivers stood on the podium at Donington Park, tallying an equal 12 podium finishes this season. However, compared to Macintyre’s two, Sharp holds the advantage in race wins with five.

    The balance of power at the summit of the standings has shifted back and forth between these two contenders for most of the season, setting the stage for an exhilarating final showdown this weekend at Brands Hatch.

    For more information about this weekend’s races, take a look at the timetable here: Tickets will be available at the gate for anyone looking to attend the event.

    Make sure you’re following InReach for updates!

    Depending on how your current phone system is hosted, this could dramatically affect your business telephone system.

    What is ISDN?

    ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. It’s a set of communication standards used for transmitting both voice and data over digital telephone lines. ISDN was developed in the 1980s and gained popularity in the 1990s as a more advanced alternative to traditional analogue phone lines.

    Now, however, this technology is incapable of supporting the volume or quality of calls and voice data required for our digital world. In 2015, BT announced that in 2025, ISDN will be switched off, and all calls will be made via the internet. This is known as VoIP.

    What Does the ISDN Switch off mean for your business?

    Depending on your current telephone system, the ISDN switch-off could affect your business.

    For businesses that rely on ISDN for their communication infrastructure, the switch-off can have several implications:

    Technology Obsolescence – from April 2025, the ISDN lines will begin switching off; this will be completed by December 2025. Because of this phase-out, your business may find that the technology they are currently using will become obsolete.

    If you have invested in a new system recently, your provider should have recommended a system that doesn’t rely on ISDN. If you have any questions or want to check what system you are currently operating, you should speak to your current provider.

    Equipment Replacement – If your business uses ISDN-specific hardware (such as ISDN-compatible PBX systems or phones), you may need to replace or upgrade this equipment to work with the new digital infrastructure. This is something InReach provide, so give us a call to discuss your requirements.

    Cost Considerations – Moving to newer technologies like VoIP can lead to cost savings in the long run. Still, there might be initial expenses associated with equipment upgrades, installation, and training. Therefore, this is something you should consider for your business budget.

    How can InReach support your business during and following the switch-off?

    There are two options when it comes to switching to a telephony system in preparation for the ISDN switch-off. You can find out more by watching our video

    SIP – Session Initiation Protocol

    Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) telephone systems are a type of communication technology to initiate and manage voice and video calls over the internet. SIP is a signalling protocol for establishing, maintaining, modifying, and terminating real-time sessions involving video, voice, messaging, and other communications applications and services between two or more endpoints on IP networks.

    Some of the key features of SIP systems include the following;

    • Unified Communications: SIP systems often integrate various communication channels, including voice, video, messaging, and presence, into a unified platform.
    • Mobility: Users can make and receive calls from any SIP-enabled device with an internet connection, providing flexibility and mobility.
    • Scalability: SIP systems can easily scale to accommodate the needs of growing businesses by adding more SIP phones or extensions.
    • Cost-Efficiency: SIP systems can offer cost savings, especially for long-distance and international calls, compared to traditional PSTN lines.

    Hosted Cloud Based System 

    Cloud-based telephony, also known as cloud telephony or cloud-based VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), is a communication system that delivers voice and other communication services over the internet. Instead of relying on traditional landlines or on-premises hardware, cloud-based telephony leverages cloud computing technology to manage and facilitate communication services.

    Our iNTALK system is our own cloud-based telephony system.

    Some of the key features include;

    Scalable – our iNTALK system is scalable for all business sizes, making it well-suited to any organisation.

    User-friendly – our system has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for you to monitor and manage all of your business communications.

    Security – iNTALK offers multifactor authentication, making it a completely secure and flexible platform for your business needs.

    Find out more about the benefits of using iNTALK for your business here.

    ISDN Switch off – Final Thoughts 

    The ISDN switch-off will not be fully complete until December 2025. However, the new technology is readily available for your business, so why wait

    If you make the switch now, you will be in the best position when the switch-off begins in 2025, with little to no disruption to your business telephone communications.

    Contact the team at InReach today to discuss your options and make a future-proof plan.

    Mobile phones are important for business communications for a variety of reasons. At InReach, we offer business mobile phone packages as part of our communications services; we partner with all the leading network providers within the UK to provide a service which is unmatched elsewhere.

    Why are Mobile Phones Important in Business Communications? 

    Mobile phones are important for business communications for several reasons; our top 5 reasons for investing in mobile phone contracts for business are:

    1. Accessibility – the most obvious reason for using a mobile phone and something we have come to take for granted is accessibility. Mobile phones provide immediate and constant access to communication channels, enabling business professionals to stay connected regardless of location. Whether in the office, on the go, or travelling, employees can easily make and receive calls, send messages, and access business-related applications and data. This can sometimes be a hindrance as it means that, as a society, we struggle to “switch -off”, which can be a problem if employees use the same phone for professional and personal use.
    2. Extra Flexibility– Mobile phones offer flexibility in terms of work arrangements. Employees can successfully work remotely from anywhere with their mobile phones keeping communication channels open. This enables them to handle urgent matters, respond to customer inquiries, or access important business information on the go.
    3. Instant Response– Mobile phones allow for real-time communication through a variety of channels, as well as phone calls; mobile phones allow for text messages, instant messaging apps, and video calls. This promotes quick decision-making and contributes towards effective collaboration and timely responses to customers, colleagues, and business partners when the individual may not be in the office.
    4. More Than Just a Phone– With the use of mobile data, mobile phones support email access, allowing employees to manage their inboxes and respond to critical messages promptly. Many people also use the digital calendar to track meetings; microphone apps can be used as Dictaphones, and the camera can be used for photographic proof or evidence for any business activities if required. So when organisations invest in a business mobile phone communication package, they are investing in more than just a phone for phone calls.
    5. Customer engagement– Mobile phones play a crucial role in customer engagement. Businesses can leverage mobile technologies to reach and interact with customers through various channels. This enables personalised communication, customer support, targeted marketing, and the ability to provide timely updates or notifications for any industry and any sized business.

    Business Mobile Phone Packages from InReach 

    At InReach, we have a mantra: To offer businesses a truly unbiased mobile solution. So, we have partnered with all the main network service providers, meaning we can negotiate the best deals for you and your organisation. We can facilitate packages for any number of handsets, depending on your requirements.

    We work proactively to ensure mobile connectivity is uninterrupted so you don’t have to compromise – contact InReach today to discuss your business mobile phone communication packages.


    We are a UK wide company set up to provide residential and independent housing schemes for people in their later years.

    We had a fleet of MFD’s that were coming to the end of their life and wanted to have a look at the market place as things change so quickly with technology.

    We chose iNREACH as our new partner because they were clearly interested in our business beyond just the sale of the products. The service and support been excellent from the very start, including assistance with the management of the transition to the new solution.


    A UK-wide housing company set up to provide residential and independent housing schemes for people in their later years.



    The company had a fleet of MFD’s that were nearing the end of their lives. They wanted to ensure their replacements were up-to-date with the latest technology.


    iNREACH were able to provide the company with the assistance they required, managing the transition to the new solution.


    They chose iNREACH as their new partner because we showed an interest in their company, beyond just the sale of products – as we do with all our partners!


    Our client works closely with our customers to design, manufacture and install precision, cost-effective solutions for their businesses.

    We have extensive experience working in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, power, and construction industries. Our reputation as experts in hygienic conveyor systems, process pipework, gantries, and the construction industry stems from our ethos of innovation, partnership, and customer service.


    A steel fabrication company who designs, manufactures and installs – offering cost-effective solutions for businesses and expertise in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, power and construction industries.


    Our New Brands | News | InReach

    Hosted Telephony and Mobile Phone services.


    iNREACH provided hosted telephony and mobiles to integrate the company’s communications all in one.


    The company now have the cost-effective solution they require to operate in a flexible and remote-working environment.


    They’d built a previous relationship with a member of our team and moved with them when they joined iNREACH.


    Kaboodle was founded in 2006 originally providing installation services to small white goods distribution companies.

    They have since grown to become a key supplier of white goods for housebuilders and developers all over the UK along with developing what is now the UK’s largest independent home appliance installation service for many of the country’s leading appliance retailers. Kaboodle are also the chosen installation partner for most premium appliance brands handling a variety of installation projects direct for the manufacturer, such as new product launch campaigns installing for reviewers, direct to consumer sales, product recall programs, and warranty exchange services.

    Across their 3 strategically located sites in the UK, iNREACH Group have helped transform business processes and costs by totally updating, improving and supporting their IT, Comms and Print infrastructure.

    Our New Brands | News | InReach

    Project managed the infrastructure and hardware installation at 3 new sites and migrated key systems and applications to the cloud for all locations whilst providing unlimited phone and remote support.

    Our New Brands | News | InReach

    Linked Mobile and Desk Phones to allow seamless communication between the office and remote workers. Improved broadband and mobile services delivering faster speeds and greater reliability across the business.

    Introduced a fleet of multifunctional printers to transform document workflow, reduce paper usage and save money.



    Our client are a leading UK electrical wholesaler and distributor of electrical supplies that focuses on the individual needs of customers to provide an unparalleled level of service.


    The client required iNREACH’s services because they had aging servers on-site, which meant they would have had to deal with the cost of replacing the servers and had no expertise within the company to do this.


    Our New Brands | News | InReach

    We provided the client with an affordable option to migrate their servers and emails into the cloud. This eliminated the cost of buying and maintaining new hardware. It also allowed the client to future-proof the business, as they are no longer reliant on any onsite hardware to run the business. In addition to this, the client now also has our dedicated helpdesk to provide support for any issues they have.

    Cyber-attacks can affect any organisation in any field. Attacks are becoming more common and more damaging than ever. They can corrupt your data and hold it at ransom until you fulfil their demands. This can result in permanent data loss and cause havoc for your business for any number of days or weeks, depending on the available solutions.

    Following a cyber-attack, the data recovery can be costly, your business could lose its competitive advantage, and you can sometimes experience a long period of downtime during the attack itself.

    Why do I Need a Cyber Security Disaster Recovery Plan?

    A cyber security disaster recovery plan will provide an organisation with a plan of action when it comes to cyber security incidents, including an attack or a data breach.

    Some of the main reasons your business needs are cyber security disaster recovery plan are;

    Safeguarding your Sensitive and Confidential Data – If a cyber-attack involves a breach of sensitive customer or corporate data, it can significantly amplify the costs and consequences. The ransom is usually increased, and the risk of sharing this data is also high. Therefore, safeguarding your data is imperative to protecting the business and its customers, clients and stakeholders.

    Reduce Impacts and Losses and Ensure Business Continuity – In some cases, cyber-attacks can result in high expenses. In the worst cases, they can sometimes even force companies to close completely. A good disaster recovery plan will incorporate strategies which ensure operational continuity and safeguard critical assets; this minimises overall costs and losses. If an organisation can continue to work through an attack, then the overall costs are significantly reduced.

    Get back On-track ASAP – The ultimate objective of any disaster recovery plan is to restore business operations so that your organisation can trade as normal as quickly as possible. A good Cybersecurity disaster recovery plan will outline the process of how to transition from business continuity to complete recovery following the attack. Getting your business back on track and running at full capacity ASAP will further reduce the cost of the attack.

    Communicate and Update – Effective management of cybersecurity attacks includes the right level of communication with your stakeholders, whether they are within or outside the organisation. They usually use an incident response team to keep leadership, regulators, and customers updated with the correct level of information. By establishing clear lines of communication, your organisation can efficiently manage the incident and ensure you’re meeting legal and regulatory obligations.

    Evaluate and Enhance – It’s essential to ensure your plan is up-to-date with regulations and uses the best technology. To keep on top of this, it’s best to evaluate your disaster recovery plan regularly and make changes where required.

    Developing a Cyber Security Disaster Recovery Plan

    There are several steps to developing a disaster recovery plan. At InReach, cyber security is one of our services, so creating a plan is something we can do for any business of any size in any industry.

    1. Appoint a Plan Owner

    It is crucial for a cybersecurity disaster recovery plan to have a designated owner who will lead the recovery process and be readily accessible when required. For this, you’ll need someone in an IT support organisation to help as well as someone in-house to be responsible for carrying out any actions.

    1. Identify Vital Assets

    Identifying vital assets and ensuring that they’re accessible means the chance of maintaining operations remains high, and business can continue throughout the attack. Identifying critical assets is vital in developing plans to protect and restore them quickly and efficiently.

    1. Risk Assessment 

    Conducting a full risk assessment for all data and processes can help your business evaluate the assets within your business and create a full plan of action for any incident. This could include anything from cyber-attacks to power cuts and so on.

    1. Backup Plans and Strategies 

    A good disaster recovery plan will include a plan for regularly backing up critical assets and protecting the data from attacks. With a clear understanding of what requires protection, our disaster recovery team will be able to devise strategies for backups and manage the risks.

    Support from InReach – Getting started with your Cyber Security Disaster Recovery Plan

    If your business is in the process of creating a disaster recovery plan for cyber security attacks, then now could be the time to seek external support.

    At InReach, we have experience in running IT and communication systems in many different organisations. We use our expertise to help businesses plan for disaster recovery and carry out the necessary actions to mitigate risks for your business when it comes to cyber-attacks.

    For more information or to discuss your disaster recovery plan for your business, contact us today.

    Through Managed Print Services, the print support company will also take on the responsibility for servicing the printers as well as providing ink, toner, paper and all other consumables.

    Managed Prints Services, or MPS, is something we offer our clients at InReach.

    Managed Print Service Packages

    When you choose to work with InReach for your Managed Print Services, you can guarantee you’ll be getting the best level of service. We work closely with you and your organisation to ensure you are getting the best package for your requirements. We;

    Analyse your current printing requirements – to determine how MPS could benefit your business, we first analyse your current printing activity and requirements.

    Evaluate your current printing devices – did you know some of your devices could be costing you more money? It may be worth upgrading machines for a better long-term saving; by using MPS, we can evaluate your machines for you and provide recommendations where necessary.

    Consolidate devices where necessary – with multipurpose machines becoming more available and affordable, it may be time to consolidate your devices.

    Automate ink and paper supply and delivery – make sure your devices never run out of supplies; you can automate your ink and paper deliveries with MPS.

    Set up remote printing – connecting to devices through the could mean your remote workers can still access printers where required.

    Stay on hand to offer support – our Managed Print Service packages all offer a level of support so you can reach out to us when needed.

    Why Should My Organisation Invest in Managed Print Services?

    There are many reasons why organisations choose to invest in MPS. Some of the most popular reasons are;

    • Improving printing efficiency
    • Reduce printing costs
    • Reduce carbon footprint
    • Increase printer security
    • Customer support packages

    Find out more about the benefits of MPS here.

    InReach Manages Print Services

    At InReach, we have been offering MPS for over 25 years; because of this, we can offer support and advice to any sized organisation within any industry when it comes to printing and print devices.

    Our experience means we know how you and your organisation can get the most out of an MPS package. We can work with you to ensure we build a package to suit you and your printing requirements.

    Contact the team at InReach for more information on MPS and to start your journey to a more efficient print service today.

    Founded in September 1998, InReach began as a modest enterprise with a vision to redefine the landscape of business technology solutions. We embarked on this journey with the aim of empowering organisations with cutting-edge solutions, and over the years, we’ve evolved, thrived, and contributed to the growth of countless businesses.

    Our Growth Over 25 Years

    As we reflect on our journey, it’s inspiring to see how far we’ve come. From our humble beginnings, InReach has grown into a leading provider of business technology solutions in the UK. Our dedication to staying at the forefront of technology has allowed us to continually adapt to the evolving needs of our clients.

    Throughout these 25 years, we’ve had the privilege of working with clients across various industries, helping them achieve their goals through our innovative solutions. Our commitment to excellence has driven us to continuously expand our portfolio, offering services ranging from Managed IT Support, Hosted and Mobile Business Telecommunications to Document Management Solutions.

    20 Years of Partnership with Canon

    A significant part of our journey has been our continuing partnership with Canon. As a globally recognized leader in imaging solutions, Canon have been instrumental in shaping our ability to deliver top-tier document management and printing solutions to our clients.

    Canon has consistently pushed the boundaries of imaging technology, and together, we’ve harnessed this innovation to offer our clients solutions that elevate their businesses. This collaboration has not only allowed us to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry but has also enabled us to provide our clients with the best-in-class services and products.

    A Bright Future Ahead

    Looking ahead, we are committed to continuing our tradition of innovation, excellence, and partnership. The ever-changing landscape of technology presents us with new challenges and opportunities, and we are excited to embrace them.

    Our commitment to our clients remains unwavering. We will continue to work tirelessly to deliver the highest quality solutions and services that drive efficiency, productivity, and success for the businesses we serve.

    We want to express our heartfelt thanks to our clients, partners, and the entire InReach team. Without your trust, support, and dedication, this milestone would not have been possible.

    Here’s to 25 years of growth, innovation, and 20 years of a flourishing partnership with Canon. We can’t wait to see what the future holds as we continue to reach for new heights together.

    To learn more about InReach and our journey, please visit our website: InReach Group.

    Thank you for being a part of our story.

    His second fastest time in the test race led him to starting in Pole position alongside Sharp for the first race of the weekend. Will managed to win this race and went on to have continued success the following day which means he has extended his lead to 26 points with 7 races to go.

    In addition to his fantastic weekend at Knockhill, Will has also been selected and one of the  10 drivers short listed for the Aston Martin Autosport Driver of the Year award. 4 of these young drivers will be going through to a 2 day driving shoot out – this is such an amazing achievement, and we are very proud of him.

    Will’s next racing weekend will be the 26th – 27th August at Donnington Park – make sure you’re following InReach for news and updates.

    The last weekend of July saw him taking the podium twice at the Croft Circuit; this makes him the driver with the most podiums so far this season.

    It was an eventful weekend; the reverse grid race on Saturday meant Will only collected 1 point, closing the gap on the leaderboard between him and Sharp to 8 points.

    Sunday was also an exciting race to witness Will manage to take second place behind Sharp with just a 1.962-second gap between the two of them. This closed the gap even further to just 6 points between the two of them on the leaderboard.

    Will’s next race weekend is 12th-13th August at his favourite track – Knockhill in Fife. This racetrack has the iconic McIntyre corner, where last year, Will overtook five cars!

    Find out more about the event at Knockhill here. Make sure you’re following InReach for news and updates.

    Will Macintyre is heading to Croft Circuit – we wish him the best of luck as he races to defend his current first place in the championship standings.

    View the current standings here:

    Croft Circuit

    Originally located on the grounds of an airfield, Croft Circuit has transformed into one of the UK’s premier permanent racing venues since the end of the Second World War.

    Stretching across 2.1 miles in scenic North Yorkshire, this remarkable circuit offers a perfect balance of elements, making it a true ‘all-rounder.’ It boasts thrilling high-speed, sweeping corners, such as the renowned Jim Clark Esses and the challenging first corner at Clervaux.

    Additionally, Croft Circuit incorporates technical sections, with the Complex at the end of the lap, providing an exciting and demanding experience for racers and spectators alike.

    Find out more about and book tickets here:

    During Saturday’s race, Will finished in second place, which led to him taking first place on the leaderboard. He then set out to defend that title on Sunday and ultimately finished the weekend with a 27-point lead ahead of Louis Sharp.

    We’re now past the halfway point of such an exciting championship so far…

    For complete race reports, see the official F4 news pages

    What a great season so far for our Will! At InReach, we have sponsored Will in his racing endeavours for some time now. It’s fantastic to see the success he is achieving through his passion for racing.

    The F4 championship is now taking a summer break, with the next race weekend scheduled for the 29th- 30th of July at Croft Circuit.

    Make sure you are following InReach for updates and the latest news.

    This was a new track for Will to race at. With three test days total at this new circuit, he qualified a credible 6th. With a podium result in race three, it is still all to play for in the F4 championship.

    Will is still in position two on the leaderboard and only 5 points behind 1st position.

    At InReach, we are incredibly proud of Will; he has worked so hard and has had some fantastic achievements this season so far!

    Silverstone 24th and 25th June 

    With such a close gap between 1st and 2nd place, it is all to play for this weekend at Silverstone. As the hosting venue of the British Grand Prix, Silverstone Circuit is world-famous and never fails to deliver a brilliant weekend of racing every time.

    Silverstone circuit combines high-speed stretches and technical corners, which call for slower speeds. It’s a well-known circuit for any driver with plenty of overtaking opportunities.

    For more information on this weekend – take a look at the website here:

    Will is currently in 2nd position in the championship standards – what a fantastic achievement so far.

    This weekend, he’s heading to Oulton Park for one of the most challenging tracks of the season. With a tricky hair pin corner along with narrow sections and a chicane to navigate, this is going to be a weekend to remember.

    The F4 timetable for this weekend is as follows;

    Saturday 10.40 – Qualifying

    Saturday 14:30 – Race 1

    Sunday 13.10 – Race 2

    Sunday’s race is going to be extra special as it marks the 250th race in the current era at Oulton Park. During this time there have been 142 different drivers racing at this circuit in nine different seasons.

    Having won one of his races last weekend, and taking pole position, Will is really looking forward to Oulton Park this weekend.

    If you’ve been following along with our updates, you’ll be aware that we’re sponsoring Will Macintyre in his F4 British Championship journey this season.

    Will is currently in 2nd position in the championship standards – what a fantastic achievement so far.

    This weekend, he’s heading to Oulton Park for one of the most challenging tracks of the season. With a tricky hair pin corner along with narrow sections and a chicane to navigate, this is going to be a weekend to remember.

    The F4 timetable for this weekend is as follows;

    Saturday 10.40 – Qualifying

    Sunday 12:55 – Race 1

    Sunday 16.35 – Race 2

    Sunday’s race is going to be extra special as it marks the 250th race in the current era at Oulton Park. During this time there have been 142 different drivers racing at this circuit in nine different seasons. Sundays races will be live on ITV.

    Having won one of his races last weekend, and taking pole position, Will is really looking forward to Oulton Park this weekend.

    You can purchase your tickets for the event here 

    Qualifying on Saturday was extremely close, with 23 cars separated by just 0.84 seconds.

    Will secured pole with the fastest lap for the main race on ITV at 16:30 on Sunday afternoon and a second fastest lap of P3 overall for Race one on Saturday.

    The race weekend opened with Will making his first visit to the podium with a P2 and an overnight wait to claim his front row start.

    A reverse grid race two on Sunday saw Will Mac starting last in 23rd place, however with a calm and mature drive he achieved a  maximum points haul and finished a credible P11.

    With race 3 live on ITV,  Will started from pole and sped away to a smooth victory with a lead of over 5 seconds.

    Will Mac heads to Oulton park, for the first time in his young career on the 17th June as the leading Brit and only 2 points shy from the championship lead.

    Make sure you’re following InReach for news and updates.

    Currently, in position three on the Champion Standings, Will is gearing up for another weekend of racing, this time over at Thruxton.

    Thruxton is often billed as the “fastest circuit in the UK” and is a circuit we have used within this championship for years. Because of the shape of the lap, drivers can remain at full throttle for almost the entire duration with only two heavy braking zones; Campbell-Cobb-Seagrave complex and the Club chicane at the very top of the lap. The track is wide enough to accommodate overtakes of up to four cars wide.

    The F4 Championship qualifying will occur on Saturday, 3rd June, at 11.05 am. Their first race of the weekend will be at 16.15 that afternoon, with their second race on Sunday at 13.00.

    At InReach, we are proud sponsors of Will and wish him a wealth of luck for this weekend.

    This is where managed business comms can help. Managed business communication services are ideal for boosting productivity, reducing costs, and streamlining communication within and outside a business.

    Below we look at how hosted telephony, adopting mobile business solutions, mobile internet and telephone and data cabling solutions give employees constant access to the tools they need to allow businesses to operate interrupted.

    The four types of managed business comms services:

    Hosted Telephony Services

    Hosted telephony is a business communication service that allows businesses to make and receive calls through the cloud. It eliminates the need for costly hardware, such as traditional phone systems, while still providing reliable and high-quality voice services. Benefits of hosted telephony include cost savings, scalability, flexibility, increased productivity and improved customer experience. Hosted telephony also provides business owners access to features such as call forwarding, video-conferencing, voicemail transcription, and conference calling. Additionally, it offers enhanced security by encrypting all data transmitted over the network. With InReach, we can onboard a hosted cloud telephony solution that can grow with your business with 99.999% uptime and is entirely configurable to your business needs. We also have a dedicated support desk if you ever run into problems!

    Business Mobile Solutions

    Business mobile phones are an efficient way to communicate internally and externally and open up the possibilities for everyone in the business to stay connected on the go, boosting productivity. But with so many providers out there and thousands of product offerings, knowing what is right for your business can take time to decipher. Using a business comms service provider can demystify buying and setting up your business mobiles. At InReach, we can help manage business mobile phone services by curating the best business mobile phone packages tailored to your needs (required data, call and text allowances, handset amount etc.) and purchasing and setting up your chosen devices. We also offer a device management service, which delivers valuable reporting and provides centralised control of all your mobile phones.

    Mobile Internet for Business

    Mobile internet for business solutions helps businesses by allowing employees to stay connected from anywhere and access business services from any location. This ensures business continuity and increases productivity, as teams can work together seamlessly even when out of the office. Mobile internet solutions also offer enhanced security features, such as encrypting all data transmitted over the network. With InReach, we can provide tailored business mobile phone packages and device management services explicitly designed to meet your needs with simple upgrade options as your business grows.

    Structured Data Cabling Solutions

    Structured cabling services drive modern communications systems by making businesses safe, secure and efficient by providing business owners with a reliable and secure connection between business networks and systems. Structured cabling solutions also allow businesses to scale as business operations grow, from adding additional devices or users easily to future-proofing business networks for years to come. At InReach, we analyse your business requirements and build a network cabling infrastructure that meets all business needs and is flexible to grow with your business. We are also on hand for support and maintenance to minimise business downtime!

    Business communication is the cornerstone of success for any business. With hosted telephony services, mobile business solutions and structured data cabling services, you can ensure your business communications are secure, efficient and reliable.

    If you’re looking for a comprehensive business communication solution making it easier for employees to communicate from any location with the necessary tools and support available at their fingertips, contact the business comms experts at InReach.

    Qualifying went well; Will qualified 4th and 5th on Saturday morning. With the race in the afternoon red flagged then subsequently abandoned due to television timings.

    Coverage for these races are available to see on ITV4 with the onboard television stream coming from Will’s car all weekend.

    Sunday was a thrilling performance from Will; the first race of the day was a reverse grid race where Will was starting in 17th place. Points for this race were awarded differently with 1 point for each overtake and only the top eight finishers to receive placing points. Will drove exceptionally finishing 6th with 14 points with all of the overtakes streamed from his car.

    For the afternoon race Will started in 5th position and made up one place. He finished the weekend with 26 points after only two rounds being run.

    Overall, an amazing weekend showing a strong performance with Will closing the gap to the championship lead and ending the weekend positioned 3rd overall.

    The next race weekend is taking place in Thruxton on the 3rd June. Make sure you follow InReach for updates!

    With the ever-increasing demand for on-site printer setup, repair, and maintenance services, getting quality support at a reasonable price has become more challenging. As printing solutions continue to evolve and keep up with technological advancements, more options are available than ever for finding the right printer servicing provider.

    In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of what you should look for when selecting a local printer support and service provider.

    Identify Your Printer Servicing Needs

    Before searching for a local printer servicing provider, taking stock of your printing needs is crucial. Do you need on-site setup services or assistance with troubleshooting? Are you looking for help managing multiple printers in different locations? Do you require specific features like wireless printing or machines that bind your documents? By understanding your specific requirements, you can narrow down your list of possible printer support providers quickly and easily.

    Inquire About Printer Support Services Offered

    Once you have identified your needs, contact local businesses offering printer support services and inquire about their offerings. Ask questions about their experience with businesses in your industry, rates, turnaround times and customer satisfaction guarantees. Many companies will provide free estimates, so take advantage of these opportunities if offered. By asking the right questions during an initial consultation, you can better assess whether or not the printer servicing provider is a good match for your needs.

    InReach believes that each client deserves printer support and service packages bespoke to their business needs. On top of the standard printer servicing packages, clients of InReach can benefit from the additional migration planning, document workflow, flexible finance agreements and tailored device-by-device management services dependent on what would work in their business, identified in our business audits.

    Check Client Reviews

    Thanks to online reviews sites like Trust Pilot and Google Reviews, finding out a service provider’s capabilities and experience has never been easier. Online reviews from prior and current clients can offer insight into their level of service delivery and professionalism. If a company has a solid record of 5-star reviews, it’s almost guaranteed they provide quality services, customer support and a reasonable pricing structure.

    The Benefits of Local Printer Support Services

    Having a local printer support service can offer many advantages to businesses. It can save time and money since you don’t have to worry about shipping printers or supplies from a distant location. Additionally, working with local technicians means they are more likely to respond quickly if there’s an issue than dealing with remote customer service providers who might only sometimes act swiftly. Also, having an expert technician nearby means you can get on-site advice and help when setting up or troubleshooting your printer, especially if you are inexperienced in printing technology and printer servicing.

    Knowing what to ask and what to look out for when searching for your next printing support provider makes choosing the right option much easier. For 1st class service from a printer service provider that customers love, contact the team at InReach today.

    Heading to East Anglia for the Snetterton circuit; the longest track of the season at just over 2.7 miles long.

    The Snetterton circuit is one of the most technically demanding racetracks in this years calendar. It’s well known for its demanding corners such as “Bomb Hole and Brundle”, named after the local hero and Formula 1 driver now famous for his grid walks on Sky sport Martin. Snetterton also features two long straights, which provide the opportunity for the drivers to slipstream and build momentum.

    The timetable for the two days will be action packed starting with the Hagerty Radical cup, followed by the Porsche Sprint Challenge, the mini, Touring cars and of course for us, the Rokit F4.

    With such an exciting mix of cars and the sensational track, this is set to be one of the standout weekends of the season. Book your tickets here:

    Qualifying will take place on the Saturday at 13.00 with the first race for the F4 championship starting at 5pm the same day. Then, it’s a double race Sunday for the F4 teams. The timings for Sunday’s races are; 12.05 and 16.25.

    At InReach, we are proud sponsors of Will Macintyre and have been for a number of seasons now. He is currently 4th in the championship standings. We are wishing him lots of luck this weekend – make sure you’re following InReach for updates on Will and his progress in F4.

    Instagram: williammacintyre_official

    At InReach, comms is one of our specialities, and one of our key services is Hosted Telephony.

    With the BT ISDN/PSTN Switch Off scheduled for 2025, now is the time to make the switch to a hosted telephony solution to avoid disruption in your communications.

    Our hosted telephony system provides businesses of all sizes with greater flexibility and scalability.

    Hosted Telephony Definition

    A Hosted Telephony system is a telephone system which is hosted on a cloud and accessed via the internet rather than through traditional ISDN/PSTN phone lines – making it ISDN/PSTN switch-off proof.

    It’s also known as a hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system or a cloud-based phone system. The communication solution operates through the internet and is hosted by a third-party provider.

    A hosted telephony system doesn’t rely on traditional phone lines and physical equipment on the premises, instead, it allows businesses to make and receive calls using IP phones or softphones (software-based phones) that connect to the provider’s server over the internet.

    The provider manages the hardware, software, and infrastructure necessary to deliver the service, which includes features such as voicemail, call forwarding, conferencing, and more.

    Hosted telephony systems are becoming more commonplace in all business within the UK and all over the world.

    Benefits of Switching to a Hosted Telephony System

    Hosted telephony systems offer a range of benefits, including:

    Greater scalability – Because they use the internet rather than traditional phone cables, hosted telephony systems can be easily expanded to include more users at any time. This makes it a flexible solution for businesses of any size.

    Enhanced communication features – Hosted telephony offers a range of features that are not available with traditional phone systems, such as call recording, call forwarding, voicemail-to-email, video conferencing, and more.

    Easier management and maintenance – Because a hosted telephony system is managed remotely through the internet, any management or maintenance can be completed by your provider off-site. This means any issues can be sorted quickly, so you can get back online with no interference.

    Cost Effective – With a monthly maintenance fee and no hidden costs, hosted telephony systems are more cost effective than traditional telephone systems. Hosted telephony eliminates the need for expensive on-premises hardware and reduces the cost of phone services when compared to traditional phone systems.

    Ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection – Using the internet to access your communications platform means you can work from anywhere using the hosted telephony system. Because the whole system is cloud based, you can also access call logs and information from your team.

    Hosted Telephony from InReach

    At InReach, our hosted telephony platform is a fast plug and play solution that can be easily installed and integrated into your business communications.

    If you’re looking for a flexible hosted telephony solution that can grow with your business, contact the team today. We can help you find the best solution for your organisation.

    Saturday 6th at Brands Hatch 

    With qualifying at 10:40 on a damp Saturday morning, our driver Will qualified 2nd and 6th for the 3rd and 4th rounds this weekend at Brands Hatch. 

    The weekend’s first race kicked off at 13:40 with three laps of racing before a safety car was deployed. Will started 6th and made-up places to third when the race was red-flagged at 11 minutes on the clock. 

    The race restart left 5 minutes on the timer with a battle ensuing for first place from all three front drivers. The race ran the full five minutes in damp conditions, with Will gaining another place and finishing an impressive 2nd Overall.

    Sunday 7th at Brands Hatch

    Brands hatch was a mixed-weather weekend, with the sun coming out on Sunday. Will tailed 1st place for the entire race. He was hot on Higgin’s wheels at the closing stages and finished taking a very close second place – just 0.588s between the two positions.

    After a double podium weekend, Will is now p4 overall in the Formula 4 championship.

    It was an exciting weekend for the ROKiT British F4. The championship saw three different winners. The next race weekend is the 20th/21st of May at Snetterton Norwich. Ensure you follow iNREACH for updates and race reports on Will Macintyre’s progress this season. 

    Listen to: Will Mcintyre – Hitech Pulse Eight – Race 1 Brands Hatch 6th May 2023 Podcast

    Managed Print Services Overview

    Managed Print Services – or MPS – is one of our offerings here at iNREACH. We have worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK, supporting them in all areas of print, comms and IT.

    Managed Print Services is the handling of any print devices, including printers, scanners and copiers as well as multi-functional devices. Investing in managed print services with iNREACH means we help you to manage every aspect of the print operation within your organisation. From installation to maintenance and dealing with print errors.

    Depending on the size of your organisation, installing, and maintaining a fleet of print devices can be a huge task. It can be extremely time consuming, and the technical knowledge required can be daunting. Because of this, many organisations seek help and support, this is known as Managed Print Services.

    Benefits of Managed Print Services

    There are several benefits of Managed Print Services. Our service packages vary based on your requirements so be sure to talk to one of our experts to discuss your organisation and find out how Managed Print Services can benefit you directly.

    Top 5 Benefits of Managed Print Services.

    1. Improve Productivity and Efficiency- makes for better managed document workflow

    Because each of our Managed Print Services packages is unique to an organisation, we can ensure that all your print requirements are met. This means you won’t have to manually set-up any aspects of your printing – you can rely on us to do it for you.

    Ever had to take time out of your working day to fix a paper jam? Or connect a new device to a printer? Or because your printer software isn’t up-to-date enough to accept a document in the desired format?

    If any of this sounds familiar, MPS could be the best way to improve productivity and efficiency of the printing within your organisation.

    When you work with iNREACH, we handle all connections and software for you, saving you time and increasing productivity throughout the office.  

    1. Reduce Overall Printer Costs

    One of the benefits of Managed Print Services is to reduce overall costs spent on printing. This is especially true for larger organisations. Maintaining each individual printer one at a time can be more expensive than using an automated cloud-based system managing at a large scale.

    A managed service fee which covers all bases can work out more cost effective than forking out for services and repairs on an as-and-when basis. It also covers replacement ink or toner parts as well as support from our dedicated team.

    At iNREACH, we provide transparency when it comes to our overall cost packages for MPS. We work with you to understand your current print requirements including your monthly volume of printing. We understand the importance of printer choice, servicing, and support and how important this is to the flow of an organisation. Taking all of these factors into consideration ensures you pay for what you need.

    1. Environmentally Friendly

    Of course, we’re all trying to reduce our carbon footprint and be more environmentally friendly.

    With a Managed Print Service package, we can monitor your current print output and help you with ways to cut down printing, reduce your paper usage and make your printing more efficient. This can all help towards going greener and reducing your carbon footprint. We can also help set up a programme for you to recycle your printer and toner cartridges.

    We know the impact that printing can have on the environment, and we want to help you in your journey to going greener without it having an impact on the inner workings of your business.

    At iNREACH, we are taking our own steps into looking after the environment. We now work in partnership with Treeapp to plant more trees whenever we win new business.

    1. Printer Security

    With the growing awareness around GDPR along with the increase in hacks in various organisations and services, investing in printer security is an absolute must.

    When you invest in a Managed Print Services package you are also increasing the level of security on your printing devices. Information and confidentiality are extremely important for any organisation. So, why not protect your documents by using a tailored print security plan?

    To increase security for your organisation, we would also recommend investing in cyber security.

    1. All Round Customer Support

    At iNREACH we offer a comprehensive support as part of MPS package. This is a benefit of managed print services which can’t be matched by every provider.

    Before we provide you with a quotation, we like to get to know your business and understand your current printing situation and usage. This means we can quote for what you need and what you will gain use from. We know that one size doesn’t suit all so we can adapt our offerings to ensure you are covered.

    Managed Print Services from iNREACH

    At iNREACH, Managed Print Services is one of the services we have offered for over 25 years.

    We have always been part of the print industry and MPS is part of our service offering for all types of organisations in various industries.

    Because we have a wealth of experience when it comes to MPS, we know the right questions to ask to ensure you get the right package for your organisation. We understand the importance of document workflow and how printing plays such a huge part in this.

    For more information about Managed Print Services for your organisation contact us today.

    The race weekend will take place at Brands Hatch on the Indy circuit at Fawkham. From starting as a grassland motorcycle circuit, this race track has grown over the last seventy years and is now one of the most iconic venues in motorsport globally.

    At Brands hatch last year, Will secured his first podium place of the season. Read the race report here:

    Qualifying for the ROKiT F4 British Championship will take place on Saturday at 10.25 am. Their first race then kicks off in the afternoon of the same day at 13.40 and is the day’s second race.

    On Sunday, the 7th, the second race for the F4 championship will be at 10.25 am.

    In addition to the BTCC and the F4 championship, spectators can support other races, including MINI CHALLENGE and Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain.

    For more venue information and to buy weekend tickets, look at the Brands Hatch website:

    If you would like to watch the race but cannot attend in person, the event will be televised on ITV4.

    At iNREACH, we proudly sponsor Will Macintyre as he takes to the track for another season. Make sure you’re following along for updates on each race weekend.

    When choosing an IT Support company for your business, there are decisions you need to factor in, from technical specialities and cyber security support. Still, one thing you need to consider is also the location. Has your outsourced IT support and services provider moved and is now located in another country or only operates during certain hours? These can be difficulties that a cost saving cannot outweigh.

    Below we look at a few considerations your business needs to analyse when choosing your IT Support Solutions provider and how location can make a difference!

    What IT qualifications and skills does my IT support need?

    When selecting an IT Support and Services Provider, you must ensure they have the qualifications and resources to address any issues you may have. A good IT support provider should have experience and expertise in the following areas: system design, networking, data security, hardware installation and maintenance, software development, system maintenance and technical support. A qualified team of IT professionals with a suitable skill set is essential for ensuring your business can count on their services in times of need. The provider should also be able to provide ongoing training and education to keep employees up-to-date on the latest technology trends.

    Is Cyber Security essential to factor in?

    Any IT support company needs to practice what they preach, and cyber security is one of the most important considerations when choosing an IT Support and Services provider. With technological advances, cyber-attacks have become more sophisticated and prevalent, meaning businesses must take extra precautions to protect their data. A good provider should have experience in developing robust security systems designed to monitor, detect, prevent and respond to any cyber security threats with backup and disaster recovery plans in place. Also, they need to stay on top of changing regulations so they stay in compliance with industry standards. At InReach, be it fire, flood, cyber-attack, or massive connectivity failure, we can get businesses of all sizes back up and running as quickly as possible, with your data secure in our Tier-4 Data Centre.

    How can my IT support’s operating hours and location affect my business?

    Outsourcing IT support is perfect for when you want your business to focus on its day-to-day without being distracted by issues, such as connectivity or viruses. But what happens if you need help during the night and your relocated local IT support is closed? When choosing an IT Support company for your business, consider their availability. Do they provide 24/7 support or only during specific hours? Are there additional fees for after-hour services? Knowing the answers to these questions helps ensure you can access support whenever needed without incurring extra costs. At InReach, we have a 24/7 proactive help desk that offers fast, responsive and effective IT support, taking care of all your system and proactively resolving any issues before they become a problem.

    Choosing an IT Support and Services provider is a big decision, but the right one can make all the difference to your business. Location matters when outsourcing IT support – you need someone who can respond quickly in times of crisis.

    At InReach, we offer 24/7 IT support solutions that provide fast and effective response times, so you never have to worry about downtime or data security issues again. With our Tier-4 Data Centre providing secure backup and disaster recovery plans and experienced professionals with qualifications in system design, networking, hardware installation and maintenance software development -InReach offers local IT support for businesses of all sizes across Milton Keynes, surrounding counties and country-wide!

    Contact the InReach team today for a smoother IT support relationship.

    The crowds were entertained throughout the two days of racing with Porsche 911, Cayman Mini Challenge and the incredible spectacle of the British Touring Cars.

    The Donington circuit famous for “The lap of the gods after Aryton Sennas F1 lap exactly thirty years ago in which he started 5th and by the 1st competed lap was leading the race.

    Our very own Will Macintyre raced from 15th on the grid to 6th, and 14th on the start line to 5th place. He was awarded the Pirelli Hardest charger award by overtaking 18 cars.

    We look forward to the next race meeting at Brands Hatch. The last time our young driver raced at Brands was October 2022 where he put on a show and won the race.

    To watch it click here:

    One such threat that has emerged in recent years is printer ransomware. Due to the wireless capabilities of most multi-functional printers, they have become a gateway for hackers to gain access to networks and steal sensitive information.

    Why is Printer Security So Important?

    Printers are now commonly connected via cloud services and can be accessed from anywhere using a Wi-Fi enabled device. This makes them vulnerable to attacks, especially if they are not secured.

    If a hacker gains access to an unsecured printer, they can easily intercept print jobs or completed print jobs, gaining access to confidential information about individuals, businesses, and employees.

    There have been multiple experiments and cases in the media where cyber security companies hi-jack printers with the sole purpose of raising security on printer security and ransomware attacks.

    This article from Cybernews explains how they managed to hi-jack 28,000 printers to print a guide on printer security.

    Print Ransomware Attacks

    One of the most dangerous types of attacks that can affect printers is ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts the files on your printer and demands payment in exchange for the decryption key.

    The Risks of Ransomware on Unsecured Printers

    Hackers can gain access to confidential information and use it for fraudulent purposes. This can include personal information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information.

    They can also intercept print jobs and gain access to sensitive print data. This can be especially problematic for businesses that deal with sensitive information such as legal firms, medical facilities, and financial institutions.

    Warning Signs of Printer Ransomware

    It is important to be aware of the signs of printer ransomware so that you can take steps to prevent it. Signs of a virus on your printer include unusual behaviour, such as;

    • not responding to commands
    • printing unauthorised print jobs
    • refusing to install security updates.

    Printer Security Best Practices

    There are several steps you can take to protect your printer from ransomware attacks.

    1. Use Secure Print

    One of the easiest ways to protect your printer is to use the secure print function. This function allows you to print confidential documents and ensures that they are not intercepted by hackers. You can also set network permissions on your computer to limit who can manage and access print jobs.

    1. Encrypt Stored Print Jobs

    Print jobs that are stored on the printer should be encrypted to prevent unauthorised access.

    1. Keep Printer Software Up-to-date

    It is important to keep your printer software up-to-date to ensure that any vulnerabilities are patched. Many printers have embedded software that is updated automatically, but if your printer does not, make sure to check for updates regularly.

    1. User Authentication

    User authentication is a feature that requires users to enter a username and password before they can access the printer. This can help prevent unauthorized access and ensure that only authorized users can print documents.

    1. Keep Your Printer Drivers Up-to-date

    Printer drivers are software programs that allow your computer to communicate with your printer. It is important to keep them up-to-date as they can contain bug fixes, stability improvements, and even new features that can help protect your printer.

    Printer Security from iNREACH

    In conclusion, printer security is important to avoid ransomware attacks. At iNREACH one of our service offerings is Manages Print Services. There are many benefits to using a Managed print Service, one of which is increased security.

    Our managed Print Services offers improved security options for document printing both within the office and remotely. This could include through email or via a cloud service.

    We also offer cyber security to protect your organisation from ransomware attacks. Using a trusted cyber security system, along with a secure printing service can increase the level of protection to your business.

    For more information about Managed Print Services, cyber security or to discuss protecting your printer to avoid ransomware attacks, contact the team at iNREACH today.

    This weekend marks the start of the 2023 Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship. Our very own Will Macintyre is gearing up for another season on the track. This year he is racing in the ROKiT British F4 Championship.

    The order of the first race of the weekend will be determined by the second fastest time set in the qualifying. The ROKiT qualifying race is tomorrow at 11.45am.

    The first race will then take place at 4.40pm in the afternoon with the final race of the weekend taking place on Sunday morning at 10.40am. The crowd are in for a treat as the second race will see a grid reversal; spectators will be expecting lots of overtaking and an overall exciting race.

    There are many other championships kicking off this weekend at Donington Park so grab your tickets for an action packed, 14 race weekend! And if you can’t make it to Donington, you can catch all the action on ITV4.

    Will Macintyre and iNREACH

    iNREACH are proud sponsors of Will Macintyre and have been for a number of seasons now. For updates on the 2023 and progress on Will make sure you’re following iNREACH for updates.

    Last Season Will saw a great success as he raced hard at each opportunity and ended the season by taking overall second place in his championship. He then went on to make his GP4 debut guest appearance finishing his races in places 6th, 2nd and 2nd.

    The team at iNREACH couldn’t be prouder of Macintyre’s career and are excited to see what this season holds.

    We are feeling positive about working with an organisation to help towards offsetting our carbon emissions.

    Working with an environmental organisation was a priority for us this year. We spoke to various other charities and companies before selecting Treeapp as our official partner.

    We’ll be posting regular updates so you can follow our journey – 1 tree at a time.

    What is Treeapp?

    The primary objective of Treeapp is to enhance our planet by planting millions of trees daily, as deforestation remains a significant threat to our environment. To support this crucial mission, we have joined forces with Treeapp. Planting more trees not only results in the growth of more life but also increases job opportunities for locals within various communities.

    The trees planted through Treeapp will absorb approximately 233 tons of carbon in their lifetime. Already, since they began partnering with brands, Treeapp have contributed towards vast amounts of forest land being restored. They have also facilitated the return of various species of animals and birds into their habitats.

    The newest site for planting trees is in Northamptonshire which is very local to our own offices. The site itself was previously degraded agricultural land with lime-rich loamy and clayey soils, impeded drainage, and high fertility. Currently, most of the site is covered in grass. TreeApps aim is to extend the adjacent native forest and restore the area to attract more wildlife. They’re also actively working to increase the Woodland Bird Index, a vital indicator of biodiversity in the region.

    How InReach and TreeApp will work together

    For every deal we complete for InReach, we will plant up to 25 trees through Treeapp. This could be within the UK or anywhere in the world.

    We will post an update every quarter so you can keep up-to-date on our progress and how many trees we have planted. Make sure you’re following our social media channels so you don’t miss an update.

    Find out more about Treeapp here.

    The new iNTALK platform is an excellent choice for businesses in any sector. It seamlessly integrates with current devices, which you may have, whilst centralising all communication into one easy-to-navigate single platform.

    It is compatible with all phone brands and provides a straightforward directory that links all aspects of your business.

    Here’s the latest on our platform and what it could mean for your business.

    What is a Cloud Communication Platform?

    A cloud communication platform utilises cloud computing technology to connect individuals through real-time voice, video, and messaging communication. This differs from traditional hardware-based communication platforms.

    Our iNTALK Cloud Communication platform allows for greater scalability, flexibility, and accessibility than other traditional solutions.

    If your business telecommunications are due an upgrade then contact us today to discuss how iNTALK can transform your communications.

    Why Choose a Cloud Based Communication Platform?

    With a cloud-based communication platform, users can communicate from anywhere, using a variety of devices such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets. When you choose iNTALK, features also include instant messaging, voice and video calling, file sharing, and screen sharing, so your users can collaborate and communicate more effectively from anywhere.

    The ability to connect from anywhere with an internet connection makes iNTALK a great choice for businesses with remote workers, distributed teams, and businesses with multiple locations.

    iNTALK also requires less hardware maintenance than other alternatives and can be easily scaled up or down based on the size of your organisation and your requirements.

    Benefits of Choosing iNTALK for your Cloud Communications

    When you choose iNTALK, you’re choosing to work with the future of cloud-based communications. At InReach we have a wealth of experience when it comes to comms – we know the market and we know what makes a great system.

    Accessibility: access your cloud communication platform from anywhere in the world that has a good WiFi connection. With remote working more popular than ever, choose to work with a system that ensures your team can access efficiently.

    Collaboration: with iNTALK cloud communications your team can reach each other through various mediums to work together from different locations. Whether it’s voice calls, video calls, instant messages, or any other type of communication; iNTALK has got it covered.

    Integrations: iNTALK has the ability to integrate with many other software applications and tools, from CMS systems to project management tools and email systems. Keep your workflow efficient and streamlined in iNTALK.

    Security: We provide robust security features which include multi-factor authentication to keep your information safe and secure.

    Scalable: We have a range of different packages available to suit any business size. This makes iNTALK an ideal cloud communication platform for any business.

    ISDN/PTSN Switch off Proof: iNTALK is ISDN/PTSN switch off proof making it the perfect solution.

    iNTALK – The Future of Cloud Communications      

    iNTALK is an excellent option for businesses in any sector as it seamlessly integrates with your current devices and centralises all communication in a single platform.

    It is compatible with all phone brands and provides a straightforward directory that links all aspects of your business.

    For more information contact a member of our team.

    We had a great time at this month’s event. It was particularly exciting for us as it was a chance to present and launch our new service; iNTALK.

    Our new iNTALK Cloud Communication Platform was presented to the meet by our account managers Greg, Emily and Alex.

    Find out more about iNTALK by visiting our website. We also have an advert on MKFM – Listen here.

    More about iNTALK – the Future of Cloud Communication.

    iNTALK Cloud Communication uses cloud computing technology to connect members of your organisation. It is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes as it offers great scalability, flexibility and accessibility.

    iNTALK is ISDN/PSTN switch off proof. So, now is the perfect time to make the switch. If your business telecommunications platform is in need of an upgrade, then contact InReach today!

    iNTALK Cloud Communication Features

    Our iNTALK platform has unique features to make it the best choice for your organisation.

    Accessible – access your system from anywhere with an internet connection for ultimate flexibility.

    Secure – highly secure with multifactor authentication

    Integrations – iNTALK integrates into software applications and your CMS as well as project management tools for ease of use.

    Collaborate – using various features of the platform you can collaborate with your team members from anywhere.

    For more information about iNTALK and how it can improve your business communications then contact us today.

    Hosted telephony is a cloud-based communication system that provides businesses with an easy setup and many extra features. Compared to traditional VOIP-hosted telephony systems, our hosted telephony offers greater flexibility and scalability for businesses of all sizes.

    Check out our latest article that explains what is hosted telephony, the hosted telephony solutions available to you, and how to prepare before the 2025 IDSN Switch Off.

    What is Hosted Telephony?

    In contrast to traditional telephony, which relies on physical copper telephone lines, hosted telephony utilises the internet to transmit voice data through the local exchange. This gives you a telephone system hosted in the cloud, meaning you can use IP handsets, mobiles, or even a desktop application to make and receive calls.

    What is Cloud-Based Hosted Telephony?

    A cloud-based Hosted Telephony solution enables businesses to be extremely agile in a fast-moving marketplace. There is no need for additional equipment or software to be purchased or hosted by a third party. Instead, cloud-based hosted telephony solutions rely on the hosted provider’s data centres to handle all necessary hardware and infrastructure requirements.

    In addition to being hosted in the cloud, these hosted telephony systems also have certain advantages that can benefit businesses. For instance, cloud-based hosted telephony systems are generally easier to set up and require less maintenance than traditional PBX phone systems because they are hosted in the cloud and managed remotely by the service provider. As such, hosted telephony provides businesses with more flexibility as they can quickly scale up or down depending on their needs.

    Furthermore, cloud-based hosted telephony solutions usually offer features not available with traditional PBX systems, such as unified communications (UC) integration, advanced call management options, mobility features and more. These features help to enhance efficiency within an organisation by allowing for better collaboration between employees and improved customer service capabilities.

    Is your business ready for BT’s 2025 IDSN Switch Off?

    With BT ISDN 2025 Switch Off approaching, businesses need to start thinking about their future communication infrastructure and how best it will be able to serve them moving forward. Hosted Telephony solutions provide companies with a great solution that can quickly grow with them over time and helps ensure they remain competitive while scaling up their operations or exploring new markets.

    Are there cons to moving from traditional telephony to hosted telephony?

    Because it runs over the internet, you’ll need a robust connection to support a hosted system. Without this, your call quality will likely be impacted. Fortunately, modern businesses can access a range of reliable, dedicated services, so there’s no reason to put up with a poor-quality internet connection. At InReach, our hosted telephone solutions perform with 99.999% uptime, with tried and tested reliability, enabling users access to phone calls, email, voicemail and video conferencing without disruption.

    InReach provides hosted telephony solutions that allow businesses to benefit from this technology’s advantages without purchasing additional hardware or software as it already exists in the cloud, which we host in our tier 4 data centre. The scalable nature of InReach’s hosted IP telephony can also accommodate a unified communications strategy that will enable you to combine data, voice and video through one application within any business looking to stay ahead of the competition in communication and customer services fields. If you want more information about InReach’s hosted telephony solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

    A printer service contract helps ensure that your office printers and MFPs are running smoothly and reliably, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

    Below we explain what a printer service contract is, how managed print services can extend the lives of your office printing equipment, and how outsourcing this helps with your business’s productivity!

    What is a printer service contract?

    Much like car insurance, a printer service contract is an agreement between a company and a managed print services provider, like InReach, to ensure that any printer-related needs are handled professionally so businesses can conduct business without disruption. But there are some bonuses on top of this, and printer service contracts often include maintenance, repair, replacement parts and supplies for printers, office MFPs (multifunctional printers), copiers, scanners and other related devices.

    The managed print services provider would detect early signs of malfunctions or wear-and-tear on the equipment and provide the necessary repairs or replacements to keep the business running smoothly. These managed services go beyond just fixing the printer – they also consider preventative measures such as regularly scheduled maintenance checks and top-ups of toner cartridges.

    Why is having outsourced printer support better for your business?

    Outsourcing printer support is beneficial for businesses as it can reduce downtime due to printer malfunctions, reduce labour costs associated with in-house technicians, and increase efficiency by automating toner replenishment and scheduling preventive maintenance visits. Moreover, companies can save time by having managed services monitor their printers’ usage rates to avoid overstocking or stocking too few resources. Outsourcing managed print services is also cost-effective since it allows companies to leverage economies of scale – managed service providers typically have access to discounted prices for parts and supplies when dealing with bulk orders.

    How can printer maintenance services increase the life of your office printers and MFPs?

    Printer maintenance services are essential to increase the life expectancy of office printers and multifunctional Printers (MFP). Visiting onsite technicians will be able to perform regular checkups on all machines to spot potential issues before they happen, ensuring that everything is running optimally at all times. In addition, these technicians can advise on best practices regarding hardware or software updates so businesses can always stay ahead of any emerging cybersecurity threats or outdated technologies. By maintaining their equipment properly through managed printing solutions, companies can enjoy long-term cost savings due to fewer replacements being required over time.

    InReach’s Copier, MFPs and Printer Service Contracts can help!

    InReach’s Managed Print Services (MPS) offer complete visibility into each device’s status: its page count usage rate, its monthly preventative maintenance schedule, its estimated remaining lifespan, recommendations for upgrading hardware or software, daily monitoring of critical metrics such as power supply levels, alerts if an issue arises, automated ordering systems for replacing ink cartridges and toner, 24/7 support, remote assistance with troubleshooting technical problems, online billing portal access for tracking payments, regular reports outlining energy savings progress, etc. All these features together allow companies to optimise their workflow and maximise uptime performance while minimising overall expenses related to printing operations in the long run. We understand what proactive servicing and responsive support can bring to a business – no downtime and disruption to workflows! 

    Onboard the perfect solution for businesses looking to decrease their printing costs and increase the life of their office and multifunction printer (MFP) systems. Contact our MPS experts today to discover how our printer service contracts offer an economical way of ensuring that your printers are always in top working condition while reducing costly downtime due to faulty or outdated equipment.

    Below we explore how cloud-based document management is a suitable solution to solving those remote working challenges and how it can also improve business performance, scalability and operating efficiencies in the long run.

    Easy Access

    Cloud computing enables remote working to be a far easier task. With multiple technology applications hosted on the cloud, your team’s accessibility to files and documents has never been easier. Cloud services allow your employees 24/7 access to information they need to carry out their job. With cloud computing, you can control what files and data can and cannot be accessed, increasing your cloud’s security. You can also access this information from any location and device; all you need is a login and an internet connection. This opens the door to many possibilities, enabling your team to work productively from anywhere in the world.


    With cloud-based document management, remote working is no longer a challenge, with instantaneous access to everything your team needs to carry out their day efficiently. With applications such as OneDrive and SharePoint, you can edit documents in real-time and work on projects simultaneously.


    Not being physically together in an office doesn’t mean you cannot collaborate as a team. Video chat services such as Microsoft Teams make it easy for colleagues to come together, share files stored on the cloud, and conduct as much as they would in as if all together.


    Cloud computing is designed with cybersecurity in mind, which is one of its main advantages. Cloud services provide users with various security measures to safeguard their data as part of a shared responsibility model. Businesses can set up user permissions, encrypt data and avoid unauthorised access to cloud-based documents. Cloud-based document management offers password protection and link expiry to ensure that data and sensitive company information are kept safe at all times, both internally and externally.

    Cost Savings

    Cloud-based document management systems help businesses reduce their reliance on paper, enabling a much smoother transition to agile working. By reducing the need for hard copies and storing files digitally, organisations can start to think differently about the very essence of how they operate and where there are opportunities for innovation and improvement. Plus, as less time is spent moving paper around an organisation, significant money can be saved on storage and print consumables.

    Successful remote working requires simple, effective and streamlined technologies to help with everyday tasks such as document access, sharing and printing important documents. At InReach, our public and private cloud solutions and management can help streamline your services to keep remote working employees connected 24/7, no matter their location. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

    Onboarding a document management solution can be daunting, especially with all the available options. That’s why many organisations choose RICOH Smart Integration (RSI) to digitise their documentation and manage it in the cloud.

    Let’s take a look at what RSI can do and how you can get started.

    What is RSI?

    With RICOH Smart Integration, users can integrate cross-device document workflows and cloud-based apps. It allows you to scan paper copies of your documents and convert them into digital formats that can be sent directly to your cloud storage. With RSI, you don’t need a dedicated specialist or additional hardware; everything is managed from the control panel of your Ricoh Multi-Function Printer (MFP).

    What Can RSI Do?

    • RSI integrates your cloud services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, so you can easily access and share content with colleagues.
    • It enhances workflows by going paperless, which also helps reduce costs associated with printing and storing physical documents.
    • RSI offers comprehensive document management services such as scanning, archiving, indexing and sharing so that you can easily manage all of your digital documents in one place.

    Going digital is an essential part of today’s business world—and RICOH Smart Integration makes it easy to digitise your documentation quickly and easily. By leveraging its serverless technology to integrate with popular cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive, RSI provides an efficient way to transform physical documents into digital versions while eliminating the need for extra hardware or IT specialists. RICOH Smart Integration is worth considering if you’re looking for an effective digital solution for managing your documents.

    If you are interested in RSI, contact the team at InReach. We have extensive experience implementing enterprise document management solutions for businesses of all sizes. In addition to RSI, we work with many leading management solutions, including DocuWare, Papercut, and Umango. This enables us to install a tailored solution that will keep your business running as it should.

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    Cloud-to-cloud migration can also occur when businesses already on the cloud switch providers for their cloud-based services.

    Those making the initial switch to the cloud should be aware of several important considerations, which we discuss below, as well as the main business benefits of moving to the cloud.

    How can Cloud Migration benefit your business?

    • Cost: Cloud migration allows companies to spend significantly less on IT operations. In addition to reducing your operational overhead, cloud providers simplify maintenance tasks such as upgrading. It allows businesses to focus on innovation, developing or improving existing products or services.
    • Scalability: As opposed to on-premises infrastructure, cloud computing can scale more easily to support larger workloads and more users. There is no need to purchase servers, software licenses, storage, and network equipment.
    • Performance: Performance and end-user experience can be drastically improved by migrating to the cloud. Using the cloud, you can increase throughput, serve more users, and reduce network delays by running applications and websites near your end users.
    • Digital experience: Cloud services and data can be accessed from anywhere, improving customer experiences and providing employees with flexible tools.

    Challenges when Migrating to the Cloud:

    • Lack of Strategy:
      Successful cloud adoption and implementation require rigorous end-to-end cloud migration planning. Each application and dataset may have different requirements and considerations and require a different cloud migration approach. Businesses must have a clear business case for each workload it migrates to the cloud. InReach can help plan, find you the best cloud-based services, and we are available 24/7 to assist you.
    • Cost Management:
      Cloud environments are dynamic, and costs can change rapidly as new services are adopted, and application usage grows. It is vital to assess what money has been saved by migrating to the cloud to ensure it has been a worthwhile investment.
    • Customer Lock-In:
      Adopters of cloud technology often face customer lock-in. After purchasing cloud services, many businesses find it difficult to switch providers if the current provider doesn’t meet their requirements, and migrating workloads from one cloud to another is expensive and time-consuming. InReach carefully curates flexible cloud packages to ensure that you have the ability to use the software your business needs and meets all your requirements.

    If you are looking to migrate your operations to cloud-based services, it is essential that proper planning has taken place to ensure your business data is secure and it stays a worthwhile investment. That’s where InReach can help. We have extensive experience managing cloud computing for businesses and can recommend and implement the right cloud management software so you can benefit from all the cloud has to offer.

    Get in touch with the team at InReach today to kick-start your cloud migration. With InReach, you can reduce your time spent managing the cloud and focus more on business innovation.

    You can easily control, track, and manage your document processes from a single platform.

    Let’s take a closer look at why Canon uniFLOW is the ideal document management solution for streamlining your processes and guaranteeing secure printing.

    Keeping your business documents secure

    With the Secure Print feature, users can send sensitive documents to network printers no matter where they are working, from PCs and cloud storage to compatible mobile phones. The documents only print when the user is physically at the multifunctional device (MFD), or uniFLOW also allows multiple authentication options with different levels of access, from card access to password protection. Your business can rest assured that sensitive documents remain secure.

    Personalised Scanning Workflows

    Different job roles require various scanning requirements. With the additional purchase of uniFLOW Scan or uniFLOW Capture, administrators can decide exactly what should happen when users scan a document and grant different access rights to workflows for single users and groups.

    Managing Your Costs

    An added benefit of using uniFLOW is that it allows you to track, assess, and charge back costs associated with printing, copying, scanning, and faxing on any enabled device. uniFLOW makes it easy for you to allocate costs to departments or specific projects to gain better visibility into where money is spent within your organisation. Plus, you can set cost limits on individual users or groups so that they may only spend a certain amount when printing or copying documents from their own department – this helps keep costs down while ensuring everyone has access to what they need.

    Increase Environmental Awareness

    Through accurate tracking of usage and savings, uniFLOW can demonstrate how many trees or how much CO2 has been saved. Using these reports, your organisation can prove its commitment to environmental conservation.

    uniFLOW is an easy-to-use platform that provides an efficient solution for managing document processes for businesses of all sizes. It integrates seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures and offers advanced document security for secure printing, scanning, and cost-tracking capabilities. You won’t have to worry about data theft or unauthorised access ever again!

    Canon is one of the top providers of Document Management Solutions we partner with at InReach. To find the best solution for your business, we gather detailed knowledge of your current system and what future requirements you might need. InReach can improve the flow of documentation within your business and productivity whilst remaining flexible as your business grows. Get in touch with the team today to find out more.

    Whether it’s phone lines, data network cabling, or fibre optics, having a dependable system is essential for maintaining communication with customers and vendors. But how do you ensure that your business’ telecom infrastructure can stand the test of time? The answer lies in implementing a structured cabling solution. Companies can reap many benefits, such as increased reliability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness over traditional wiring. Let’s look at the benefits of structured cabling for your business communications.

    With structured cabling, businesses can easily add or remove components as needed without having to rewire anything. This makes it much easier to adjust your telecoms setup as your business grows or changes over time. With conventional wiring, this isn’t possible; you’d have to completely redo the wiring every time you want to make changes.

    Improved Performance & Productivity

    Structured cabling also helps improve productivity by allowing users to access data faster and more efficiently than before due to its improved speed and performance capabilities compared to conventional wiring solutions. Faster access times help employees complete tasks quickly while reducing wait times for customers who may have questions about products or services offered. At InReach, we have extensive experience designing, installing, and supporting structured data network cabling. We always aim to design the right solution that offers an outstanding performance so you can have peace of mind.

    Easier Maintenance & Troubleshooting

    Maintaining and troubleshooting issues is much simpler than traditional wiring methods due to its standardised layout when you have a structured cabling system. It’s much more straightforward for technicians to identify potential problems and resolve them quickly—saving you time and money in the long run.

    Choosing the correct type of cabling system for your business is essential if you want to have reliable communications on an ongoing basis. Conventional wiring has been used for years, but it has its drawbacks, namely reliability issues caused by interference between different types of cables and scalability concerns when adding new components or making changes to existing systems. Investing in a structured cabling solution offers many benefits, such as increased reliability, scalability, cost-effectiveness and ease of installation – making them an ideal choice for businesses looking for comprehensive telecommunications solutions that will stand the test of time.
    For quality Structured Cabling Solutions, look no further than InReach. We provide reliable network cabling installation and support services 24/7, backed by experienced professionals who understand what it takes to ensure your telecoms remain up-to-date and efficient year after year! Get in touch with the team today.

    From data breaches to flaws in data management, businesses have suffered significant financial loss, fines and customers!

    Last month, we detailed four different cybersecurity trends we expect to become popular in 2023, including remote working, mobile internet, cloud computing and data breaches. Below we look at three more trends we expect to dominate the cybersecurity landscape.

    Let’s take a look at more cybersecurity trends for 2023:

    1. 5G Network: The New Era of Technology and Risks

    Another cybersecurity trend to watch in 2023 is the new form of connectivity: 5G. As 5G networks have enabled greater connectivity between devices, they also expose themselves to external attacks, unknown software, and bugs. Considering this network is relatively new to the industry, there is a certain amount of risk, so new cyber security measures and constant monitoring will be required to protect users from cyber threats. When considering mobile internet solutions for your business, using a secure provider with cyber security measures, such as InReach, is essential.

    2. Targeted Ransomware

    Ransomware attacks will always be a constant in cyber security, and their approach will need to be updated preemptively and reactively as different types of ransomware emerge. Ransomware will often threaten to withhold a victim’s data unless a ransom is paid.

    It’s expected that ransomware, particularly in the medical and health sector, will increase in 2023 and beyond. When you adopt cybersecurity services, you can have penetration testing completed to identify how protected your business is from ransomware attacks.

    3. Insider Threats

    An insider threat is one of the most challenging problems in cybersecurity. As opposed to defending the network from external attackers in cybersecurity, an insider threat involves protecting the business from an insider. A company that does not defend itself against internal threats can suffer millions in data theft. According to a report on data breach and cybersecurity by Verizon*, employees directly or indirectly made up 34 percent of total attacks. Make sure you create more awareness within your business to safeguard your data in every way possible and correctly assess who can access what. At InReach, our security audits assess your technical infrastructure, architecture, connectivity, software, and data storage, and risk assesses each element.

    At InReach, our cybersecurity services can start your journey toward better information security, targeted ransomware protection and data privacy management. We can offer a range of products to assist with cyber security, and if you need penetration testing of your central communications or independent websites for PCI compliance, get in touch to see if we can find what best fits your organisation.

    Click here to read part one of our Cyber Security Trends for 2023.


    Managed print services (MPS) can help simplify the process, optimise your business operations, and save you money in the long run by providing a comprehensive solution to the wasted resources that often come with inefficient printing processes.

    InReach provides Managed Print Solutions that help businesses analyse their printing needs, optimise printing devices, automate supply deliveries, and improve print and data security. Let’s take a closer look at how onboarding an MPS can help your business succeed.

    Analyse your printing needs.

    A managed print solution will first analyse your business’ printing requirements and workflows. This will determine which printers best suit your needs and where they should be placed to maximise efficiency. You will also learn where you are potentially wasting resources and be provided recommendations on improving your printing process.

    Streamline Printer Placement.

    Once the printers that best fit your needs have been identified, it is crucial to place them strategically throughout your office space, ensuring that everyone has easy access to a printer when needed without having too many printers close together. With InReach’s managed print services, our team of experts will work with you to find the best location for each printer so that you can maximise efficiency throughout your office space.

    Replace Inefficient Devices.

    If your business uses outdated or inefficient printers, consider replacing them with more modern models. Not only will this help reduce costs over time, but it will also ensure that any documents printed are of high quality and produced quickly when needed. InReach offers a wide selection of top-of-the-line printers from leading brands, including Canon, Ricoh and Lexmark. We will help you find the perfect model for your needs without breaking the bank.

    Automate Toner & Paper Delivery.

    Another great way to save time and money with managed print services is by automating toner and paper delivery. With InReach, we make restocking supplies easy by monitoring the usage of your printers so that you don’t have to worry about running out of toner or paper ever again!

    Improve Print Security.

    Lastly, one of the most important managed print services benefits is improved security options when printing documents from anywhere within the office or remotely from outside sources such through email or cloud services. We can help implement robust security measures for all users accessing shared printers within an organisation to ensure confidential documents remain secure while allowing employees quick access when needed.

    Managed Print Solutions are available in many forms and can be tailored to fit your business’s needs. A comprehensive print solution will keep your IT staff focused on other priorities, reducing printing costs, increasing productivity, and making your print environment more efficient. By choosing InReach, our team of experts helps you identify the right print solution for your business, and we handle everything from purchasing to installation to ongoing support.

    Contact the managed print experts at InReach today to learn more.

    The world’s forests are crucial to our planet’s future, so we must develop solutions that preserve our forests. Also, businesses need to do more than strive to be carbon neutral; they need to aim to become Forest Positive.

    Below we explain what Forest Positive means for businesses, what Papercut Grows is, and how InReach can incorporate it into your business’s print management.

    What does Forest Positive Printing mean?

    Choosing to become Forest Positive means moving beyond managing deforestation risks in your supply chain and proactively making a positive impact on our broader sourcing landscapes.

    What is PaperCut Grows?

    Papercut is a print management solution that has created an eco-conscious solution to protect forests; Papercut Grows. Grows is their sustainability program that transforms your essential documents into Forest Positive printing by planting more trees than print use consumes. At InReach, we offer multiple print management solutions, including PaperCut MF and PaperCut Hive. If you have either of those options as part of your print management, your business can upgrade to include PaperCut grows.

    How does PaperCut Grows Work to Contribute to your Forest Positive Status?

    Once you have PaperCut Grows added to your license, you commit to a tree-planting investment up front per printer. Grows then calculates how many trees you should purchase as per how much your business prints, making sure your printer becomes Forest Positive. You can then monitor your status, including essential printing information and tree-planted total, through the PaperCut Grows dashboard. Grows has a direct, positive impact on the environment without costing or requiring much effort. Also, you can share your sustainability efforts with your customers, employees and business stakeholders!

    Who plants the trees to help my business become Forest Positive?

    Not-for-profit reforestation experts One Tree Planted works alongside Grows to plant the trees that help reverse the ecological effect of your printing needs. Businesses then get options as to where they want their trees planted. You could decide this through your leadership team, your workforce can vote, or One Tree Planted can do this for you.

    Reducing waste and paper usage isn’t enough anymore. Turn your essential printing into Forest Positive printing with PaperCut Grows. At InReach, we help businesses significantly reduce paper consumption, electricity and toner usage and turn essential printing into something more meaningful with our sustainable print management solutions. Get in touch with the team today to learn more about PaperCut Grows or how we can help your business do more for the planet.

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    What is Cloud Migration?

    With cloud migration, businesses can become more agile, improve efficiencies, and improve customer experiences. With workforces split between the office and people’s homes, stability and flexibility have never been more necessary. An optimised IT infrastructure is different for each organisation, but it often consists of a combination of public cloud, private cloud, and traditional IT environments.

    However, adopting a cloud infrastructure doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition for businesses worried about disrupting their operations. A good cloud service provider, like InReach, will support the organisation through the migration process at the pace that suits them, understanding the business’s specific requirements.

    It’s vital that each stage of cloud migration is managed systematically, and that the business continues to receive the full support of its provider.

    Stage 1
    Analysing a business’s technical and business needs.

    The migration process must start with an analysis to determine a migration’s possibilities and purpose. During this stage, the provider works with the business to understand the current application market and to decide which applications are critical to the business’s success.

    A provider, like InReach, should perform technical analysis to ensure that the applications the company wants to transfer are cloud-ready and optimised for operating in the cloud. Also, they will ensure a data security plan is in place, as data security is handled very differently once data has been transferred to the cloud.

    Stage 2
    Analysing Risk for Cloud Migration

    Once the provider has established the business’s unique requirements, it should perform a risk analysis and begin the project management process. The main questions during the second phase that need to be considered are:

    1. During migration, which elements are most likely to go wrong?
    2. Have all the set-up and subsequent costs been agreed upon?
    3. Is there a backup plan in place for the business and the provider? It’s essential to limit downtime, minimise service disruption for the business’s customers, and be able to roll back changes safely.

    Ideally, the business should have an end-to-end project plan in place so that applications are switched over and data transferred at a time that minimises the impact on the company and its services.

    Stage 3
    Cloud Managed Services 

    This is the final stage of cloud migration. Businesses will need a cloud management service provider available 24/7, which provides a secure and reliable service, and allows businesses to be agile and innovative. The support process must be as frictionless as possible for the migration process to be successful. As a cloud service provider, InReach has extensive experience managing cloud computing for businesses, and we can recommend and implement the right cloud management software so you can take advantage of all the benefits the cloud offers. Our goal is to improve your efficiency.

    Taking a smart approach when migrating to the cloud will help you boost efficiency, improve competitiveness, and accelerate innovation. If you want to know more about our cloud migration services or are ready for your business to leap into a more agile business infrastructure, contact the InReach team today.

    Mobile phones are an excellent tool for doing this.

    Mobile phones in business can help your team be more productive and accessible at all times, even when they’re away from the office. Below we look at the main benefits of providing your employees with business mobile phones and how you can manage the rollout and ensure you find the best possible deal.

    What are the benefits:

    1. Provides the freedom to work anytime, anywhere:
      Today, more and more businesses are remote working with widely dispersed teams operating across the country – or even internationally. For the most part, modern digital tools and messaging services help ensure that such businesses can coordinate effectively. Mobile phones can add extra depth and immediacy to location-independent working, which can help put the team more in sync.
    2. Rapid responses to urgent situations:
      In specific professional contexts, it will be vitally important for team members to take action rapidly to avoid potential crises and adverse outcomes or to capitalise on a possible opportunity. Business mobile phones allow rapid response to developing situations, make it possible for key team members from across the organisation to be reached quickly, and redirect their attention when necessary.
    3. Potential benefits to customer service:
      Business mobile phones can help to improve the customer service experience. Customers are never likely to enjoy contacting a business’s customer service department only to be met with an answering phone or to have their call ignored. With business mobile phones, you can help keep your business contactable by customers within operating hours.
    4. Business mobile phones can cost-save:
      Cost is an important factor in any business decision. You can find cost-effective commercial mobile contracts by using Business Phone providers. Furthermore, consolidating all your business mobile phones under one roof can lower your operating costs and combine multiple mobile contracts into one simple monthly bill.
    5. Your business is future-proof with business mobile phones:
      With the 2025 ISDN switch-off looming and more companies choosing to work from home, ensuring your business telecoms are future-proof is essential. Supplying business mobile phones are a great way to ensure you’re going to be okay when the UK switches off its ISDN network.

    InReach business mobile plans

    With InReach, you’ll have a mobile solutions provider who can access off-market business mobile plans, tailor a better package for all your employees, and manage the purchase and setup process. We can also offer you Mobile Device Management (MDM), a solution packed with valuable reporting and security features that gives you centralised control of all your mobiles once they’re up and running.

    Make sure you take your time when deciding whether to purchase business mobile phones and that a business strategy is in place. Assess how your employees already communicate, whether they are always on the move or remote work is an option for them.

    If you want to learn more about our mobile internet for business or are ready to talk to a team member to get you started, get in touch today.

    For example, you need to weigh up what is necessary for your MFP (multifunctional printer) hardware versus the budget and ongoing service and management solutions you may want to consider.

    Below we break down how different-sized businesses require different printing solutions, so you can achieve a more productive office environment and also help you save efficiently by buying what you need.

    Business Start-Ups

    It can take a lot of work within a new business start-up to understand your requirements, which can constantly change as the business evolves and grows. Flexible Contracts are generally the best route to go down as they allow you to upgrade/downgrade if/when the company takes a different path. InReach can offer bespoke financial packages to suit all new start up businesses, so if you are looking for support in your new business journey, get in touch with our team.

    Small to Medium Enterprises

    SMEs can vary in available office space; if advanced print functions are optional, a smaller machine that does not take up a considerable amount of space could be an option. If print features such as complex finishing or additional print sizes are required, you may need to consider a larger machine for the office. You can also choose between wireless or wired MFP and printer options. Wired connections are a robust and speedy solution for a fixed office, and a wireless connection is cheaper to deploy and provides accessibility but might not be as fast. Small to medium businesses can also consider adopting managed print services. The printers’ purchase, installation and ongoing support are managed externally so companies can focus on what they do best.

    Large Corporations

    Larger corporations usually need various machines with a range of capabilities. Business offices tend to be multi-roomed or multi-storied, with each room and office having different printing needs. One room may need a desktop printer that can solely print, while another may need a shared multifunctional printer. Products such as inkjet printers that require little to no heat should be considered by large corporates, as environmental issues are often essential parts of their company culture. Additionally, printers and photocopiers that can use advanced managed print software may also benefit larger businesses, allowing the monitoring of the amount and type of printing and user usage. As well as SMEs, large corporations would benefit from onboarding managed print solutions to help cut costs when printers need to be maintained and offer printer support when required.

    How can InReach’s Print Solutions Upgrade your Business?

    With InReach, you have a partner who will work with you and remove any worry – by providing end-to-end digital printing solutions. We are a leading printer solutions provider in Milton Keynes and across the UK – partnering with the leading MFP and printer suppliers, including Ricoh, Canon, Epson, and Lexmark, so we can supply printers, photocopiers and multifunctional printers to fit any size business or industry requirement.

    With continuous technology advancements across the IT industry, unfortunately, the same advancements are also expected regarding cyber-attacks and the evolutions in malicious intent, hacks, ransomware and data breaches. But, to pre-empt and counter them, the same developments are occurring within cyber security services.

    Let’s take a look at some of the latest cybersecurity trends for 2023:

    1. Remote working cybersecurity risks
    Employees who use unsecured networks and devices to perform their jobs, such as free wifi networks or home internet connections, leave gaps in cybersecurity for criminals to exploit. Significant security issues with working remotely include: ransomware (malware which blocks user access), weak passwords, file sharing, unsecured wifi (an employee using a personal wifi connection) and personal devices being used to connect to corporate systems. If your business needs to assess if your remote working environments are prone to security breaches, InReach can complete penetration testing and offer a range of products to assist with cyber security.

    2.Mobile is the New Target:
    It’s common for remote workers to use various mobile devices, such as tablets and phones, to collaborate remotely. This has resulted in an increase and evolution of mobile threats. Furthermore, 5G technology is in the process of being rolled out, which will create security vulnerabilities that must be patched as they are discovered. Mobile threats can range from spyware to SMS spam and data theft. As digital transformation accelerates, cybercriminals are looking for new ways to harm individuals and organisations, so cybersecurity issues continue to evolve. At InReach, we can provide a fully managed service, providing your business with 4g and 5g mobile internet solutions with proactive support. We will be on hand if your employees face mobile-based cyber threats.

    3. Cloud is Also Potentially Vulnerable
    Cybersecurity industry trends continue to focus on cloud vulnerability. As remote working became more prevalent following the pandemic, cloud-based services and infrastructure grew in necessity, along with related security implications. Cloud services have many benefits, including scalability, efficiency, and cost reduction, but they are also prime targets for attackers. Data breaches, unauthorised access and account hijacking are frequently caused by misconfigured cloud settings. As an accredited Microsoft Partner and Cloud Solutions provider, InReach has the in-house skills to deliver cost-effective, all-encompassing solutions while maintaining a high-security level.

    4. Data Breaches
    Data will continue to be a leading concern for organisations worldwide. Any minor flaw or bug in your system browser or software is a potential vulnerability for hackers to access personal information. New strict measures General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced on May 25th 2018, offering data protection and privacy for individuals in the European Union(EU). At InReach, we can conduct security audits of your technical infrastructure, connectivity, software and data storage and risk assess each element. We outline the risks you face concerning your IT and plan the necessary actions to mitigate them. Our goal is to protect our clients from data breaches and get businesses back up and running as quickly as possible with minimum impact.

    With infrastructure security a significant part of almost every organisation today, it would be an excellent choice to start their learning curve in cybersecurity today to become experts for tomorrow. Gear up with InReach’s cyber security services, who can provide a complete service from security audits to complete system backups, so your business is secure if the worst should happen. Get in touch with our team today.

    Stay tuned next month for more cyber security trends which might appear in the new year!

    They wait until there is an issue and then call in the IT specialists to resolve it for them. However, your business could benefit in several ways from ongoing support rather than ad-hoc. With managed IT support, you can concentrate on your business and leave the IT management to a team of knowledgeable professionals.

    Here are the top 4 reasons to get Business IT Support Services:

    1. Real-time IT Support
    Managed IT support gives your business access to in-depth knowledge of its existing IT systems and requirements in real time. IT Support providers, like InReach, can ensure your software, hardware and data are protected from viruses and hacking attempts. Maintaining your assets, upgrading and reducing your storage, and ensuring systems remain up-to-date, can all be carried out by the team whenever you need it.

    2. 24/7 Maintenance
    With ongoing IT support, you can rest assured that your IT systems are monitored 24 hours a day. Server issues, internet outages, or running out of storage can affect the entire running of your business, including being unable to access data. InReach offers small businesses and large companies fast, responsive, effective business IT support services on a 24/7 basis.

    3. Cost-Effective
    The cost of hiring IT staff in-house can be high, not just in salaries but also in the time and effort needed to interview candidates. By using external IT Support, you can avoid all this. At InReach, we have an experienced, trained team with all the necessary skills and knowledge. We are focused on ensuring your technical infrastructure, connectivity, network, systems, and software applications continue to support your business so you can focus on KPIs. Also, as your business grows, you won’t need to hire additional IT staff. Still, you’ll have access to an IT team that’s always available!

    4. Data Security
    Data security is one of the most critical aspects of an IT system. With viruses and hackers becoming increasingly sophisticated, you want to know that your information is protected. As part InReach’s IT Support, you get total security management. We make sure your network is up-to-date, secure and protected. If the worst should happen, we’ll be on hand to help you recover and without loss with our Tier 4 Data Centre. Among the many IT solutions we provide to our clients, we offer disaster recovery and business continuity services. Additionally, with 24/7 monitoring, if any issues arise with your backups, we are here to help.

    An outsourced IT support service is a time-saving and cost-efficient solution for any company’s digital requirements. If you are looking to outsource your IT Support, look no further than InReach. Whether you need a fully managed IT support solution or management of a specific function within your IT setup, we can tailor our IT support to your needs. The approach we take is to offer solutions that are tried and tested and utilize cutting-edge technology. Get in touch with the team today to learn more about our Business IT Support Services!

    This is an essential aspect of any business that helps you to operate more efficiently, cut costs, simplify workflows, and provide better customer service to your customers and employees.

    Offerings are constantly evolving with what print management companies provide to meet the needs of a fast-changing marketplace. Make sure you are partnering with the right managed print solutions provider. Here are four questions you should ask to ensure they meet your organisation’s needs:

    1. Is your Print Management Solution Secure?
    A printing breach could involve confidential information in printer trays waiting to be retrieved to unauthorised access to documents stored on the network or in the cloud. Also, security challenges arise from those bringing in their own devices. Having a solid security plan in place is non-negotiable regarding your print management solution. At InReach, our print management solution monitors your infrastructure, taking care of all your system and administrative needs to resolve any issues before they arise.

    2. How easy is it for users, and will it fit into our existing infrastructure?
    Users want easy, friction-free printing on any device, anywhere, at any time. Whether on-site, on the move, or working from home, they should be able to access, scan, and share documents quickly and efficiently. However, your IT department shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of that freedom and flexibility. Businesses need to find a print management solution that is easy to deploy and maintain as they add printers and users.InReach tailors our managed print solution to work and evolve with your existing infrastructure to take your document workflow to the next level.

    3. Will my Print Management Solution identify cost savings?
    Consider asking your potential print management company whether their offering provides detailed insight into printer usage and associated costs, identifying areas for cost savings. The report should provide a detailed breakdown of a user, device, department, and print server usage patterns. At InReach, we work with you to fully monitor how your documents are produced and make the entire process as cost-efficient as possible; find out more here.

    4. Is managed print reporting useful?
    Your print environment constantly evolves, so pulling insight from data is crucial to continuous improvement. Look for dynamic reporting capabilities: analysing and monitoring usage to help you improve security and efficiency. Ideally, you should be able to drill down to get to the detail behind the headline numbers and customise reports so they’re directly relevant to your KPIs. We work with many of the UK’s top document management providers, including Documware and Nuance, enabling us to monitor and report on how your documents are produced, routed, printed and archived.

    When there are so many print management companies to choose from, it is vital to ask the right questions. Getting answers to these four questions from potential providers will help you make the right choice for your users, customers and business. 

    At InReach, we know the importance of getting a document workflow solution correct from the start. We work with you to decide the right print solution for your business. From there, we will manage purchasing, installation and ongoing support of your new machines. Partnering with us as your print management company will not only provide you peace of mind but provide your business with an excellent level of efficiency.

    Talk to an expert at InReach today for tailored managed print solutions fully aligned with your business needs.

    Are you a business owner, in charge of IT, or look after data protection? It’s essential to understand what ransomware means and how you can ensure you can recover virtually unscathed if you find yourself a target.

    What is Ransomware?

    Ransomware is malware designed to deny access to files on computers, which can include data theft. As a result of encrypting these files and demanding a ransom payment for the decryption key, cyber attackers make paying the ransom seem like the easiest way for businesses to regain access. But do not, no matter how tempted you may be! Paying a ransom doesn’t necessarily guarantee regained access and could further encourage criminal activity. Cybersecurity incidents can be reported to the NCSC. We also encourage reporting to Action Fraud.

    5 Ransomware Prevention Best Practices:

    1. Educate your team:
      Employees can help stop malware from infiltrating your system. As well as implementing cyber security solutions, tell your employees the warning signs to look out for (like suspicious emails) and what safe practices and responses help prevent these threats.
    2. Use admin accounts:
      To limit your network’s exposure to malware, restrict who can install and run software applications; this can be senior management or your IT department.
    3. Employ a data backup and recovery plan:
      In order to minimise the impact of potential malware threats, backups are essential. At InReach, we have a tier 4 data centre to securely store data and quickly get your systems back up and running with minimal disruption in the event of a ransomware attack.
    4. Make sure all business devices are updated:
      Set your anti-virus and anti-malware solution to automatically update and run regular scans so your operating systems run smoothly.
    5. Install a security solution that protects against ransomware:
      Along with regular updates and server backups, businesses should invest in a cybersecurity solution that includes ransomware protection. The effectiveness of ransomware depends on its ability to compromise your data.

    How can InReach help with Ransomware Protection?

    Ransomware is a huge risk to businesses of all sizes. What can companies do today to take a step toward ransomware protection? Start by checking all your business devices to ensure their software is up to date. Next, contact the team at InReach. We offer a range of cyber security solutions to protect your business. We can also complete penetration testing on your primary communications to ensure hackers do not have a way in. Speak to us today, and we will find what best fits your organisation.

    In 2022, Canon took home three Bli Awards.

    • 2022-2024 Most reliable A3 brand – imageRUNNER ADVANCE A3 portfolio
    • 2022 A3 line of the year – imageRUNNER ADVANCE A3 portfolio
    • Outstanding cloud output management solution – uniFLOW Online

    Explore Keypoint Intelligence’s rigorous judging and evaluation processes and see for yourself why Canon’s products and solutions are award-winning.

    In a data centre, shared applications and data are delivered through a computing and storage resources network. A data centre design’s components are routers, switches, firewalls, storage systems, servers, and application delivery controllers.

    Data Centre Tiers: What’s the Difference Between 1, 2, 3, and 4?

    Data centre tiers are a ranking system that indicates the reliability of data centre infrastructure. The classification levels facilities from 1 to 4 based on their performance, with 1 being the worst and 4 being the best.

    The tiering system is defined by 3 points:

    1. Uptime guarantees
    2. Fault tolerance (accounting for both planned and unplanned disruptions)
    3. Service cost

    Tier 1
    Perfect for small businesses without complex IT requirements.

    In these facilities, power and cooling are provided by a single line, and no critical systems are redundant. For regular maintenance or emergency repairs, operations must be completely shut down. It is the most affordable solution.

    Expected uptime = 99.671% per year. 

    Tier 2
    Ideal for SMBs wanting a cost-effective, more reliable option.

    Unlike tier 1 data centres, tier 2 offers backup options alongside all the features of tier 1. Tier 2 offers a good cost-to-performance ratio.

    Expected uptime = 99.741% per year.

    Tier 3
    Great for large companies that need extra fail-safes for IT operations.

    Tier 3 data centres must have all the components of tier 2. They must also be able to support the full IT load and a backup solution that can keep operations running in the event of a power outage on a regional or local scale. High performing and still affordable.

    Expected uptime = 99.982% per year.

    Tier 4
    The option for businesses that need uninterrupted availability and are not budget-restricted.

    In Tier 4 data centres, fault tolerance mechanisms are added to the requirements of Tier 3. Several physically isolated systems act as redundant components and distribution paths in these data centres. Two generators, two UPS systems, and two cooling systems ensure that all components can run for 96 hours in the event of a local or regional power outage. Ideal for high levels of processing demands and traffic.

    Expected uptime of 99.995% per year. InReach’s Tier 4 Data Centre

    At InReach, we have a Tier 4 Data Centre based in Milton Keynes. This means we can provide businesses with the ultimate protection of their systems and data with virtually no downtime. Our data centre includes the following:

    • Unlimited rack capacity.
    • Design and project management of all key services performed in-house.
    • N+N: HV power feeds, Generators, Transformers, UPS cooling, Alarms. The illustration on the right shows a simplified overview of our tier 4 power structure.
    • Managed transit or with a selection of fibre providers.
    • Multi 10Gbs fibre ring for Managed internet access and MPLS circuits.

    To find out more about our Tier-4 Milton Keynes Data Centre and what it can do for your business’s cyber security, get in touch with the InReach team today.

    Little is thought initially on an IT disaster recovery plan in the wake of a flood, fire or cyber attack. In this article, we unpack ‘what is disaster recovery?’, ‘what is DRaaS?’ and why it’s essential to implement an IT disaster recovery plan as early as possible.

    What is Disaster Recovery?

    Disaster recovery plans contain detailed instructions on coping with unplanned events such as natural disasters, power outages, cyberattacks, etc. As part of the plan, an organisation develops strategies for minimising a disaster’s effects so critical operations can resume quickly. When disturbances occur, revenue can be lost, brand reputations damaged, and customers can be dissatisfied. Additionally, the longer it takes to recover, the more adverse the impact on the business will be. A good disaster recovery plan is designed to allow rapid recovery after interruptions, regardless of their origin.

    What is Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)?

    Gaining popularity over the years, disaster recovery as a service is a cloud-based DR (disaster recovery). It is a lower cost (usually paid via a subscription), DRaaS is easier to deploy, and allows regular testing. In a cloud disaster recovery solution, data and IT infrastructure is backed up in a third-party cloud computing environment, and disaster recovery enables businesses to regain access and functionality.

    DRaaS lets experts in disaster recovery – like InReach – handle the work of planning for a disaster on behalf of an organisation. Our experience running many IT and communications systems provides us with the expertise to prepare for such an event. We audit your technical infrastructure, architecture, connectivity, software, and data storage and risk assess each element. Following this, we will put together a detailed outline of the risks you face regarding your IT and devise a plan of action to mitigate them. We aim to help you get back to work as quickly and smoothly as possible.

    In the event of a disaster, what can InReach do?

    When a catastrophe strikes, it’s stressful enough to try to make sense of what’s happening, never mind how to continue. Planning, reviewing regularly, and staying alert are the hallmarks of a successful business recovery plan.

    At InReach, our Disaster Recovery Services (DRaaS) include:

    • Operational and technical reviews, with on and offsite recovery steps
    • In-depth documentation of disaster mitigation actions
    • Ensuring businesses have adequate insurance cover
    • Overseeing hardware replacement
    • Restoring business data, operating systems and applications to a pre-disaster state
    • Minimal disruption and impact due to quick response times.

    If you are ready to implement an IT disaster recovery plan to safeguard your business, get in touch with the team at InReach.

    Worldwide, more than 80% of the workforce is now mobile and an increasing number of employees working remotely. Mobile workers and desk-based employees can stay in constant communication thanks to evolving mobile communication solutions that offer phone and internet for business anywhere, resulting in a more robust and knowledgeable business model.

    Why Mobile Internet Solutions can enhance businesses:

    1. Increased Productivity: Enable your employees to connect seamlessly to each other and quickly to the applications and data they need. Less time is spent waiting for files or video calls to load, and more time on the jobs at hand.
    2. Improved Efficiency: Business internet for remote working and those who aren’t based in head offices can help employees feel connected to all areas of the business. High-speed internet for business enables a free flow of information accessible to all workers all the time.
    3. Better Organisation: By supplying mobile internet solutions for businesses, employees, regardless of location, have easy and quick access to file sharing, meaning they can collaborate on documents as quickly as those with a wired or broadband connection at the head office.
    4. Employee Engagement: Due to the pandemic, employers had to find new ways of keeping employees engaged as more workers moved away from offices due to social distancing. By supplying mobile internet solutions for businesses, everyone is connected. It can even help open communication channels for management to communicate with staff more regularly.
    5. Better Collaboration: By enabling mobile internet solutions in your business, employees from different departments, at different levels, and from various locations can connect and work together more efficiently. More minds that can work together means more creative problem-solving and collaboration.

    While there are many benefits to adopting mobile internet solutions in your business, it’s essential to remember that there is always a security risk when using them. That’s why choosing business-specific, secure internet providers with a proven track record is crucial, like InReach.

    How InReach’s mobile business communication solutions can help:

    With our mobile internet solutions, we can deliver high speed internet for business settings, no matter the location. You’ll have access to a reliable, mobile internet connection that won’t break the bank. With a proactive support team, our fully-managed services can connect remote and mobile workers, and also create a backup plan just in case your broadband goes down.

    We assess your requirements, find the best data packages to match your usage, and provide a hassle-free switchover to avoid interruptions. And suppose you ever find your business needs an upgrade, we have several packages available.

    To find out more about our mobile internet solutions for business, contact the team at InReach today.

    But what is cloud computing, and what are the different types? Below we define cloud computing, explore the difference between public and private cloud services, and how to ensure your business remains secure.

    What is Cloud Computing?

    Cloud computing is storing or accessing programs, applications, databases etc, via the internet, “the cloud”, instead of being stored on a computer hard drive. You probably are already using cloud-based services without evening knowing it. Do you access an online service to edit documents, send emails, and listen to music? If yes, cloud computing is behind that!

    What’s the Difference Between Public and Private Cloud Solutions

    Public Cloud

    Public cloud solutions store your information off-site on a shared server managed and maintained by the service provider. A third party provides support and updates, and solutions are usually paid on a subscription basis, reducing capital investment and freeing up in-house IT resources. This gives your business flexibility and quick access to applications and data. However, it means you have limited control over when and what updates are being performed on the system.

    By reducing your cloud management time, we aim to improve your efficiency. InReach can implement public cloud management solutions to bring all your services and applications together in one place whilst ensuring you are using the best applications for your business.

    Private Cloud

    Some businesses, however, require greater control over their environment due to specific goals and requirements. Although they wish to benefit from all the cloud offers, they need a more dedicated approach. A private cloud hosting solution stores your data on a dedicated server, allowing only your business to access and manage it. As a result of its single usage, the network is protected by a firewall and offers high performance and security. A private cloud solution allows you to customise your infrastructure to suit your business needs and to meet your security and infrastructure requirements.

    At InReach, we can offer private cloud solutions delivered through our own specific range of products via our tier 4 data centre in Milton Keynes (tier 4 is the highest level of cloud security built to be completely fault tolerant) or through partner datacentres.

    How can InReach help manage your Cloud Services?

    Simply put, a private cloud is a service controlled by a single organisation and not shared with others, offering greater control over their environment. While a public cloud solution is a service that is also provided to any customers who want similar services off-site.

    Focus on helping your business thrive whilst we manage your cloud applications and data. Our Microsoft Partner accreditation enables us to implement cost-effective, all-encompassing cloud management software while maintaining a high level of security for your organisation. To find out more and how InReach can help your manage your cloud services, contact the team at InReach today.

    Following some amazing practice and qualifying times, Will came a brilliant 6th, 2nd and 2nd in his first-ever GP4 races!

    Everyone at InReach Group is extremely proud to support and sponsor his career as it goes from strength to strength, and we are looking forward to more great racing and success next year.

    Well done Will.

    There was a lot of stop-start action in the opening race on Saturday afternoon. Incidents at Druids and Hawthorns caused the race to be red-flagged after lap one, forcing a ten-minute restart using the original grid. Will secured another rookie class win and fourth overall, maintaining a steady position towards the front of the pack for the entire race.

    With Will starting 5th on the grid for the weekend’s second race, he steadily made his way up to 2nd, overtaking Watts, Reynolds, and Alibhai throughout. Will finished 2nd overall and 1st in the rookie class.

    On Sunday, the final race of the championship began with Will diving down the inside of McNeilly into Druids. This began a gripping duel for victory between the two, with Macintyre prevailing to finish the race on top. Along with Will, four other Elite Motorsport drivers finished in the top 6.

    Will drove brilliantly all weekend, with three rookie class wins and 1st overall for the weekend’s last race. In the Ginetta Junior Championship, Will finished 2nd in the season, 97 points ahead of Liam McNeilly and just behind Josh Rowledge.

    We are incredibly proud of Will and cannot wait to see what’s next!

    For the full race results, you can visit

    Thanks also to the staff at Woburn Golf Club and to Paul Barrington ‘The Trick Shot Man’ who gave a superb show as always and played the 6th hole with all of the teams.

    A fantastic day was had by all with some excellent golf being played and even the weather was good!

    One element of data storage that is often overlooked is print devices. Printers can be gateways into a company’s network, causing security risks, access to sensitive information, and data breaches. Having come a long way since being just standalone devices, today’s multifunctional printers are like a computer, containing a hard drive (storing data) and a network connection. Printers, Photocopiers and MFPs (multifunctional printers) can sometimes be left out of IT security policies, but print-related data breaches are increasing. This can cost businesses heavily, not only financially but also by risking their reputation.

    Increasingly, companies are implementing document and print management strategies to handle the deluge of documents, in all formats, sent in all directions. Often overwhelmed by this, businesses are starting to partner with management companies to manage their printer and document security.

    How InReach Can Help Your Business’s Document & Printer Security

    At InReach, we solve the challenges around keeping your business documents safe and compliant (including GDPR) and taking the time to understand businesses’ existing systems and printing requirements. We combine all the right pieces to create the best-performing system for your business, taking your document workflow to the next level.

    We will work with you to fully monitor, control and support how your documents are produced, routed, printed, and stored, making the process as simple and secure as possible. InReach can provide your business with the ultimate secure print management solution.

    Cyber threats and data leaks are on the rise, so preventative security measures are necessary. Let us help you keep your business and documents secure with a tailored document and print management security solution from InReach.

    Get in Touch with the team at InReach today.

    InReach’s sponsored racer Will started strong, securing the fastest lap during qualifying as a rookie, 10th of a second behind seasoned racer Josh Rowledge. He started 3rd on the grid for the weekend’s first race, behind fellow rookies Sonny Smith and Kanato Le.

    Race one saw a lot of excitement as race lead Smith lost control during the opening lap, and Will dropped down to 10th. He held his ground for the rest of the race, finishing 11th. Will’s 11th position gained him a further 10 points in the championship and the rookie class title for the season.

    On Saturday afternoon, Will started 8th, moving quickly through the ranks to 3rd by the 4th lap, and maintained his position for the rest of the race. Will secured a podium finish and a further 26 points in the championship.

    The weekend’s final race saw Will start in 3rd on the grid. He finished behind title rival Josh Rowledge on track, but the R Racing driver received a penalty for track limits that dropped him down the order and locked in 1st position for Will in the final Silverstone race.

    The race for the championship title concludes next weekend at Brands Hatch, with Will just 73 points behind lead Rowledge, on 549 points.

    For the full race results, you can visit

    We live in a digital world, and neither of these technologies can deliver the volume or quality of voice data needed.

    In 2015, BT announced they will completely shut off their ISDN and PSTN services by 2025, affecting around 16 million lines and channels, leaving just three more years for businesses to transform their telecoms solutions for business continuity.

    The Reason Behind the ISDN Switch Off

    ISDN is now outdated against other communications solutions; with broadband internet connection speeds much faster and performing at a higher level, ISDN can no longer compete. Also, with businesses embracing hybrid working, post-pandemic, traditional ISDN lines offer limited flexibility and no longer operate out of one or two locations.

    BT decided in 2015 to focus resources on improving up-to-date technology to meet the growing demand for high-speed communication services.

    What do businesses need to do to prepare for the ISDN Switch Off?

    1. SIP. Implementing an ISDN to SIP Migration is a good route if you want to keep your current system. You keep all the features of traditional telephony and save up to 50% in operational costs whilst retaining complete control of your communication system. Due to their flexibility, speed, quality and lower costs, SIP Trunks are becoming the most popular alternative to ISDN. Learn more about our SIP Communications Solution here.
    2. Hosted. Switching from ISDN to a cloud communications-based solution requires minimal new equipment and provides you with extensive fixed and mobile capabilities and significant cost savings. If you switch to a hosted solution, you need to consider two things: your internet connection strength and can your existing office phone system support this. Get in touch to discuss the benefits of a Hosted Communications Solution.

    How long does it take to switch from using an ISDN Line?

    Depending on the size of your organisation and existing infrastructure, the process can take a few weeks. Through InReach, you can make the ISDN switch-off process easier while ensuring that your business activities are not disrupted.

    Are you unsure what’s right for you or need more information about the ISDN Switch Off? Get in touch and talk to one of our experts because the longer you leave this, the more expensive it WILL be.

    Many organisations are surprised that printing is one of the most significant contributors to office CO2 emissions. Today, companies are being held accountable for their lack of environmental stewardship due to the arrival of newer generations who value environmentally-friendly practices. For this reason, businesses’ sustainability strategies must be at the forefront of their development plan.

    In the digital age, printing and photocopying are still very much part of day-to-day operations. You can minimise the impact your business’s printing infrastructure has on the environment by working with a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider that takes its role in preserving the environment seriously, such as InReach. In managed print, a specialist company manages part or all of your printer fleet and works with you to identify cost savings, efficiencies, and improvements.

    How to be more sustainable when printing:

    1. Change your laser printer to an ink-jet alternative: reducing energy by up to 94%, reducing packaging consumption by up to 98% and CO2 emissions by up to 94%.
    2. Paperless workflows: Electronic document workflows reduce the amount of hard copy output. Consider using recycled paper if you must print.
    3. Analyse and optimise your printers: Relocate or remove unused printers and introduce more energy-efficient multifunctional printers that scan, print, fax, and copy.
    4. Encourage sustainable habits: Train your employees on procedures for improving environmentally friendly printing processes and reducing waste.
    5. Minimise power consumption: Modern printers and MFDs have energy-saving modes and ‘Quick Startup’ technology, which puts them to sleep when not in use.
    6. Monitor and Optimise: After addressing your energy consumption, hard copy output and CO2 footprint, you can continue optimising your business processes using monitoring tools.

    How InReach’s Managed Print Solutions can help Businesses Print Sustainably

    Managed Print Solutions (MPS) can be a sustainable solution for your printing and document management. While it might not be paper-free, systems implemented by your MPS will help you track levels of print usage, which means you can control and reduce the environmental footprint of your printing operations.

    At InReach, we can carry out a free, no-obligation audit of your current hardware and software solutions and deliver a complete cost comparison of the areas where you can be more efficient. Furthermore, we work with many of the UK’s top workflow and document management providers, including; Nuance, DocuWare, Papercut and umango. This enables us to install a tailored solution for you to keep your business running as it should. We will work with you to fully monitor, control and support how your documents are produced, routed, printed, and archived and make the entire process as cost-efficient and sustainable as possible.

    Introducing environmentally friendly printing processes is good for both business and society. To learn more about how our Managed Print Support Solutions can optimise your business processes, contact the InReach team.

    Although everything has gradually returned to normal, working remotely has stayed popular, as employees find a healthier work-life balance without compromising performance. It does, however, take careful planning and implementation to become a remote working business, from how employees communicate, seamlessly access internal systems and keep your company documents secure.

    InReach has everything you need to ensure your business operates seamlessly in the office, at home or on the road, from productivity and collaboration tools to business communications and IT support.

    IT Support

    Remote working can bring many new challenges, including tackling technical issues during work. With InReach, you will have an IT support services partner who will manage your users, monitor your network, maintain your infrastructure, and resolve any issues before they become a problem. Find out more about our IT Support services, so you can focus on your business while we look after the rest.

    Cyber Security

    Remote access security is essential for employees who work from home, allowing them to use everything they need without compromising their information security. We can offer a range of products to assist with cyber security, from blocking malicious connections and preventing malware or phishing attempts to penetration testing of your main communications or independent websites for PCI compliance. Learn more about our Cyber Security services.

    Cloud Solutions

    Cloud computing is delivering services over the Internet, making way for a more flexible way of working needed for those who work remotely. InReach has extensive experience managing cloud computing for businesses and can recommend and implement the right cloud management software so you can benefit from ALL the cloud has to offer. Read more about our Cloud Solutions.

    By implementing the right policies and technologies, business leaders can ensure remote work is both productive and fulfilling. Get in touch with the team at InReach to see how our array of remote working IT solutions can make working from home hassle-free so businesses of all sizes can focus on performance.

    During a nail-biting qualifying, the top 15 drivers were separated by less than a second. Teammate, and fellow rookie, Kanato Le secured 1st position and Will qualified 3rd ahead of the weekend races.

    The weekend’s first race saw Will Macintyre, sponsored by InReach, break through the defense of McNeilly and Le on consecutive laps to move into the race lead by Lap 8. The last two laps saw Josh Rowledge closing in on 1st, but Will held his position, securing his fourth win this season.

    In the afternoon, the second race started strong for Will, who was the fastest on lap two and held 2nd position before moving into 1st by lap 6. Heading into the final laps, Rowledge and Meakin pulled ahead, securing the top two finishing positions, with Will finishing 3rd – another rookie class win!

    The final race saw Will seize 1st position by the second lap but he lost ground by the fourth, with Liam McNeilly and Sonny Smith pulling into the lead. Rowledge spun, leading him to fall from 3rd down to 8th, but the final six laps saw him climb through the pack finishing the race in 1st, with Will finishing 4th, 2nd as a rookie behind Smith.

    He finishes the week 2nd in the Championship with 462 points, now 98 head of McNeilly, who takes 3rd. Everyone at InReach is blown away by Will’s incredible racing throughout the weekend.

    A visit to Silverstone on 24/25 September precedes the Brands Hatch season finale on 08/09 October in the 2022 Michelin Ginetta Junior Championship season.

    For the full race results, you can visit

    He maintained his 2nd place position in the current standings for 2022, whilst also extending the gap between himself and 3rd place.

    With three exhilarating races over the weekend, Will started out strong securing the 2nd fastest lap during qualifying, 1 second behind Josh Rowledge.

    On Saturday, Will won the first race ahead of Liam McNeilly and Harri Reynolds. On his third lap, he nudged into first place after making his way to second during the first lap. By lap 7, Will had climbed back to first position after falling to fourth during the 5th lap securing a win during Round 14, for the Elite Motorsport Rookie.

    After a strong start by Will MacIntyre in the second race of the weekend, leading for three laps, he fell to position 10 during the final laps. Kanato Le came out on top, followed by McNeilly and Smith.

    Le and McNeilly started at the front of the grid for the final race. By the 2nd lap, Will had shot from starting in the middle of the grid up to 5th and then leading the race by lap 7. In the end, he finished just behind Le in 2nd position, an amazing result, moving up eight positions.

    The success Will has achieved during these races is wonderful to see – we are incredibly proud to be his sponsors. He finished the week on 397 points, just 47 behind Rowledge of R Racing!

    The Michelin Ginetta Junior Championship is back in two weeks at Thruxton Circuit (27/28 August)

    For the full race results can visit

    Macintyre, sponsored by InReach, is now second in the current standings for 2022 following a very exciting weekend in Kockhill, Scotland.

    The opening race on Saturday was an exciting event, our Macintyre managed to finish second in the rookies although later it was announce that he would receive a 1.8 second time penalty following an incident on the circuit – this meant after the first race he finished in position 11 on the leader board. Maurice Henry finished in first place, followed by Josh Rowledge in second.

    On Sunday, the junior league were first on the track and gave the crowd and entertaining race. Macintyre finished fifth in this race – a great improvement from Saturdays eleventh and no penalties in sight. Josh Rowledge finished in first in this race, and his success didn’t stop there.

    The third race of the weekend for the junior team was on Sunday evening, this race was televised on ITV. Rowledge and McNeilly battled it out for first place with Rowledge taking first place for the second time that day. Macintyre was managing to hold on to third place for the majority of the race but scarily slipped into sixth with only 2 laps to go. He did manage to claw it back and finished third in this race.

    After his performance this weekend, Macintyre has maintained his second place in the current standings overall – what a great achievement.

    It is great to see Will doing so well during these races – we are proud sponsors of his accomplishments!

    The Michelin Ginetta Junior Championship is back on track next weekend (13/14 August) with a visit to Snetterton. News on how Macintyre is progressing will be featured on our website during the week following the next event!

    For the full race results can visit

    The opening race of the weekend proved to be one of the most action-packed of the season so far, as a thrilling multi-car battle played out for the race lead. On the first lap, Macintyre lead the chasing pack in third place, but when the second-place driver incurred some front-end damage, Macintyre moved through to second place – absorbing pressure from the drivers behind. A dramatic finish to the race saw the leaderboard change a few times, however, Macintyre was able to keep his cool and finish 2nd overall in the first race.

    The second race, also televised on ITV4, brought the weekend’s action at Croft to an end. Macintyre got the best launch off the line to leapfrog pole-sitter, Reynolds, into the first corner and went on to lead every lap en-route to his second win of the season and a seventh rookie class success.

    The Michelin Ginetta Junior Championship now heads into a five week summer break before heading north of the border to Knockhill in Scotland for three races.

    InReach Group are proud sponsors of William Macintyre for this season and it was great to see William doing so well at Croft – and seeing him secure the win in the second race aired on ITV4!

    Six races in and the Michelin Ginetta Junior Championship is as close-fought, entertaining and unpredictable as we headed into the action at Thruxton.

    The weekend began with a short 15-minute free practice session on Saturday, giving the racers a chance to get acquainted with the unique, high-speed Thruxton circuit. Macintyre set the pace during practice and converted that pace into a maiden pole position in qualifying later that afternoon.

    The opening race on Sunday featured an epic duel for victory between Macintyre and Rowledge. The 2 talented drivers went on to trade the lead many more times through the race and the destination of the victory wasn’t decided until the last lap. Macintyre got past into Noble, however, Rowledge fought back into Church to ultimately secure his second win of the season so far.

    The second race was televised live on ITV4, with the Juniors serving up an action-packed encounter for the viewers. The Elite Motorsport racer, Alibhai, who was holding the onboard camera, led the field away. Alibhai couldn’t hold onto this lead and was overtaken by the R Racing driver, Aguilera, who secured his first win of the season. Macintyre completed the top six ahead of McNeilly, Chalmers and Henry.

    The 2022 Michelin Ginetta Junior Championship season heads to Thruxton next in two weeks’ time.

    InReach Group are proud sponsors of William Macintyre for this season and it was great to see William doing so well at Thruxton – and seeing the second race aired on ITV4!

    Following an entertaining season opener at Donington Park last month, the Michelin Ginetta Junior Championship makes an eagerly anticipated return to action this weekend at Brands Hatch.

    The opening race of the weekend was an action-packed encounter, where Macintyre ended up securing a 2nd place finish after one of the rival drivers, Rowledge, was handed a three-place penalty for an incident during the race.

    The second race on Saturday evening featured some great racing at the front of the pack from the off, with Macintyre and his teammate, Reynolds, running side by side for second place for almost the whole opening lap. Reynolds took the spot, before they swapped places a couple of laps later. It all changed between the lead group on lap six as Reynolds emerged in the lead, however, Macintyre squeezed back ahead on the next lap. From there, a masterful defensive drive saw Macintyre hold off a train of four cars to record his maiden win and the rookie class honours.

    There was a change of weather conditions for race three on Sunday, as a wet circuit greeted the grid as they raced live on ITV4. Reynolds dived down the inside of Macintyre into Druids on lap one to get the lead, which he would go on to hold throughout.

    It was far from easy for the Welshman though, as he had to fend off a train of cars behind. Elite duo Macintyre and Alibhai traded second place between them, with the latter claiming the place for his first podium finish of the season, as Macintyre added another rookie victory in third.

    The 2022 Michelin Ginetta Junior Championship season heads to Thruxton next in two weeks’ time.

    InReach Group are proud sponsors of William Macintyre for this season and it was great to see William doing so well at Brands Hatch and secure his first win of the season – with hopefully plenty more to come!

    We have worked with Silverstone for many years looking after their print and reprographic equipment and are happy to help with additional support at large events’

    Tickets for the Grand Prix and all events at Silverstone can be purchased via

    The G40 Junior Championship is the ideal first step for young drivers looking to graduate from karting into car racing. It has become one of the most well-known models on the British Touring Car Championship support bill.

    William commenting on his journey says “To have the opportunity to be racing on the worlds best circuits in front of up to 40,000 people a day is an opportunity that I was unable to turn down. I am looking forward to the challenge of everything that a car will give me, from suspension roll and gear shifting to aerodynamics. All of which are different from karts. I can’t wait for the 2022 season I will give the opportunity to run with Ginetta supporting the British Touring Car Championship 100%”.

    We are proud to announce that the MK Gallacticos U14’s team, sponsored by InReach Group, have reached the final of the MKDDL Cup.

    Having beaten Bedford Town in a tense 2:1 win with great goals from Isaac and Owen, the lads have made it to the final in May against Woburn and Wavendon Lions.

    The venue and date for final have yet to be confirmed so more new will follow…





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